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being a gemini. i thrive on change. obviously why moving as a child worked well for me. and i continue to get the itch to this day. but if i cant get up and move. i usually try to refresh something. or add or remove things from my home. probably also handed down from my gemini mother who rearranges the living room every month or so. sometimes the entire house. watch out.

my latest thorn has been my coffee table. i really want a new one. but just havent found the one i want. (mainly the price i want to pay). and i think i will eventually change my living room all together. so in the mean time. i decided to refresh the old one. also since the top of it looks really shiny and nasty. from a bad paint job when my dad and i originally tried to refresh the furniture i bought for my first apartment. lets just say we got an ear full from mother. for one, he bought the shiny coat. wrong. and two, we painted in the sun and the paint dried faster than we could brush. so it was a gooey, ooey mess. but since i am not a perfectionist. i lived with it for now 5+ years.

now its time to unveil my new project! i covered the coffee table with foam and fabric. i can use it as an ottoman. and as lauren pointed out - extra seating. for all those guests in my tiny apartment. :) and add my tray back. and its still a functional coffee table.

so i started off by going to joann's fabric. they had everything i needed. and coupons! so i picked up some foam. batting. buttons - to make fabric buttons. and roamed the fabric section for a long time before i settled on the one below. i got home and was ready to get started. i didnt measure my table prior to going. not smart, but i ended up ok. i dont measure for projects. and i just nail things into the wall. i dont have the patience to measure. i think it goes back to the perfectionist and lack of. my foam was a little short. so i used the scraps to fill in the gaps. i cut the corner of my fabric to the pattern on the button box. and then made my buttons. sewed those onto the fabric and batting. last step was to staple the fabric and batting onto the table. and viola! and i threw in a picture of zola. she didnt help. but she is just so cute. and happens to be sitting on my parents ottoman coffee table that she thinks is her bed. well she doesnt think. she knows.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

trash day or something

monday. as if it didnt already bring a bad vibe. i get home from work to find a post it on my door. from judy. the landlord. who i used to think was a sweet. kind. older woman. almost like a grandmother. the lady who vacations in the winter in hawaii. but still had a handy man out to the apartment the day after we had spent the night with no heat. in the middle of february. the darling lady who moves and doesnt tell you and calls in an uproar - your rent is late. or the person who requires you to report if you have a visitor for more than 3 days. because that will affect the water bill. and you will be charged for it. or the sweet. kind. lady who lectures you on hair in your drain. and gives advice to place a towel over your sink when getting ready in the morning. (umm judster, you saw i had long hair that i cant control when i signed the lease). but nevermind all those things. yes the kind sweet lady left me a post it on my door. to let me know there was a letter waiting for me under my door. this precious gem:

let me now translate. i spent a good 15 minutes. trying to figure out what this chicken scratch says. please also note i will bold those words she thought needed bolding. but i dont have underline in my blog widget, so those will be italic.

Your back porch has been brought to my attn by my husband. He said it smelled bad on your side. New floor was put down 2 years ago $5,000. Anything spilled on floor is to be cleaned by you. Only 1 reg small trash can & a recycable can is to be on your side. Lease says tenant is to sweep & keep it clean. Wednesday everything is to be off. A man will be coming to shower it down. Thanks Judy

Since i will not call Judy. or bring this up if i see her. i am replying on here. i think it is retarded. the day i found this note. i didnt even have a trash bag on 'my side'. therefor i dont know what her husband is refering to. besides he is so old, he probably cant smell anyway. (sorry that was mean - but true!) secondly the dumbest thing i have ever heard is we are not allowed to have anything but one small trash can and recycable can (its recycle bin - juds). i have had enough of her and her antics. if its not one thing. its another. she is an unhappy. bored lady. who needs to find a new hobby other than tormenting people who help pay her bills. my lease is up in a few months. and i wish her the best of luck filling that apartment. in the 2+ years i have lived there. this past month was probably the first time that all apartments were occupied. and there are only four.

i moved all my trash and recyle bin inside today. because trash day isnt until friday. friday! and she asks us to remove everything on wednesday. she is a moron. and i will brush this off. her professionalism is awful. and it wouldnt bother me, if she didnt have such outrageous requests and demands on her tenants. when i moved there, i looked for a place that was independently owned. i thought it would be better than a corporate rental complex. which they have their down side too. no place is perfect. i realize that. but seriously. judy is a nutbag. dont get me started on the fights my neighbor has had with her. i now know why people move out - of what i thought was a hidden secret.

Monday, October 4, 2010

it still hurts

my ego. and my hand. over the weekend. one of my dogsitting pups jumped up to play. and scratched my hand. i didnt think much of it. until i looked down and there was blood. not gushing. not drive myself to the emergency room. but enough to make me a little queasy. if only bill compton was around to help me heal. (sorry had to throw in a little vampire humor). actually make that eric. oh eric. the cut still hurts. i had to clap at work a lot today. dont ask. and it hurt to clap. it hurts!

now onto my ego. well i am afraid my friends. brace yourself. the hand modeling career might be over. mother said it best last night when she pointed out that i should have gotten them insured. (sadly she wasnt serious - sounds like a good set up for a lifetime movie). i still have my hair modeling going for me. as long as the dogs dont cut it off in the middle of the night. or put gum in it. to end on a happy note. my manicure from ellen's wedding has lasted 11 days. and that includes two weekends. impressive! and someone mistook them for tammy taylor pink and whites. ok. maybe not. but a coworker asked if they were real or fake. i said yes real, do you want to use them in your next campaign.

Friday, October 1, 2010

its fall. and i love the cool. crisp weather. i admit i love summer. and have complained a lot on here about the seasons. but there is something about fall. that makes me fall in love. aaahhh. i have been on bridesmaid duty. stacy was married in virginia. so i got a little vacation out of it too. she was a beautiful bride. with every detailed covered through out the weekend and especially at the reception. including honey (yum!), childrens activity books and doggy treats. it was a special weekend. with lots of activities around the water. so we had to use the ongoing joke of singing the theme song of dawsons creek. and making references to dawson and joey on their boats. ellen also got married this month. and can i say it again. another beautiful bride. i just think there is something to be said about a young woman. when all the pieces come together. the hair. make-up. jewels. and the dress. oh the dress. the light in their eyes. and smile on their face. is priceless. i felt the same way when i saw lauren and lil joj. (have i talked about little ones' wedding on here...) ellen had a splendid gathering as well. filled with candles, plaid and a live band. it was great weekend and party.

so my lil joj got married too this summer. i was the maid of honor. (although i feel most readers know this already). it was a fun weekend. and i loved being moh. i got to drive a 16 passenger van. smoke chocolate cigarettes. and dream about my future - a single mom of 16 with a smoking habit. i also can add this wedding to a first time. the first time i cried at a wedding. and i will make it my last. i have a reputation to uphold. i am a face of steel. i dont cry at weddings. or maybe that is stone cold. i have a heart. i swear. but i think it was the combo of giving a speech. and really sinking in - that as i put it, my lil joj was getting married. she is a wife. and then i had to make that realization for all my other pretty brides this summer (and in years past - cant leave out all those ladies). we are getting old! haha.

