Thursday, August 28, 2008

bumper sticker iii

spotted. norfolk, virgina. blonde driver. in a saturn vue. (its totally me. ha.)

"i'm only speeding because i totally have to poop!"

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

vanna white

so many things to say about this. so little time.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


soon i will post some band photos. from the band photo shoot. once i receive them from my band manager murray. murray? present.

oh when will flight of the conchords season 2 begin. i cant stand it. anyway. after much contemplation. i joined flickr. it was a little tricky. since i have made 3 different accounts. but alas. i have made the one i will actually use.


dear hackers,

please stop stealing my debit card numbers. and purchasing time for online gaming. groceries at safeway. and what other items you deemed as necessary. i dont have any money. so it is a waste of your time. seriously. get a life. get a job. and spend your own dimes.

disgruntled hacked debit card carrier

i would also like to thank bank of america at this time. but that might be going a bit far. as they usually rape me on everything else. i have never found them to be a good servicing bank. well until this morning. when i received a phone call to alarm me of the suspicious activity. i guess it did save me some time. a little bit of stress. and they were able to provide me with a temporary card. so that i can continue life as usual.

its just such a creepy feeling. like someone went through your underwear drawer. it happened a little over a year ago too. that turned into more of a fiasco. as boa didnt catch the suspicious activity. even though the charges were larger and more sketchy. so i guess i can be thankful of that. but still it leaves an unsettling feeling in my stomach. i only use my debit card. that is my sole source of payment. other than cash. or checks. but those all lead to the same source. oh well. maybe its all those unsecure adult only sites i visit. finally catching up to me. damn.

Monday, August 25, 2008


is all i ever wanted. and i truly feel. is all i ever needed. after a slight delay on my second flight. i made it to san fran on thursday afternoon. it was wonderful seeing lemonade. her new home. the finster (puppy). and b. her fiance. she made me a welcome cake. which was beautiful. and so tasty. it was fun to see an orange tree on one side of their yard. and a redwood smack in the middle. with the constant breeze. a glass of wine on the porch was the perfect start.

on friday we woke up. refreshed and ready for a day in the city. after picking up brother from the airport. we drove to the golden gate bridge. down lombard street. and over to our hotel. it was then time to prepare for the festival. after chasing cabs. we found one and were on our way. as mentioned. there were 60,000 people in attendance. the most people i have ever seen. in one place. it was crazy. but everyone was very mellow. and there for the same reason. the music. food. drink. the experience.

brother left early on saturday. to get back to work. so we lost our photographer. for the saturday city touristy stuff. so here i am solo. we rode the trolleys. and went to the highest point in the city. and were disrupted at the labyrinth by a child. that needed to be reprimanded by his mother. he was old enough to know better. than to run like a mad man inside a cathedral.

the weekend ended too soon. of course. i was sad to leave on sunday. i would have loved to spend one more day. and that would have turned into another day. and another. we ended the trip with dinner out in the suburb where they live. yummy seafood. and then i became the reigning champ of uno.


short video. you can kind of see the little guys. bopping around the stage. if the stupid vip tent wasnt in the way. for 60,000 attendees. not a bad view. this is their second song. so its still light out. the boys were everything i expected. and could have asked for.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


the gibson de tour of le kansas city concerts continued on monday night. with my morning jacket. i let brother pick this one. i wasnt too terribly familiar. but turns out i gave him one of their songs from a complemation mix of austin city limits. huh? i didnt know this. but recognized that one song when they played it. ha. the show was really cool. lots of lights. with a wide range of music. slow stuff. which i liked more. a little blue grassy stuff. and heavier rock. it was a lot different than the other shows we have been to this summer. my ears were a little tender during and the next day. but i appreciate the great music. and thought the light show was pretty amazing.

