Tuesday, January 27, 2009

positive sally :: week two

maybe its the winter blues. maybe its just in the air. but i feel the need to reflect. and look at all the happy things. the good. thats going on right now.

  • the plant. that made its debut with the new table. is growing so much. she is getting big. and the flowers are getting ready to open fully. in fact. i bet by the time i make it home. she will be open face. i decided on bev as her name. there are four flowers. its really one unit. if one goes. i think they will all go crashing down. this is good. its a sign of spring. and i havent killed bev yet. (stac does it remind you of the 'peeeenis' plant?)
  • third book of the twilight series. started. check. i have been anti-social. with my nose stuck in these books. i even went to the movie solo over the weekend. i wont subject anyone to attend. unless they are a fan. funny thing. i was buying the third book before heading to the movie. i bumped into a coworker. i admitted my reason for being there. she then replied back with the same exact story. she was buying book four. and had gone to the matinee of the movie, solo as well. i didnt feel as. hmm. what is the word i am looking for. we will play ad-libs here. insert your own word. but the best part. she then said she would let me borrow book 3. and 4. we then discussed the movie. and giggled like school girls. i think i blushed through out the whole movie. as we both agreed. we couldnt stop starring at edward the main character. sigh.
  • zola had her surgery last week. she will not have puppies. i didnt see her until the day after. i guess the first night she was very tired. and went to bed immediately when she got home. sat by the parents bed. until joe lifted her up. when i arrived the next morning. to babysit. she was not sleepy. she didnt want to follow the no run rule. or rough playing. we had a fun day. but i was careful. and i am happy that she recovered fast. and is back to her normal. playful. puppy self.
bev. the tulips.

Monday, January 26, 2009

snow bunny

after many years. of thinking. i want to go skiing. i should get back on the bike. and ride again. my friend lp convinced me of just that. to hit the slopes. the last time i had snow skied. was in colorado. many moons ago. when i broke my arm. i am sure i have blogged about that too many times. of course. this past weekend. we were not in colorado. but rather still in missouri. and sking on hills. there is a small ski place close by. which i also hadnt been to since. i think a field trip. in the eighth grade. ha. so after searching my parents house. for all my old gear. including my ski pants. they still fit. but a little snug around the waste. and they arent as cool/neat as some of the newer models. that dont make you look like ralphie from the christmas story. i agreed to go. to give it a try.

as we parked. i couldnt stop giggling. i think it was nerves. and just feeling silly. like we were 16 again. and up to no good. there is a ski special on sunday afternoons. so it was a little busy. but more families teaching their little ones how to go flying down the hill on two sticks. and they stayed mainly on the bunny hills. and all the kiddos on their snowboards. our pass was for 4 hours. but with the nippy conditions. we were proud to last 2 hours.

the place has expanded since my last visit in the mid nineties. i guess i would hope. they have three lifts going. and the greatest. the rope pull. we headed for the top first run. and when i looked down. i was no longer giggling. i only thought. oh shit. i have to get down somehow. it wasnt as bad. i hit a couple of patches of ice here and there. but made it through the afternoon with no falls. not even a close call. i was a little more hesitant to go too fast. but eventually felt more comfortable. and went flying down the hills. letting my poles down. and skis lead the way. i was also more weary of others around me. and their control. but it was a fun outing. i am a little sore today. and grumpy. but thats probably because its monday. i am glad i went.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

treasure hunting

this could turn into a series. as i think one of my new weekend hobbies. might just turn into thrifting. so behold. the most cutest. perfect. little table. i loved this gals booth. she had some awesome stuff. one item i hearted immediately. but the price was a little steep. it was a blue swedish onion holder. but could probably be used as a mail holder now. so i left with this lovely table. it has a marble top. with the gold accent detail. wrapped around the top. adding a little ledge. i had been searching for one to go next to the corduroy chair. its been awhile. rather than putting things on top of the radiator vent. which has worked. but the table makes things better. i also found a tulip plant at the grocery store. and hope that my green thumb (which i havent found) will help me keep it alive. or atleast bloom for spring. so the table is situated by the window. so she can grow all day long while i am work. i also added a photo of a moose head. dont go all peta on me. but i really would love to have a moose head in my house someday. not in the near future. not in my apartment. but someday. when i have a big room to display him in. no real reason behind it. just that i think they are cute. and it would be awesome.

