Wednesday, October 14, 2009


while watching tv tonight. a teaser for the 10 o'clock news came on. "she was once a crack addict. now she helps people."

oh come laura (news anchor), I am sure she helped a few people while on crack. although i admit, i might tune to hear more of this story.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

F & G

i have found a new favorite show. freaks & geeks. and just as fast as i can get addicted. i have found there was only one season made. good news. there were eighteen episodes for season one. and they are an hour long. gleeee! it takes place in 1980. about high school kids. some freshman. some older stoners. and all the fun that happens during that time of your life.

my favorite parts of the shows are the family discussions. reminds me of my own home life. we had family sit down dinners every night. where we discussed the day activities. we also had family game nights. or movie nights. mandatory. not too often. but enough to make you wish you were doing something else on a friday night.

it also reminded me of my freshman year of highschool. some punk kid in my biology class borrowed my graphing calculator. he then plotted a design of a marijuana leaf. i didnt know at the time how to delete the saved design. and wish i had. when mother borrowed the calculator that summer for her garage sale. she turned it on. and during start up, it flashed to the leaf. she confronted me. and proceeded to ask if i was on the pot. and when i said no. she responded back with: you better not. or your ass will be grass. it wasnt me!

Monday, October 5, 2009

first outing

my first outing with my lil sis went a little something like this. i picked her up for the movies. my phone wasnt working, so i didnt have the directions to the movies from her house. i guessed correctly and got us to the right theater. we watched the 3D toy story movies. thats 1 & 2. i dont know how they expect little kids attention spans to last through both. back to back. i barley managed. the 3D was pretty cool and it had been awhile since i saw them. so after three hours of 3D movie watching. we were driving home. and i saw a small animal dart across the road. before i could react. i felt a thud with the car. i am pretty sure i hit someone's kitty cat. i kind of freaked. more that she must think i am a horrible person. i didnt know if i should have stopped. checked on the animal. but i didnt. lil sis asked if i was okay. and said well i dont think you killed it. you didnt run over it multiple times. ha. good point. she is a smarty pants. i am going to blame it on wearing those crazy glasses for so long. my eyes were not at 20/20.