this just got us revved up for this weekend. friday night we will be attending the outside lands music & arts festival at the golden gate bridge park in san fran. thats right. we're taking this act on the road. lemonade brought this to my attention months ago. and i cant believe it is this week. the count down seems like it started ages ago. we will just be going for friday night. since this is my first visit to the city. and to see lemonade since she moved there. it just wouldnt be ideal to spend the whole trip at the festival. although the weekend line-up makes me a little queasy to think some of these musicians will be in the same city. at the same place. so i am off for a weekend adventure. i am so excited to see lemonade. a new city. and be amongst the first to see radiohead at night at the golden gate bridge park. toodles.

bumper sticker ii

spotted. suffolk, virginia. bumper sticker that reads:

"if mary was pro-choice there'd be no christmas"

Monday, August 18, 2008

baby w

friday morning began my adventure back to our college town. i decided to grab breakfast on the way to the airport to pick up stac. mcd's was along the way. and i have wanted to try the one dollar breakfast burritos. i also decided i would try one of their much advertised coffees (including my own endorsement with my handwriting used on a print ad). i had tried a hot, vanilla latte this past winter. and it was way too sweet. so i decided on an iced mocha. again. i felt like i was drinking sugar water. there was no coffee in that thing. highly dont recommend the specialty drinks. so on my sugar high. i raced to the airport with enough time to park. and greet her at the gate. this is something i dont always calculate enough time for. but, when i fly. i know i always love the feeling when you are walking off the plane. of seeing that familiar. smiley face. to greet you.

we loaded up. swung by la pad. as i forgot my present for baby ryan. and we were off. to the land of cheap gas. inexpensive cuisine. and a weekend of baby smells. time flew by. chatting for the 3 hours. as well as there have been major improvements made to the highway. so i think the time has been cut down by atleast 30 mins. if not more. we strolled thru town. slowing down to take pictures of our old college houses. that look even more suspect from the outside. which i can't even imagine what they are like inside. and made our way to the winsteads house.

it was a delightful weekend. stac and i had to fight over who got to hold baby ryan. we got to pick out all his outfit changes. including the cutest space invaders pjs. we dined on springfield style cashew chicken. well some of us. i strayed and ended up with dark cat meat and broccoli. the weekend was also spent playing guitar hero on the largest tv. it was more like a movie screen. i am now hooked. and thinking i might need one for my wii. i also bonded with little rowdy winstead. the big doggie brother. we snuggled. and i took him on walks. and lots of petting. it was so good to see lowa. j-dub and baby ryan. cant wait to see him again. when he doubles in size. thank you winsteads for sharing your weekend with the two crazy aunties.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

many hats

on saturday i was able to help out untitled by doing her updo hair for a wedding. i arrived at 9:30 am. coffee in hand. an "idea" in mind. and no tools. i left the house. with the feeling i forgot something. but untitled had everything i needed. after a couple of attempts. one i called the retro french twist. it was the volume i was having a hard time with. as someone who has more trouble calming my volume down. i have little experience in the teasing department. at one point. 30 mins. prior to when she needed to be at the reception location for decorating. we still had a blank canvas of hair. i asked if she was stressed. and she said. yes. a little. egads. i remained calm. cool. and collective. thank you mother for those jeans. and used her help with the poof. and then the masterpeice came together. the messy bun. nothing too complicated. but nothing seems too complicated until you are the one in control. here are a couple of pics. untitled dancing at the reception. so one more new thing to add to the resume. hand & foot model. handwriting artist. make-up artist. up-do expert/hair stylist. all in a days work. i required a nap after the one and a half hours of hair.

side note. broccoli should not be allowed to be consumed at work. cold broccoli. okay. but please do not bring cooked/steamed broccoli into an office building. kit kat learned this hard way. when the smell actually traveled into the vents. and soon the whole building just wreaked. i was reminded of this recently. when a coworker at a different office than kit kat. apparently desires broccoli. the first time i yelled out that it stunk in our area. without knowing it was due to the vegetable eater at her desk. today. i called her out. i mean it seriously smells like someone poo'ed their pants. it just lingers. she then told me it tasted really good though. unacceptable.