onto other things. i have a few new obsessions. i mentioned the netflix wii last post. i have been better. two weddings. back to back. that really forced me to get out of the house. :) i have been craving sweet potato fries. a lot. i think i ventured out early this summer. and now i am hooked. hooked! i can buy a frozen bag of sp fries. and i really have to limit how many i make. i think i would eat the whole bag. there are also sweet potato chips. those go great with my lunches. last night i made acorn squash. it was delightful. i added some corn in the middle and cheese on the top. next i am going to try to make spaghetti squash. keep you posted. i guess if i am going to be couch potato this winter - i will atleast be sweet! badda taahh. (bad joke. i know).

enjoy the fall season. there are a lot of football games to watch. cheering. yelling. victories to be celebrated. i love it.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

put up your feet

i have an office now. i think i have mentioned that. with a window view. i rearranged the office on day two. after ellenclare said i should. and could. (i was worried about office policies). i like to look out the window. look at the tree tops. i never realized how "green" of a city i live in. it looks pretty right now. i am excited to see what winter looks like. i can also see birds flying. and its hard to tell when its raining. not like before. when i could look at a street light to see if there was rain in the light. or look on the sidewalk. to see if its wet. street lights look like popsicles. and the sidewalk. well i wouldnt know what wet looks like opposed to dry. from so high up. i look down at my old building. bruhaha.

i am busy. busy. at the new gig. which i love. i would much rather have the day end up with me asking: how is it 5 already?? instead of. when will lunch get here? why does 10:30 feel like forever? wah. wah.

other things to note. i have been loving my netflix streaming on wii. seriously. no reason to leave the house. this could be a serious problem once winter rolls around. i already limit my outings when its cold. now with movies and tv shows at my finger tips. there might be an intervention. jg, get your butt of the sofa, wash your hair and put on your boots. you need to get the stink off you.

so i have been catching up on previous episodes of 30 rock. i ask you this. when did alec baldwin become so funny? seriously. dont get me started. dont eeevvven get me started.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

nothing compares

for me. nothing compares to live music. i love going to shows. and i had been in a drought. nothing was really poppin' up in my city. that i was excited about. yes, i mentioned bret. but besides that it had been a year of no concerts for me. wait a minute. i did go up to see ingrid michaelson in omaha. so maybe my memory is just getting bad. anyway, onto the point of this post! monday night brother and i ventured to the midland to see she & him. a duo comprised of zooey deschanel and matt ward. i loved, loved, loved their first album. only to then slowly enjoy the second more and more. i felt like they played everything i wanted to hear. including my favorite song toward the end (i admit i was getting worried they wouldnt play it). they also did a few covers of buddy holly and the beach boys. it was a great night. magical. i forgot how much i love going to shows. people watching. great music. singing. dancing. i went to sleep a very happy girl. and i got a new t-shirt!

side note. the opening band did a rendition of toxic by britney spears. ingrid michaelson also does this during her shows. well twice now that i have seen her. what gives? i mean its an ok song. just had to share this odd choice of remakes!

Monday, August 23, 2010


so bret michaels was scheduled to have a show in kc. this week! i was pretty excited to go see him. i have never been to one of his solo tours. only many, many poison concerts. yes, i was a wee-child when they were popular. yes, my parents let me listen to hairbands when i was in early elementary school. yes, my brother and i watched their music videos on mtv. and then re-enacted them in the basement. with sofa cushions as a drum set. plastic tennis rackets as guitars. and of course t-shirts as the long, flowing hair. (mine eventually got long enough to not require the t-shirt, just a bandanna). so this love affair i claim for bret. well it goes way back.

so back to the subject. the dis. he canceled. or should i say postponed his show in kc to host the miss universe contest. trump said he couldnt picture anyone else doing this. well and you know. bret loves the ladies.

jeff (old work husband) and i discussed this sad news today at lunch. i said how much i wanted to go back stage. he has a buddy who books events and knows people. jeff said he didnt want to meet bret. that he hates him. (really truth be told. he hates to love him! i dont know anyone else i could talk in-depth details with about the show rock of love 1, 2 and 3 - the bus.) but he did have a friend make a parody t-shirt of a monster wearing the skin of bret micheals. and the back says something about look what the...dragged in. anyway, we compromised that he would try to get us backstage for the show in november, if he can wear that t-shirt. i said yes. but i would be mortified.

side note: jamie oliver magazine is not in the u.s. yet. therefor that investment would not be smart. like $100 for a magazine subscription. ahh - no. oh well...someday

Monday, August 9, 2010

its all in the name

is it bad that i was to subscribe to this magazine. purely on the name. i mean the site looks good. and i love food. but i was ready for an impulse buy. just looking at the site. and how my name looks in print. i think its a done deal. i wonder if they give discounts to people with the same name. so much for starting my own magazine with this same title. its so not original, but i still love it. ha.

jamie magazine

and i will try to write more. since i had a reader tell me i went from a great blog. to the most boring. nothing blog ever. my rebuttal - well maybe my life is boring. she said probably so. i then stormed off like a child. we might go back to being friends. only if she lets me play with her favorite barbie for one day.

truth be told. my life has been very exciting. and BUSY. i usually spend my extra few minutes. grazing the kitchen. keeping up with summer tv shows: bachelorette (i got hooked this season) and true blood. i have also spent many wonderful weekends at friends weddings. preparing for the upcoming nuptials with bachelorette parties and bridal showers. and i joined a new fitness club. so i am also usually pool side. working on my tan. and trying to work on my fitness. its just so hot! but i am not going to complain. i love the heat right now. i would take this any day over a snow storm.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


i havent actually lived at my apartment for a long time. brief one night stops. or drop off a suitcase. fill it with new clothes. and off i go. this past saturday. on one of my visits to the homestead. i noticed a wasp flying around in the bedroom. there is also one on the porch. how they get in. i have no clue. i didnt think much of it. i left. figured it would be dead upon my return.

the night i got back. i didnt see her. the wasp didnt even come to mind. until. until last night. right before bed. she flew across the bedroom. she then settled on the ceiling. right above my head. i didnt want to make her mad. or do anything that might cause me to be attacked. so i texted mother. 'the wasp is still alive in my room.' she replied - 'oh no! wait til it lands n smash it.' what? no, no mother. i cant smash it now. so i let her know - 'it's right above my bed! on the ceiling.' she then understood. and gave me her best motherly advice - 'get wasp spray 2morrow, pray tonite. good nite.'