thats all i can muster up for today. my head kind of hurts. from stressing too much in one day. although i feel like i am dead inside with work lately. they have sucked the life out of me. i just dont care. do what you will. i will keep working like a machine. a well oiled machine. eh. only some days. trying to stay on the getfit program. its a new year. and there are new goals. and regimens to meet. i havent been very motivated lately. ugh.

i watched the inauguration for a bit at work. so happy for what we have to look forward to. to the change. a fresh perspective. maybe they'll put a moose in this white house. (kidding).

Monday, January 19, 2009

positive sally

on a day. when i would like to be grumpy. resentful. and bitter. that i am at work. while others are enjoying the day off. to recognize a national holiday. to celebrate mlk jr. day. i will take that negative energy. and purge out a 'me likey' list. in the spirit of the king. i am trying to be positive. realizing with no one on the other end bugging me. i can be somewhat productive.

me likey:
  • a clean desk. i was able to file papers. push papers. recycle papers. clear the top of my desk. i added a new mouse pad. that is also a notepad. so my multiple sticky notes. that aligned my desk. have been condensed to a few.
  • slumdog millionaire. a great film. really enjoyed it. it had everything. love. brotherhood. made you think. well done.
  • thrifting. and lunching at andres with two yulies. i woke up early for this event. (in my book 9:30 on a weekend is extremely early). and i found a new treasure. more on that tomorrow.
  • new moon. the second book in the vampire series. the chapters are just flying by.
  • when stac texts me random memories from college. stories she is sharing with her man. like when i used the terms 'hanging down thingy' in public speaking class in college. while referring to the pituitary gland. it just came out. yikes. or when i slammed my face into a handicap sign outside of tarjay. and she almost had to take me to the hospital. ha.
  • knowing we are one more day closer to spring time.
  • that i have a friend. serious business. who is very talented. and willing to make a fun head piece for my hair. to wear at lemonades wedding.
  • to remind my mother. that i will be getting a great dane soon. that its getting closer. even with all her hesitation. discouraging words.
  • to keep persuading father. that he needs a vespa. and we should go buy them together for a good discount.
  • that my spring is almost booked solid with dog sitting jobs.

Friday, January 16, 2009

for those who care

update on my heat situation. as i know. you have all been worrying about me. wondering if you should offer me a place to rest my head tonight. a warm meal. or even just a shower. have no fear. the judster pulled through. and the neighbor. luckily she is a little more aggressive than i. i made my one phone call. and figured judy would take care of it. neighbor. she wasnt pleased with no response. i guess she is lucky enough to have judy's cell phone. (now i have it too. after today's activities). so neighbor calls. and judy is vacationing in hawaii. i couldnt believe it. she must have cashed our rent checks and ran. but judy knows people. so i went over to the apartment to let the handy man into the basement. and judy called to let me know it will be fixed soon. hooray. so now. you can all sleep tonight. knowing my life is back to normal. ha.

miserable in mo

it is snowing out. only 11 degrees. and my apartment has no heat. the radiators stopped working. i feel like i talked badly. and complained about them too much. their feelings have been hurt.

i got home late last night after enjoying some adult beverages (which has caused a splitting headache this morning). and noticed my apartment was just as cold as the outside. i touched the radiators. ice cold. the neighbor and i conversed in the hallway. she dialed up judy. left a message.

luckily. judy provided a giant space heater. she said we could use it on a cold night in october. or sometime before they turn on the heat in the building. or in this case. in the dead of winter. on one of the coldest days of the year. when the heat goes out. but i am thankful i had that. it kept my room warm. eh. warmer. during the night. i huddled under my covers. and slept like a baby.

