Thursday, April 30, 2009

just for kicks

i signed up for a kickball team. with untitled. we will be playing competitively. or enjoying adult beverages competitively. every thursday. this is a team she played on last year. so i am a newbie. the team has a tradition. that you get to select an 'at bat' theme song. so when you strut yo' stuff out to home plate. you can get yo' groove on. (i feel it only right to use yo' when discussing my theme song). so i am trying to come up with a good one, yo. i need to be able to dance. but also have it appropriate. after brainstorming with emjay and untitled last night. we have the following as options: anything by beyonce - prossibly crazy in love, put a ring on it, or buggaboo. or poison by bel biv devoe. any of my readers/friends have other suggestions?

i have played on a team before - its been a few years. but it brings back some nice memories of 'just 4 fun' with kitkat and crew. we were league champions. quite the honor. and a lot different from when our team played softball. or sand flag football.

Monday, April 20, 2009

gas light

i never take the gas light seriously. i always take my chances. slowly calculate the miles in my head. i have a theory. you can go thirty miles when the light goes on. for someone that lives only a mile from work. and less than five from most of my daily activities. i can let the light stay on for a day or two. or three. for some reason. getting gas seems to be a pain in my side.

lesson learned. after visiting zola on saturday. the fam was out of town all day. so she just needed a potty and play break. we went on a walk. i make her wear her harness. even if i dont use the leash. because she becomes calm. and looks at me like really. how embarrassing. she paid me back by diving. jumping. and splashing through all the puddles from the morning rain. and then sitting in my back seat on the ride home. slobbering on all the windows. and rubbing off all the mud on my seats.

so there i was on my way back to the dog house. where i am staying this week. i took a different route home. thinking it would be faster. the route. just happened to go into the 'bad' part of town. just a lot of vacant. run down buildings. homes. its sad really. as it used to be part of the prime area of kansas city. it just needs some tlc. i didnt stop for gas. wasnt too worried about it. just thought. oh there was a station near the house. it was at one of the many stop lights i hit on the road to their house. that i hit the gas. celine (the car) sputtered across the intersection. i put in the clutch. shifted to second. eased on the gas. only she did not accelerate. instead slowed down. then the car shut off. i freaked. yelled a couple choice words. and turned the steering wheel to the right. to roll toward the curb. i made it into the next lane. turned on my flashers. and freaked. turned on the car again. she didnt start. 

i called friend. after friend. after friend. no one answered. probably my own karma for 'never' answering my phone. it was saturday at 6. i didnt leave messages. didnt want to freak everyone out. i called a new friend. someone who i have only hung out with a couple of times. he answered. and came to my rescue. while waiting. a man on a bike circled me. but didnt stop to help. a nice couple did stop to help me push my car farther out of the way. so nice. i was still all upset. and embarrassed. so trying to get a gas can was just as eventful. the gas station didnt have any for sale. so i gave $5 and borrowed the stores. opening the top and. filling it. were both a challenge. i was so flustered. i forgot how to pump gas. and then going to the wrong side of the car. to find the gas spout. 

then i went to the  dog home. had dinner. wine. and watched superbad. it made me feel better. and laugh. i so heart michael cera. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

have you ever

recap of the super action freak out party. we went as ghostbusters. yes. yes. many people told me prior. thats really not a super hero. but they fought crime. and killed ghosts. saved the city from awful. horrible. ghosts. so i think they are. in fact super heros. its their brains. and balls. that equal the super powers. we came equipped with proton packs. guns. and even the thingy to capture the ghosts. aka my brothers old playstation. but the best part was the theme song. i found an old bobby brown cassette tape. (my pack ratting - i still have all of my old tapes. and on the car ride to the party. while untitled was busy in the back seat trying to find the song. by rewinding. fast forwarding. rewinding again. i realized. kids today. they have no idea how lucky they are. what about when your boombox ate the tape. had to get a pencil to manually rewind. with hopes it a. didnt sound bad in the crinkled part. or b. get eaten again). so onto the story. on the tape was the theme song to ghostbusters ii. bobby had a cameo in the movie. and then a rap in the theme song "have to take control". since i was in love with him in second grade. i know this. so if you click on the link below. to the video from the party. and notice we are dancing a lot. the beginning is to the theme song. and if i havent mentioned it before. i am really fun at parties. cheers!

and i should note. the song. was downloaded the night of the party. probably at 10 pm. and i chuckled to myself that it made the video song. great success.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

james and the giant bambo

i bought a bamboo. from one of the best stores ever. target. about 3 years ago. i decided my cubical at the time. needed some greenery. an element from the outdoors. so for $10. over lunch. i brought back the bamboo. twojulies saw mine. (if i remember correctly). was marveled. so for her birthday that year i bought her a bamboo for her office. since the original purchase. i am on my third job. during that time i moved from a cube to an office at second job. at current job i have moved cubical location three times. each time. i pack up all my shit. and yes i have a lot of decorations for the space. and the bamboo has not only lasted all these moves. she has grown. wildly. to the point where her leaves go over my cubical wall. and i am afraid management might ask me to take her home. she is out of control. see exhibit a. and b.

i filed my tax returns for the first time. on my own. since i have decided i will officially be old this year on my birthday. it was time to take matters into my own hands. i had a little difficulty deciding my residency. since i have tags/plates in one state. and i live in another. but with one call to mother. it was resolved.

the house where i am dog sitting this week. they have the air freshener sprays. that are on a timer. when i let the pups out in the morning. i then nap on the couch so i can hear when they want to come in. the air freshener. woke me up out of a dead sleep. and scared me. it also startled one of the dogs this afternoon. so its not just me. i think the makers should add a silence feature.

i got screwed yesterday. ha. just wanted to say that. i saw i had a flat tire. luckily i was across the street from a tire shop when i noticed. they fixed it. and told me to stop driving over screws. so clever.