i survived. the wasp is still alive. before falling asleep, i would open an eye to make sure she hadnt moved. she stayed there all night. until this morning. she flew back over to the ceiling above my dresser. i leave tonight. so no need to kill her. she could be like a guardian angel. i just kept thinking, she is probably afraid of me more.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


i just cleaned out my spam folder in my email. i gathered this much. out of the 240 emails. apparently i am a male. i have a small member (the p word). i need a lot of drugs to help with this. and also with my mojo. and to keep it going. ha. and i can buy everyone luxury watches for cheap!

side note: has anyone caught an episode of animal horders? i can spend hours watching the regular horders. which usually has a few animal cases. but animal planet has done it. animal horders. i saw a great clip on the soup this past weekend. and finally caught the real episode too. its sad...but you get to see these people try to get help. it just amazes me. its just another train wreck they have added to the tv. but i enjoy rubber necking.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

its going

week two at my new assigned work space. things are going good. hard to really answer the age old question everyone likes to ask me now. how is it? are you happy? again. its been 9 days. i need time. more time to pass judgment. i will reveal the following:

there is an espresso machine. this makes me happy.
the hallway sometimes smells like perm. this does not make me happy.
my office sometimes has a fart smell. (and it wasnt me - mine dont smell). my coworker told me its probably because its on the way to the bathroom. not happy.
i have blank walls in my office. this makes me happy. craft projects!
seymour, my giant bamboo - one stalk died when i left the old place - i havent brought him into the new place. i am afraid more stalks will die and he cant stand up on his own. i am neutral about this.
i still get to have lunch. and hang out with old coworkers - now 'friends'. this makes me very happy.

Friday, June 4, 2010

furry friend

over memorial day weekend. my parents and i were sitting on the deck. eating dinner. when mother brought her up. that two years ago we had to say goodbye to cory lynn. it was different this time. bringing her up. since zola was laying on the ground. napping. and being a good girl. mother then went onto say. zola was coming around. she was getting out of her puppy phase. and becoming one of us. apart of the family. and not just a dog. its a weird feeling. i am thankful for all my years with cory. she was my first dog. kind of like your first love. you will never forget them. i can sometimes feel the memories slowly fading. and i get sad for that. but i still keep photographs of her around the house. on my desk at work. so i know she will always remain in my heart. i know she is still watching over me. and she has been telling zola she better behave! ha.

this month in the anthropologie newsletter. they had a featured on a photographer who did a project on her dogs. both have since gone to doggy heaven. they just so happen to be labs. so i am a little bias. but i thought i would share this awesome tribute to her boys. beware - it made me tear up a little. grab a kleenex. and give your furry baby a big hug and kiss after.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

waiting can be a good thing. and for me, it has.

Friday, May 28, 2010

sjp completes me

i have adored sara jessica parker for years. i would like to say since i saw her in movie girls just wanna have fun. but as much as she was an icon. she hadnt reached her full potential. like she has now. and how she did through out the series sex and the city. she is my fashion and hair icon. i have a collection of magazines of her on the cover. and usually keep clips of pictures of her on my computer to reference for ideas later. she is just the greatest. love, love, love her.

new subject - but it will connect in the end. this last winter i decided it was time for a new computer. wanted a laptop again. felt like i didnt need to get another apple. i didnt want to shell out the money. even though i have had my mac book pro for well over six year (so i know its worth the money). and it was only recently she couldnt upgrade to the new software i needed for my iphone. and then she had to be rebuilt. it worked out fine. but she started to sound like an airplane taking off when i would turn her on. so when i went on the hunt for a new one. i decided on a pc. an hp laptop to be exact. i have kind of had mixed emotions about it. i still have all my music on my mac, so my ipod, nano and iphone are formatted for the mac. but i have to say i am very happy with my choice. nothing bad has happened. or a specific moment where i wanted to scream. damn you pc. i just at one point - it might take me awhile - need to eventually transfer things over. or maybe buy some memory for my mac to keep her afloat for a few more years. more than anything, i feel like a traitor. or like i am floating in the middle somewhere. i mean most people are apple or pc. not both. and now i am in that gray area of both. argh.

time for the connection. advertising really works. or atleast for me. so with my mixed emotions regarding the new pc. when i read. and saw sjp's new commercials for the hp laptop. i thought. wow. i love it. and i really am just like her. aaaaahhhh. computer and everything. now i need to work on getting on tv, moving to nyc, making a lot of money, marrying another famous person, having a son, adopting twins, and being in a lot of movies. besides all that - she is happy. and so am i. with our hp laptops and all. hello darlin'.

Friday, May 21, 2010


i find it weird. people that back into parking spots. there are a few people at work. who take the time to back into their spot. i find it odd. and i feel uncomfortable around them. like i dont know what to say. or talk about.

"so how long did it take you to perfect backing into your tiny parking spot with your big ol' truck?"

Monday, May 17, 2010

it takes two

we did it! smokin' joe and i ran the half marathon. he stayed with me the whole way. yes at 60. my father can run farther and faster. you might have thought the opposite. i will admit. no its not. this should have motivated me more during the race. but i stuck with my goal. to finish. thats all i wanted. we did pick a few choice people along the way. as targets. my dad said. pick some people. and we will pass them. and we did. he was so proud. we even passed one couple on an incline. did i mention there were a lot of those inclines. hills! oh the hills. nightmares i will have about those hills. so anyway, back to those targets. so around mile 8. we get this man. we called him good ol' boy. he was just that. huffin. puffin. and told us we were his target. he had been trying to catch up with us for two miles. this baffled my dad. what? we were a target. he wanted to beat that guy with everything we had. but i couldnt. remember that goal. to finish. we stuck with him. but he found a little more in him to step on the finish line right before us. although he had done a half marathon the same race we did the 10K. i know this because he wore the shirt. oh well. i felt pretty good through out. a few moments. i felt like i was in a daze. wondering how my feet and legs were still moving. but we did it with a smile on our face. scarfed down our energy jelly beans. and talked about doing another one next year. i said yes. but please no hills. or just one.