this morning. was awful. i noticed it had snowed. and was still snowing. ugh. i would go to a new room to get something. to get ready for work. and felt like an icicle. so i was like a squirrel. scavaging for the needed items. and go back to standing in front of the heater. or roll the heater around with me. there was no way i was showering. i know gross. but this helps with trying to only wash my hair every other day.

i called the judster this morning. no answer. i left a message reporting the problem. it better be fixed today. i dont think i can survive another night.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

on-air part duex

trash the cooking show host. changed my mind about yesterday's post. i think i will just have kids some day. and force them to watch mommy make dinner. treat them as my audience. brilliant.

(btw. i just re-read the word mommy. i dont think i am ready to be called that. yikes!)

today. today i want to be a cabana girl. i would wake to beautiful scenery. the smell of the salty ocean. and the calming sounds of the waves. slip into some cut off shorts. be barefoot for the majority of the day. feel the warmth of the sun. every day. opposed to the 9 degrees i felt this morning. that made my nose hairs freeze. and stick together. i would have little responsibilities. obligations. money (but that would be okay. b/c i wouldnt need to spend much as a cabana girl). it really would be the life...awww...maybe if i click my heels together and close my eyes. nope still here.

Monday, January 12, 2009


i have an idea. need to get it out in the open. receive feedback. from all those that know me well. and even who know me better than myself sometimes. eeew. creepy.

since i am still trying to figure out. what i want to be when i grow up. after watching a few episodes of 'top chef' on bravo. i thought. hmmm. i would love to have my own cooking show. i love tv. i spent many years as a child. after school. hosting my own cooking show. for my imaginary audience. usually making instant jello pudding. or a sandwhich of some type. and a mess. to only have mother yell at me when she got home from work. but that never stopped me.

but the question remains. do i have to be a top chef. or something like that. to have my own show. do i need to move to hollywood. to be discovered. maybe the local pbs station would hire me. with no cooking experience. but i have a sparkling personality.

although. i think if i watched the many hours of video footage. from college. and more recently at lemonadel's parents house. where we were actually cooking. hosting our own fake. 5 minute cooking show. i might think otherwise.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


i jumped on. i am 150 pages away from finishing twilight. the first book in the vampire series by stephenie meyer. the phenom. me and all the other tweens. and teeny boppers out there. hopefully they have already seen the movie. as i plan on going once i finish. and you know how annoying they can be during movies. texting. giggling. being obnxious. just as i once was at their age.

i want to fall in love. with a vampire. to have him save my life. swoon me with his eyes. fall dizzy with just one kiss. be fascinated by his speed. and physique. oh to be bella. i want to be her.

i have been reading chapters. upon chapters every night. i am hooked. it was hard turning off the light last night. i could have finished it. it felt weird. knowing i had to come to work today. since for the past two weeks. i have had wednesday and thursday off. thanks to the holiday season. but here i sit. waiting to be home to read...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


it came into my inbox. i read it. then stopped. had to do a second reading. i would like to file this email in my folder labeled. id - ten - t. wow. names have been take out to protect the innocent.

Girl is our newest employee in Interactive taking on the role of Project Coordinator. Her most recent positions were an internship with company A and an office assistant with company B. Girl brings a strong International background and is fluent in Spanish and English.

i would only hope she is fluent in english. again. wow. company wide. oh joy.

on another note. i had a nice lunch. of mcdonalds. a mighty kids pack. and received a toy. it is squirrel boy. from a cartoon network show. (i guess). and a red pencil. from the instructions. it shows squirrel boy spinning around on his side. after the user turns the wind up. there is nothing about the mysterious red mini pencil. i thought maybe he held it. or it stuck into his body. to then make markings while he spun. nada. so now i have a mini red pencil. in a neat plastic holder. labeled 'veitnam'. it made me laugh long enough to forget about how much i am hating adulthood right now. thank you mcd's.

