Friday, September 25, 2009

disco duck

this morning on the radio show i listen to while getting ready. the theme for the 8 songs at 8 was one hit wonders. one of the songs that came up was disco duck. i seriously did not think this was actually a hit. it reminded me of my father. he would use this song to wake up brother and i, in the mornings. usually on the weekends before church. or if we were going on a family trip. and we only leave for family trips at o'dark thirty (or really early - 6ish if not before).

he would get his tape player. set it at the edge of our bedrooms. turn it to full blast. then turn on the overhead lights. which would send us into hysteria. then push play on the most annoying songs ever. he would find such delight on selecting the perfect song to use. sometimes they had themes with what was going on in our lives. but disco duck always seemed to make the play list.

before the tape player came into play. this probably started when brother got to middle school. and i was reaching the end of elementary school. he would wake us up for school each morning in song. if not the military trumpet song used at basic training. he would make up his own words to church hymns. incorporate our school name and what not. i will say they got us out of bed. usually to go chase him. laugh. and put breakfast requests in.

maybe i should submit a list to the radio station. 8 songs that are annoying to hear first thing in the morning. and have dad supply his favorites.

red sea

headed to the red sea this weekend. and its not the one that parted. ha. going to visit lil joj. attend the 300th sell out game for nebraska. visit and tailgate with friends. see my cousin. and have a few red brewskies. cant wait!


i couldnt resist to not repost this. i just love this picture. little ryan is so cute. and his face in this pic is priceless. photo credit to his mama - lowa. love you both!

Friday, September 18, 2009


i met a great dane puppy last night. hermes. he was four months old. i totally called it prior to meeting him. he was at the same outdoor patio with us. i might have freaked out the table when i said. yeah, four months, he still has his balls. okay i did gross out a few people. hermes is a beautiful blue dane. with an aqua colored collar. and his name embroidered on the top. i loved it. i loved him. cant wait to pick out vivian. and her collar. her bed. all her toys. and teach her to be the best doggy ever.

and thats all.

Monday, September 14, 2009

No body puts baby in the corner. Rip Patrick Swayze.

Friday, September 11, 2009

busy bee week

this week has flown by. i have been driving all over this city. from one event to the next. work buddy jeff had a surprise birthday party. we had our last starlight theatre musical on wednesday. mama mia. and it was fabulous. it was rainy cats and dogs mid afternoon. and i was fearful we might have to sit in puddles. with ponchos. and not enjoy the show as much. which i was upset about. since this was one of the shows i had been dieing to see when we bought the season tickets. so with my rain boots. and rain/trench coat in hand. we ventured out. and it did not rain a bit during the show. it was wonderful. a great end to a great season.

i also met my new little sister. from the big brother big sister program. i signed up to volunteer last spring. one of their happy hours work. get a couple free brewskies in me. and i sign up for anything. ha. but in all seriousness. i am excited about the opportunity. giving back to the community. and i signed up for the older kids, who are involved in a scholarship program, so i am more of a mentor for the college application and process. although when i met my little. she already knows she wants to go to culinary school. so my help might not be as useful. but if anything, we have a lot in common and i can be a good role model and friend. and maybe she can cook for me. i kid. i would make it a joint effort.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

will i

or wont i. i kind of like this trend that is coming back. the leggings. and then with these paired shoes. it makes dressing for fall, fun. i dont know about the lacy leggings. but just might have to try this soon. (since it feels like f'in october out. i am irritated by this weather. it makes me scared for winter. if this is what summer feels like. cold. what will winter be like. will we be covered in ice. i can only hope it will be mild as well.)

kickball is over. i feel lost. ha. but i really dont know what i will do with my sunday evenings. it means summer is over. and now i can only prepare for next season. you can find me in the weight room. i plan to come back next season as a haas. kicking farther and harder. and pitching fast balls. curve balls. and of course junk! it was a great season. we made it to the elite eight out of 30 teams. not bad for our first season as a team. matching up with others who have been playing together the last five years. we will be back. with a vengeance. das who? das boot. word.