{zola was so excited and happy for us. she couldnt stay still.}

Friday, May 14, 2010

no turning back

congestion is slowly leaving my system. i have rested my little heart out. enough that i actually didnt dread getting out of bed this morning. what an odd feeling. ha. popping vitamin c. mucinex. sinus cleanse. ibuprofen. i am a walking medicine cabinet. and i have switched from coffee this week. to green tea with honey.

the weather looks a little poopy for sunday. chance for rain. probably early morning. when we will be running! trying to plan out my outfit. get my energy jellybeans ready. carb overload on saturday night. bring it on! wish me luck. happy friday.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

t-minus 4 days

its coming. i cant believe its almost here. all my hard work. some dedication. and training will pay off. packet pick up is on saturday. and sunday at 8 am. the gun shot will blow. or maybe a horn. and we will be off. for 13.1 miles. of what i hope will be fun. and joyous.

although friday i woke with a scratch in my throat. just a hint of a sore throat. probably because i thought i was 21 again. out celebrating two nights in a row. first cinco de mayo. come on, i cant pass up an excuse for margaritas. and when the lovely gentleman from denver bought my top shelf tequila. how could i refuse. the day after was a bit tough. but i some how jumped back on the wagon the following evening. i for some reason felt. participating in a company trivia competition required a glass of wine or two. which lead me through the night. and onto a stage singing "pour some suga on me". that friday was beyond rough. so to make it to chelsea handler on friday night was a big deal. but she was awesome. and i loved every minute. even the cold air. and the wind that whipped through the outdoor venue. (not helping that scratch in my throat - i should have worn boots and my parka).

so back to that scratchy throat. i cant be sick. i just cant. its the week of the run. i have been waiting for this sunday to come for a long time. i am relying on mucinex d. the strong stuff. the stuff i have to promise i wont make meth with. and my sinus cleanser. and a lot of rest. luckily i have hooked up my wii to stream netflix. its the best thing ever. at this rate i never need to leave the apartment. highly recommend it. so i have a lot of couch time in the up coming time before the run.

other news. i have a food critique. a few friends and i recently ate at blanc burger and bottles. which i mentioned in a previous post. it is pretty much amazing. for dinner last night. we decided to do a little comparison. we picked a new burger place in a smaller, neighborhood close by. B.R.G.R. first impression. i loved the atmosphere (maybe more family friendly than i am used to). but the decor and branding of the restaurant was well done with a lot of detail and i was rather impressed. looking over the menu. there was not one particular item that just stood out. normally i can pinpoint one item or two that make my mouth water. didnt get that. so after complimenting over a few burgers. i decided to split one with LP. and ordered a side salad. we also had the combo fries. not a bad idea - you pick 3 of the sides for a couple more dollars than one by itself. we selected signature fries, truffle fries and onion strings. first the salad. LP said it best, that doesnt look very pretty. and it wasnt. it was ok as far as salads go. the dressing was nice, but everything else was average. second, the burger - its called OUT-N-IN Inside: fontina, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions. Outside: special sauce, egg bun. it was so weird. and just not good. limited on cheese. luckily the lettuce wasnt soggy. but the burger was so dry. the special sauce wasnt very apparent. not impressed. i dipped it in ketchup, but that was weird too. really runny. and just tasted watered down. its their special homemade ketchup. ick. and the fries. straws were fine. fries were ok. but we couldnt figure out which were the truffle fries. and the kicker - the kicker are the bathrooms. its a unisex bathroom. but they dont tell you this. or dont put up a sign. i turned the corner to the bathroom. and a man was washing his hands. i yelled out. put my hands over my eyes and ran out. i freaked out and told my table i walked into the mens restroom. the waitress was near by and explained they are unisex and the doors are labeled. i went back and just felt weird. i watched many others have the same reaction through out the evening. so my end conclusion. i think they need to work more on the food. and less on the atmosphere and clothing at this point. nothing about my experience made me want to go back. i will remain a blanc faithful.

Friday, May 7, 2010

hot in the city

chelsea handler. tonight. i am freaking out. i have my binoculars. my seat cushion. and i am so excited. happy. i could jump. ok. just jumped. yippee!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

day 5 - week-in-the-life

i hate getting up early. its painful. my eyes feel puffy. sometimes my stomach hurts. and i am just plain cranky. so when mother walked into my old bedroom at 5:30 am. from my teenage years. now a mix match of some of my old stuff. and her things. i stayed in bed for awhile. delayed the process. and yelled for zola. i heard her tags jingling. and before long she was there. at the top of the stairs. so excited to see me. she jumped and landed right on my stomach. making her cute groans when i scratched her ears. and she gave me lots of kisses. it easier getting up when you have this cute face - right in your face. i didnt have her for the 5:30 am wake up call on the way home. i was super grouchy.

so i moved my lazy bones. from the bed to the back of the car. with my pillow. curled up. and slept until we made it to lincoln. we had breakfast. then i went back to sleep. although. sleeping in the car isnt the same. lets be honest. when my dad has oldies blasting from the radio. and the sun shining from the windows. not to mention the car actually moving. i wouldnt call this soundful sleep. i was up and ready for lunch by the time we made it to broken bow. just in time for a runza. i know i have raved about these before. the meaty pouch of goodness. love them. its a must stop place for lunch. or i get them at the football games. yum!

to stay awake. and to do my part in this road trip. (other than complain). i drove the rest of the way to grannys. a couple of hours of open highway. in the middle of nowhere. surrounded by giant sandhills. here are a few pictures from the road to my cousins house. going back to the town. nothing by country and sky. and some black cows. mooo!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

day 4 - week-in-the-life

happy my friday! my morning began with an email from my father. made me giggle at my desk.

Just in case you haven't had a chance to catch the Wallentine Weather report for this weekend in the country. Tomorrow. Low 36, high57 with gusty winds 20-30 mph.
Saturday. Light rain in morning. Low 36, High 55. Partly cloudy.
Windy in afternoon.
Sunday. Low 39, High 59. Partly cloudy.

Dahling, I just wanted you to know so you can properly plan your wardrobe for this upcoming festive weekend in the country. Sounds marvelous doesn't it.
love, dad

lunch time included. mani and pedi to prepare for my weekend in the country. we will show up as the city cousins. ready for a wedding. with reception at the fairgrounds. in the 4H building. yeehaw!

for lunch i had a lean pocket. grapes. veggie straws. and 100 calorie pack of chocolate covered pretzels. how healthy of me. but then i over indulged. we had an early cinco de mayo party this afternoon at work. i took my newbie and dropped her off. let her go have fun with the other kiddos. i couldnt stay long. i had to come back and finish a few things. including this blog post. i grabbed a margarita and a plate of goodies before i departed the party. the rice and beans were tastey. i love, love, love frozen margaritas. especially with a lot of salt. it has to have salt. and it has to be the big, chunky kind. cinco de mayo might be up there in my favorite holidays. oh who am i kidding. if it has the word holiday. i most likely will approve!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

day 3 - week-in-the-life

slow day in the neighborhood. as hump days should be. or maybe not. today was my work week thursday. so i was happy to only think about one more wake up for work this week. although my friday will consist of waking up even earlier. but then i get to climb in the backseat of the parents car. and fall back asleep.

since the theme of my week-in-the-life seem to revolve around food. i will continue. for lunch. a group of us went to blanc burgers + bottles. the new location on the plaza is perfect. it was too windy to sit outside. so we opted for the fridged air conditioned dining room. we shared truffle fries (these make my mouth water. they are truly amazing. i want to dunk everything in truffle oil. yum!), onion rings. and sweet potato fries. then jeff and i split a new burger i had never tried before. the barnyard. swiss, ham, fried egg, pickles and other fixins. it was delightful. i have always been a bit weary of an egg on a burger. to my surprise it was great. although it doesnt beat the inside out burger - with gooey, ooey blue cheese, an onion ring and bacon. you cant go wrong.