Monday, January 5, 2009


after napping until noon. making my german soft boiled eggs. watching a slow. and odd movie. the good night. i decided to be somewhat productive with my sunday. laundry time. and for the first time since moving into my building. i was going to venture downstairs. to use the building laundry facilities in the basement. since it was still light out. and the boogie man. or mini me's biggest fear. zombies. couldnt get me.

sorted. bagged. collected my quarters. whites/lights first. (my mother freaks when she sees me sorting laundry. but i refuse to waste water on a load of only whites. and then a pink and blue shirt. wasteful). i had found a few dollars in quarters around my apartment. which would only get me through two loads. of washing. and one load of drying. i went to grab a coffee. had a terrible headache. and realized i hadnt had caffeine since friday. egads. i then got two more dollars in change when i paid for my latte.

back at the pad. i went downstairs to start my dark load. and so forth. i then also snooped a little. ron and judy have a little room down there. with odds and ends. and i also noticed next to the w/d. on top of a cabinet. little glass figurines. there were two horses. smelled like cologne. i recognized them from antique shops. they are vintage avon horse cologne bottles. they are pretty cool. so i brushed the cobwebs off. thought about it for a second. then grabbed them to display next to my desk. i also looked for a light bulb. since my fridge bulb went out about a month ago. but i didnt find one small enough. and the other problem. i cant get the old bulb out. ugh. so i stole those little horseys. but i feel like they were waiting for me. calling my name. and they will probably just be thrown away someday. or this will come back to haunt me. my year will be ruined. judy will probably call me. announcing they dont like tenants that take trash from the basement.

i did end up running out of quarters. the dryer sucks. and left me with a damp load of whites. after 3 tries. i gave up. and called untitled. pleaded to her. of my troubles. she said certainly i could come over. and she even fed me french silk pie.

Friday, January 2, 2009


its here. goodbye 2008. kind of sad as i prefer even numbers. but i am excited. as always. for what the future will bring. the new challenges. new memories. life experiences. fresh new faces. the excitement of the unknown.

i spent nye. with friends. celebrating. and i guess ridding of our demons. and evil spirits from the year prior. and posing for pictures. a couple of highlights.
  1. bad service at pre-party drinks and apps. i told untitled. i was so mad. and i dont get mad. but i was mad that we had not been waited on. after sitting there for 20 mins. i finally waved her down. and the drinking began.
  2. hooray for tiaras. hats. and beads. serious business would not let untitled and i not wear nye flair. even if it hurt our heads. i took it to the next level.
  3. jello shots. from strangers. from the $16 found on the bathroom floor. from our own pockets.
  4. wasting a dollar on the jukebox. that never played our songs. thanks to the great cover band. with their own #1 fan. i named her mel. her moves were incredible. oh how she moved.
  5. jello shot girl congratulating me on a clean cream top toward the end of the night. she said she could never pull that off. and then. and then. (this is when i got really mad). she split jello jelly from her stupid little tray. onto my cream silk top. i am still working on getting the stain out. but i will. oh yes i will. get it out.
  6. meeting canadians. (real canadians. like from canada). in the lobby of a hotel. while waiting for a cab by myself. i think they were more interested in my story.
  7. flagging down a cab. with an extremely drunk couple hoovered over in the back. cabby had to coax them out. the girl then admitted to her lover she had no cash. cabby just wanted his money. the man then got irrate and screamed at the cabby they didnt need to pay him. i then told cabby later. happy new year. ha.
  8. the next morning. i walked a mile to my car. in the cold wind. at 9 am. with my headphones on. passing senior citizens. with smiles on their faces. thinking i was a little angel. it felt good though. but i didnt feel good the rest of the day.

* more pics to come. i didnt use my camera. so hoping there are more to come...

bumper sticker xxiii

spotted. by the winsteads. macy's entrance of battlefield mall. new years day.

i am speechless.