after work i came home for a run. the days are inching closer and closer to the half. i havent been running as much on my own, since i have the dogs in the evenings. but i can tell a difference. it was an awesome run. i felt good. i had a nice speed. and my body only hurt a little. my arches have bothered me since middle school. its the way i pronate. it causes shooting pain in my arches.

i should be packing for the weekend...but...some friends called for dinner and drinks. twist my arm. i can pack when i get home.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

day 2 - week-in-the-life

the coffee machine was broken this morning. so i had to whine. and pout. be totally unprofessional. and eventually walk across the street to pay $2 for a lousy cup of coffee. should have just gone to latte land. but my car was parked in BFE. there was also a charity car wash at the office today. so we had to move our cars out of the parking lot. it felt like one of those days i should have gotten back in bed. que one of my favorite songs by mary chapin carpenter. an oldie, but a goody. this is a funny version of the music video.

during lunch time. i ventured with my best friend at work. aka jeff. to costco. its a great lunch time adventure. you can walk around and taste all the samples. before heading to the front for a polish dog. yum! a dog and coke for $1.50. and the sauerkraut is FREE. todays samples included: spinach ravioli, teriyaki chicken, bacon on salad, juice and nutri grain bars. he got a large bag of dunkin' donuts coffee for his french press in the mornings. so it was a very productive trip.

my evening was spent at dinner club. a group of ladies who like to share recipes. cook. and drink wine. although now we have two members who are preggers. so that leaves more drinks for the rest of us. last night was a mexican theme. very tasty. my favorite was the rice, with cilantro and black beans. and the dessert. homemade whoopie pies! they were heavenly. and i got to see my main man bo. just look at that face.

day 1 - week-in-the-life

i slept so hard and solid on sunday night. (that sounds bad - insert giggle). i woke in the same exact spot as when i let my head hit the pillow. i slept like a stiff. or maybe a vampire. on my back. legs straight down. arms at my side. no curling. no rolling over. i was out. after a long weekend. of friends. bachelorette bash. and bridal shower. this MOH was exhausted. but i had to rise and shine. i had a new employee starting. you might call it a promotion. but i am now managing someone other than the interns.

we went to her first day lunch at cafe trio. a great kansas city original. i had picked this place last week. thinking it would be great weather and we could enjoy the deck. but since a cold front - with rain and clouds came through. we dined inside. i had a lovely pulled pork sandwich with mango and coleslaw. and a delicious potato salad on the side. for dessert we shared a slice of banana foster cheesecake. i didnt even think about the fact we just met. and i made her share a slice on the same plate. i guess this means we are comfortable with one another right away! or she thinks i am nuts.

after work i had to go to my dog running clients. i have recently been hired to run two irish setters twice a week. murphy and jameson. murph just celebrated his first birthday over the weekend. these boys love to run. it helps with my training. they pull me along most of the way. i have gained more control, as i slowly become stronger. or when they get a little tired toward the end. running with them reminds me of funny farm the movie. DOG! enjoy a few funny clips below.

after my run. and the the rain started. my energy level was getting low. i popped in my latest netflix movie. away we go. it was cute and funny. but i also dozed off during the middle. not sure if it was me. or the movie. probably going to say me. since i seem to fall alseep during the good ones sometimes too. i have to say my favorite were his parents at the beginning. but i could be bias. since i love catherine o'hara and jeff daniels. i think that was one thing the movie lacked for me. was more of a connection with the other characters the couple went to visit. but the point of the movie was for the couple to find what they were looking for. and the focus was on their travel and experiences and not as much on the people they met along the way.

Friday, April 23, 2010

new challenge

since i have hit a bit of a rut. on what to write about on here. other than my running. i thought i might take the challenge as told by my friend twojulies. as she explains it is more for scrapbooking. but since i gave that up in highschool. so a blog can work too! so starting monday i will go for the challenge of week-in-the-life. sit tight. and have a wonderful weekend! its little joj's bachelorette and bridal shower this weekend. my how time flies. it seems like just yesterday i started to plan the big weekend. now its here. we pick up the girls this afternoon from the airport. and its good times to follow.

joj is getting into town in time for a quick run. i have been hired to walk some brother dogs twice a week. to help the busy parents out. so she will help me with that and get a bit of training in. her half marathon is next weekend. this also snuck up on us! i have been trying to continue my running as well. with these dogs they help with my wind sprints. they are irish setters. who are known to RUN. and with two young, boys who are kenneled all day. i feel like santa claus with a leash in each hand. and a little like they are walking/running my instead of the opposite. it will be nice to have joj here to help me today.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

open up and say...


its finally spring. i am wearing the heck out of my flip flops. i find no reason to wear real shoes. its too nice out. and i want to show off my lovely pedi.

updates since my last post. i have continued my half marathon training. my shins were a little sore from the 10K but i have managed through it. i just need to remember and force myself to stretch better before and after. i went home on sunday for a long run. i was tricked. told it was a 6 mile run. which i later mapped and it was well over 8. although it is fine. i needed to be on a 8 mile route to keep up with training. but i needed to be tricked in order to do that. i realize its all mental. when you stop thinking about it. thats when it doesnt hurt. my dad and i ran the actual route of the race. so we would be prepared for all the hills.

i have been faithfully watching celebrity apprentice. and i have to say it keeps my attention for the entire two hours. which is hard to do. although i have to tolerate my mother calling bret michaels a freak. and brother ridiculing him for crying about his daughter having diabetes. he is sensitive. and won dad of the year. i also like cyndi lauper. which both of my favorite celebs on the show, seem to be the ones the other participants dislike the most. in real life, bret is in the hospital from surgery on his appendix. i wish him a safe and quick recovery.

i think all my tv watching. is taking over my life. i have cut back on the life source. but i end up watching more network tv. biggest loser for instance. i sit and relate their struggles to my running training. and with celebrity apprentice has caused me to rate my coworkers. since my technical title is the same as those on the show. i am constantly watching others. how they handle projects. and over analyzing their behaviors. i so wish we had a board room. and the donald would come in and say 'your fired'. of course without the real repercussions of a firing.

hope everyone is enjoying this lovely weather. i am happy to have it here. looking forward to all my spring and summer activities. i will try to keep this more up to date.

Monday, March 29, 2010

check please

my alarm went off. and for one of the first times in a long time. i actually didnt roll over. and dread the next step, of getting out of bed. i didnt hit snooze. i lept out of bed, like a five year old on christmas morning. ok, might be a bit of an exaggeration. but i did get up easier than i did today, on this sun filled monday morning. i had checked the weather the night before. only 30% chance of rain in the wee morning hours on saturday. i dressed. ate some energy gummies. (joj i read the directions and you are to eat the whole pack). braided my hair. pinned my bib with my race number to my inside shirt. thinking i might take my top layer off mid way. which was not the case. and sat to wait for my friend lp to arrive (my photographer). and for my parents to pick us up for the race. they came. and they came with zola in tow. and in the pick up truck. anyone who knows me. knows how much i hate the pick up truck. my grandfather keeps passing down these giant trucks to my father. they are so big. and massive. they usually try to force me into long road trips in these monstrosities. but i always refuse. and probably throw a fit like a child. but you would too. and they work. i have never rode more than around town in the truck.

so i drove to the race. in the bus. and mentioned we probably looked like the beverly hillbillies. with our dog and sitting two abreast in the truck. dad and i hopped out. while they parked. and we walked and warmed up on our way to the starting line. just as we weaved our way through the crowd, the rain started. just little drops. that eventually came down harder. and more. i wore my now deemed unlucky nebraska hat (since the girls lost yesterday in the sweet 16 - remind me not to wear it during football season) which helped to keep the rain off my face. my first couple of miles of the race. i was miserable. i was sick of the rain. sick of the hills. and having a hard time getting in the groove. finally the rain stopped. we reached half way. i gulped a little gatorade. and felt the best i had all day. we finished. i finished my first 10K. our time was a little over an hour. which i felt good about. now onto more training. i need to work on my hills since our 1/2 marathon course starts with 2 hills. and some sprints to help with my breathing. and i hope in the mean time. mother nature works on her weather.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

patty mchatty run

these hips dont lie

last night while falling asleep. i thought about how my creativity. and inspiration on here has been gone. buried under all those huge, piles of snow from the many storms this winter. but i can feel a hint of it coming back. i hope it will blow through with the warm breeze, when i open my french doors. and feel the spring air on my skin. but for now...

GF10 Update: i made it to 5 miles on the treadmill on sunday. i struggled through that last mile. my hips were a bit sore the next day. i could totally feel i needed a rest day on monday. one of the things that kept me going, besides my new play list (thank you x-tina and salt n pepa) is knowing whatever pain or discouragement i feel. i have a dear friend who is going through a lot more in her life right now. and she is so much stronger than i. the pain i feel has no comparison. she is my inspiration. she is my motivation. to keep going. to run a little bit harder. i admit i am nervous. scared. for this 10k on saturday. it is the longest race for me. but i will keep thinking of lowa. pushing myself to the finish line. love you lowa!!

the hips were still a bit sore yesterday on my 3 mile run outside. it took me longer to get warmed up and in a groove. i stretched them out really good after the 5 miles on sunday. my muscles were so warm and limber. i felt like i was in highschool again. warming up to cheer for a game. just folded over to the floor in my butterfly. maybe that was it. maybe i stretched too much. runner friends - any ideas? advice?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

aaaah...kick it

back to my road to the 1/2 marathon. lil joj and i finished the st. patty's day 4 mile race. and we finished strong. i just remember giggling the whole time down the final stretch. because we, some how found all the energy we could to sprint down to the finish line. and i felt somewhat like pheobe from friends. with my jacket tied around my waste. and fingers tucked into my sleeves. running as fast as my tired legs could go. but i am so very proud that we did it. even in somewhat yucky weather. so proud that i had dad sign us up for a 10k next weekend. its only two more miles. sorry let me rephrase that. only two more miles. ugh. but its time in my training to do 6 miles. and the weekend i should be running a 10k is lil joj's bachlorette weekend. so probably wont get it in then. i have some pics from the race, but the site wont let me save them. i'll do some magic at work tomorrow. we wore our nebraska hats to support the womens basketball team in town for the tourney. although they had their first lost of the season that day! (yayaya - they are good). so might not be wearing those again. ha.

GF10 update: after the race, i got back on track, ran 3.5 outside on monday. took a few days off to celebrate my third favorite holiday (behind christmas and halloween) and consumed some green beverages. then i went for a short run outside again tonight. thinking it was around 2 miles, but i didnt go to my normal park, which i know the distances. felt like a neighborhood jaunt. it might snow this weekend (seriously, seriously) so i need to get all the outdoor running i can. the plan is a 5 mile run on saturday morning. probably be on a treadmill. grrrr.

finally, pics from the catwalk. i'm too sexy for my shirt, so hurts!

all the jewels, my headband and flowers are done by my dear friend emmyray. she is available (well booking up fast!) for weddings and other social engagements. check out her site for more work.

Friday, March 12, 2010

thank you

i have to give a shout out to brother. he keeps me in check. with all my spelling errors on here. he is a silent reader of the blog. but if i mis-spell something. i usually have a friendly email waiting in my inbox. telling me the correct spelling. its not one of my strong suites. but thats okay, we make a good pair. i talk. he is the silent, yet wiser of the two! goodluck on the house brother. cant wait to see it. and help make it your own.

happy friday everyone. have a great weekend. i am so happy to have lil joj in town. and a jersey shore party at untitleds'. i dont know if i can do shnookie justice but i will try. as long as i get my poof big. and spray tan (or maybe just bronzer).

oh and runway pictures are circulating. check out the i will also try to get some up here.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


my running progress is moving along nicely. i have broken the barriers of the 4 walls of the gym. and the scary treadmills. and leaped into the open road. i spent the last sunday afternoon at the rents house. playing beatles rock band with brother and dad. its kind of like the old days. we would spend weekend afternoons making videos and such. now we have a game to grade us and give us scores. lets just say i am lead vocals and have a hard time not making 100 pts. whoot! but i probably need to take it off easy.

GF10: dad, zola and I did 3 miles on sunday. it felt good for the first mile or so. then i remembered the sushi i snacked on the hour before. and felt a few cramps. but i made it. and felt pretty good the next day. i had a road bump the last couple of days. i had to travel for work. it was a one nighter, but i had to prepare the night before and we had a late dinner with the client. so no running on the road. although it was gorgeous - i wanted to break free from my meetings. instead, after we landed back home, i put on my running shoes and did 3 miles was easier than sunday. although i am a tad sore today, but that might be from traveling.

this weekend lil joj is coming down for the st. patty's day race. i think its going to be cold, but we can do it! 40s isnt bad. and we have the green beer to think about during the pain.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

wishful thinking

i wish someday i could dance all day. i went to mcdonalds today for lunch. advertising really does work. i keep seeing the chicken nuggets photos around town. and man those things look tasty. with the all white meat chicken. the new spicy sweet sauce. it was heavenly. well and back to my point. they had on great music. jeff, my modeling coach, and i like to dance out in public. i wish i could do that all day long. then we had an odd conversation about bio movies. stemming from grey gardens. we think the guy at the booth next to us. thought we were weirdos. and couldnt get out of there fast enough. i ended my meal with a chocolate shake. its just one of those days. where i wish i could hang out at mcd's all day long. dance. drink shakes. and not give two shits.

GF10 update: i pushed 2 miles last night. i am still congested. going on four days now. i say pushed. because i felt fine before and after. until this morning when i woke up. and couldnt breathe out of my nose.

this weekend i am watching two new clients. baby, mini-goldendoodles. be sure to check woof.woof. for updates on cali and roxy. they are only 3.5 & 7 months. i have my work cut out for me. last night when i met them. i felt like i was watching the puppy bowl. i heart them. well i say that now. before i have stayed a full night with them.

Monday, March 1, 2010

slow moving

i have never really been into working out on the weekends. to me the weekend is for r & r. and the site of a gym. or treadmill. is not that. i dont mind being outdoors. like on a nice walk or jog. but due to the winter weather. this has not been an ideal factor to my weekends. so i write with much regret. i did nothing of the sort to train. it was a little nicer here. so i took the dog i am watching to the park and walked around. week one not the greatest. but here is wishful thinking that week two will be better. i have convinced my dear dad to run with me. he has ran a lot more races than i. even a marathon. so he is experienced. but since he turned the big 6-0 this year. i think it will be a monumental thing for both of us. and he is going to help map out some of the long runs.

GF10 update: nadda. and i am congested from the weekend. taking my mucinex d and hoping i can make it to the gym tonight.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

fashion roadkill

today is the big day. my stomach is filled with butterflies. i went to practice last night for my runway debut. its pretty legit. and as one of the other girls and i noticed. there are real models also in the show. like they are the real deal. i am leaving in a few to go live the life of a model. get my hair and make up done. and wait around. not eating. until i am out on the catwalk. i also will be walking around the show. so customers can get an up close and personal look at my jewels and flowers. all by my dear friend emmy-ray. i am very excited and nervous. i have been practicing my walk and facial expressions this morning. jeff has been a great modeling coach. he reminded me of my tv hair modeling from this summer. where he said i looked scared. but the hair dresser was throwing me around like a rag doll. i think we have my face perfected. less eyes and slight smile. with a big smile during my poses. aaahhh. maybe i can use these to go on the show - america's next top model - but for the 5'6", average girl addition. pictures and recap to come.

GF10 update: after practicing for the wedding hive fashun show, i made it to the gym for a quick 2 miles. i should be running 3 miles tonight. but doubtful i can get that in. i'll shoot for that goal on friday.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

boots are so out

i cant take this winter crap anymore. i love all my boots. but i am getting tired of sporting them every day. even in this 12 degree weather. which the weather man so kindly reminded me that normally it is 50 during this time. i put on my flats. with no socks. my father would have flipped. that i would walk out of the house with no socks. exposed skin to this temperature. i could hear him this morning - 'you are going to get sick. arent your feet cold'. but i have had it. so thats my rant for the morning. i also hope this awful weather will go away. because as noted by lil joj, we will not run in frigid weather for the upcoming st. patty's day race. if there is snow. or below freezing. i will go to the gym. run and then hit the after party. per training schedule i should be running about 4 miles that saturday anyway.

GF10 update: i went to pilates class last night. it covers my stretch and strength portion of the training schedule perfectly. just have to switch up the days. i am a little sore today. but hope i can put in a light run this evening. 12 weeks and counting for the 1/2.

tomorrow night i am helping emmy-ray jewelry by modeling in a wedding fashion show. i am pretty excited. i get to leave work to have my hair and make up done. (who doesnt love that). i borrowed a few black dresses from ellenclare. so i am ready to walk down the runway. que in - right said fred - because i am model and you know what i mean...and i shake my little tush on the catwalk...i'm too sexy...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i'm back

when i started this blog. my first post - click here to read - was in regards to GF08. or get fit. its amazing how long ago that first post was launched. and that we still continue to use the get fit theme. i am now back in the swing of daily blogging on my progress. it helps to keep me motivated. and now that i have a goal of a 1/2 marathon in may. its time to get serious! well as serious as i can get. i still wont be able to say no to wine night over running. or an extra piece of cake. and i really dont envision becoming a gym rat. i still think 3 nights a week is big progress. even one night at this point.

i started a mat pilates class about a month before christmas. my first class was a challenge. i found myself sitting and waiting for the teacher to count down the seconds. rather than holding the moves. it was hard. i now can hold most moves for the full time. with a sigh of relief at the end. but my core is really strengthening. which will help in my running.

now for running progress. i have hated the treadmill this winter. i think its the combo of winter blues. there has been so much snow!! and a busy winter months of dog sitting. normally summer is my peak season. excuses, excuses. but i just had not found the joy of running. until last night. i broke through my funk. partially because i had new shoes. they make the difference. its funny, because i tried buying random shoes that were on sale at a discount shoe place. i didnt pay much attention to the type of shoes - i.e. i need stability and cushion because i have weird feet. i tried running with those last week. and my feet were burning. in so much pain. i had to stop and walk the rest of my time. i was miserable. so i was in such delight to find my 3 miles last night was a breeze. i kind of felt like i could have gone longer but didnt want to burn out on the first night back.

i have switched gyms in the last year. and this new place has treadmills with low bars. i dont know why, but i am a little timid to run on these treadmills. i like the side bars to be at my waste. in case i were to trip or fall off. i have something higher to grab onto. fingers crossed i dont have a post soon with a trip to the dentist because i fell off the treadmill.

also, i am listening to the same workout mix from GF08. i need help! i dont listen to workout music regularly. so i dont buy it. or dont think about it until i am there. on the treadmill, skipping through the songs. so let me know if you have any hot tracks to add. or replace my current.

GF10 update: monday = 3 miles, i felt good. maybe could have pushed for more. looking forward to my next run.

goals: march 13, 4 miles for st. pattys day
may 16, 1/2 marathon

Monday, February 22, 2010


i dont understand men and dancing. as a female. i love dancing. i like it most when i am dancing solo or with a group of friends. i find much delight in flailing my body about. being serious. being silly. trying new moves. mocking other dancers. entertaining friends (like my tap dancing routine to the cars songs, get your head out of the gutter). but when i go to a bar or club to dance. this does not mean my back side is an open invite. to be violated by some random guy. to thump. to try to hold onto me by placing hands where he wants. i mean its rather animal like. to see guys standing on the side lines. planning their next attack. when i was younger, okay not too long ago, i tolerated this cycle more than i should. not anymore. i like to dance solo. unless its slow dancing at a wedding or such. call me old fashion. but what happened to a guy asking you to dance before he grabbed your mid section and introduced his member with a thump. it awkward. uncomfortable. so as a piece of advice to my male readers. please respect the ladies before you creepily try to dirty dance with her. it will work out better for you in the long run if you do. that is all. i still had the time of my life this past weekend dancing. to the zeros and some old favorites from salt n peppa!

Monday, February 15, 2010

he is back

there has been a lull in my life. i have thought about it. debated. said "self - what is missing?" then i saw a commercial for a tv show. starting soon with one of my elementary school crushes. bret michaels. heeeyyyoooohh! he is going to be on the apprentice this season. it may not be rock of love. and i have never watched the apprentice before. but i am so excited to see what bret brings to the competition.

new season starts in one month! check it out here.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

i need a flute.

i would play the flute. and make all the mice follow me into the country side. isnt that what happened in that childrens book? i am watching a house. i have been there a few times before. that has mice! not like bad. running all over the place. but i noticed all the droppings under the sink. alert. alert. i knew exactly what that meant. also there was steal wool that looked like it had been in a hole. but was pushed out. i let the home owners know i actually saw one. brace yourselves. i opened the dishwasher and it scurried across the bottom. eeek. ick. just gross! they actually came home for a night, during my stay. they set a couple of traps under the sink. i got back over that night. and one mr. mouse was in the trap. i removed him. left the other trap. next night. mr. mouse #2. i left him overnight. you know, to set a message to the other members of the nest. i went out the next day. bought more traps. i will note. i am using the old fashion kind. call me cruel. call peta. but there is something about knowing that it has been trapped. peace of mind. instead of the sticky pads where you can see fur on the corner. so you knowthey got away. or did they eat the poison. where will they die. you get the point. within 2 hours of my new traps. i heard a snap while watching tv. mouse #3. a little smaller than the others. this has now turned into my daily routine for this house. let the dogs out for pee. feed them dinner. let them back outside for more business time. go get the broom and a small bag. dispose of the dead mouse. set new traps if needed. its beginning to feel like ground hog day. so about that flute...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

seeing eyes

every morning on my way to work. i pass a bus stop. there is a woman. who stands patiently. every morning with her beloved black lab by her side. it sits at attention. also waiting patiently. sometimes i see them crossing the street together. or huddled under a store awning when it is raining. the dog is her seeing eye dog. i cant help but smile and gush every morning i see them. the lab's sweet yet serious face. i just want to squeeze it. i would love to meet them. but i have found when i do things like that. i freak people out. (too aggressive?) i also realize the dog is working. and i am not allowed to deter it from doing its duties. they seem to be a perfect pair. i wish i could watch them all day long. it is amazing that these dogs can help so much. there was a time. long ago. when i thought it would be awesome to help train the dogs as puppies. but. i know myself too well. i am a lover. a nurturer. i wouldnt be a good trainer. it would be hard for me to be strict. and not give them hugs and kisses after i scolded them. (this is how i am with zola and was with cory). and the biggest reason i talked myself out of it. i could never give those puppies up. i would be too attached. and instead be heartbroken. after seeing my 'friends' every morning at the bus stop. i know there are others out there. equipped to handle such tasks. its such an awesome thing. even more reason i just love dogs. i found a site below. in case any one is interested. i know there are many programs out there.

the seeing eye web site

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


what is the etiquette for taking down christmas decorations? is there really a deadline? before the next holiday, since some christmas decorations could fall into 'winter theme'. probably not my tin santa who says ho, ho, ho, to me when i watch tv. but when stores start putting the crap out in august. i like to think i can keep it up until. oh atleast valentines day or st. patty's. dont you think?

will all the snow across from my work building melt? the city has piled mounds and mounds of snow on the grassy area. i think its atleast 9 feet high. of icy. dirty. ugly. snow. i dont think it will melt anytime soon. its going to melt into a swamp. which is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. which then leads to west nile disease. if i live until my next birthday in june. it might be a miracle. if the giant mosquitoes have not carried me away. or worse bitten me to death.

when will spring get here? or do i want it since of what was said above.

can i in fact run a half marathon? i think i can. i think i can.

has my landlord lost her marbles? yes, years ago. i think she also turned down the tempature of the heat in the building. one good thing the radiators dont clank like they used to. but it gets chilly. so much so. i have had to use the amish space heater she provided. i know her trick. lower the gas heat. so that we pay for our own electricity. judy!

can i figure out this router issue with my home internet? yes i caved. i now have that thing they called the world wide web at my home. get out the snow shovel, i am out of the ice ages. i still have my rabbit ears though. not going back to cable for awhile.

why did they chop down the tree in front of my apartment? i will count the rings tonight. to see how old it was. it was a source of shade. it was beautiful to look down the street in the fall. but now there is a huge bare spot. it was not dead. just a few limbs that needed trimming. last week they just took branches off. yesterday its gone. only a stump. reminded me of a classic childrens' book - the giving tree. makes me cry every time!

Monday, January 11, 2010

how i spent my holiday break

cuddled up. by the fire. and zola sitting on my lap. waiting for santa. she is getting so big. 88 lbs. but i think she is done growing.


happy monday. i found this picture of baby zola. when downloading others from mother's camera. i thought it was the funniest thing. helped brighten up my case of the mondays.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

new year. new face.

i thought. starting the new year with a nice day at the spa. sounded oh so delightful. untitled booked us appointments. we had gift certificates. so we "upgraded" a little. i was so excited. it had been awhile since i had pampered myself at the spa. besides a pedi and mani every once in awhile from the asian nail salons. which is normally in and out. and not very relaxing.

the day was just that. my facial was awesome. the massage was great. i felt refreshed. and ready to start 2010. until that evening. i started to feel 'off'. just weird. and then i washed my face. it burned. turned bright red. inflamed. it was so painful. when i woke the next morning it was worse. i couldnt concentrate all day at work. and still felt 'off'. a tad light headed. i knew it was an allergic reaction. day 2 bumps were more apparent. by day 3 it had calmed down. day 5, my face was almost normal, but peeling and felt raw.

trying to make a long post, from being too long. i called the salon on monday and left a message because they were closed. when i got a call back the next morning. she was somewhat apologetic but i never felt like she saw the severity in the situation. i almost died from an allergic reaction. granted it wasnt topical. but its a serious matter. she couldnt see me until the next day, late afternoon. i kept taking bendyrl and using hydro-cortisone on my face. it helped the pain. but it was more the time that seemed to help the most. after receiving another sorry and a few squirts of their product to help with the reaction. that was all they did. sent me on my way. made suggestions of what to try next time. but nothing more. no compensation. nadda.

when twojulies heard this story. she was mortified for me. and said "put on your big girl pants" and call to speak to a manager. i did. turns out it was the same gal who was helping before. i went off on a rant about being in pain for 3 days. paying for a service that didnt work. and there was nothing done to make me ever want to come back. she had the owner call back. offered a giftcard in the amount of the facial. fair enough. and it would be mailed to my house. i was content.

i have since to receive this gift card and its been a week. i dont think it takes that long. i am giving them another week. and then i will unleash again. and at that time. at that time my friends, i will release the spa name, post pictures of my face and tell as many people as i can. i want to warn people so they dont go through the same thing. but i also want the salon to take responsibility. the manager jokingly told me that she had another client that the same thing happened to her too. really? really? i dont think its funny. nor is this normal. do you want me to scratch your face for 20 minutes with long finger nails? because thats what it felt like. phew - that felt good. okay back. composed again. to be continued...