Monday, August 11, 2008


the theme of the weekend. on sunday morning. kansas city was covered in women wearing pink. my mom bought me new pink running shorts. and i even had a light pink hat to wear during the race. i have started to wear hats during my runs. it helps with the sweat. dripping. and stinging my eye balls. we hit a little bit of traffic on the way to the race. so i arrived in time to line up to start. with no time to stretch. or warm up. for some reason. i guess i was stressed. and panicked. i thought my time would start when the race began. not when i crossed the start line. silly me. so i rushed. not thinking i could stretch a little more before. when i asked where i should be standing. the girl said people who can run 5 min miles were up front. i said. oh yeah thats me. (ha). and off i went. the run was nice. not too many hills. and there were different bands along the way. to keep me amused. there were a lot of runners with ipods. which i didnt think was allowed. hmm.

one complaint i have regarding the race were the water stations. i dont know if this is a new thing. but the water stations consisted of actual water bottles. and not mini. kids size. but regular size. maybe even the medium size. like the smart water bottle size. so runners would take a swig. then toss the rest on the ground. i couldnt help but just be disgusted with this. here we were running for a good cause. and yet we were being harmful at the same time. the amount. and size of water bottles seemed extremely wasteful. i ended up taking one at the second station. and drank a little more than i should. tried to carry it. but then i too. chucked it to the curb.

i was able to meet my goal. with a 28 minute finish. and now i can use that for the next run. although i think i will just become a professional 5k runner. ha. the record time for women was 17 mins. not sure if i ever want to be that kind of runner. maybe i'll raise my goal to a 10k. someday. for now. i'll just add another lap my evening run.

Friday, August 8, 2008


this weekend is the race for the cure run in kc. i signed up as a runner. which normally i walk with mother. but this year, since my new found hobby of running. i wanted to run. i have a goal to finish in 30 minutes. and hope with the momentum of the event. i can reach it. it will be an early rise on sunday morning. but well worth it.

warning. the below image was taken with an iphone. at chipotle for lunch. the pink flower purse is an oldy but goodie. in bloom and i found them at dillards on clearance 4 years ago. we both bought one. she uses her bag as luggage. probably because it is the size of her and a small child. i have been using it for the last couple of weeks. until i grow tired. and it will go back into the closet. to use again in another 4 years.

speaking of closets. (no i dont know anyone coming out). i need to have an apartment photoshoot. and then of course post some pics. i have no side jobs this weekend. which i dont know what to do with myself. so i guess i will be able to find the time to take some more boxes down to the blair witch basement to my storage cubby. also need to hang two shelves. the last remaining decor pieces. then it will be just like house & garden. but on a budget. ha.

Monday, August 4, 2008


the weekend zipped on by. with inbloom in town. we just spent the time. laughing. chatting. and just hanging out. zipped. as well as my dress. after doing a couple of tricks with breathing out. and tugging. inbloom was able to zip me up in my old prom dress. nice. however. i could not move very well. and also could not wait to get out of it. i had the best posture at the party though. this also made for difficult dance moves. but what did i care. i was at prom.

we made our own corsages. as showcased above. and even were able to whip together another one in about 5 secs. for 'serious business' so she wouldnt feel left out. other highlights. besides feeling like i was 16 again. not getting crowned prom queen. and dancing to old skool hits. was visiting dobey. the best great dane in the world. (until i get my own. vivian, then she would be number one). in true spirit of a high school party. we pretended to give him some of our apple puckers. and inbloom asked him to be her date. he obliged. and i gave him the rose from my wrist-let.

also test drove a scooter this weekend. i am still doing my research. and looking at different brands. and resources. but i think it will be coming home with me soon. the main concerns from my 'rents. are driving at night. and parking it overnight. so that, as predicted by dear ol' dad. it is not stolen in 2 months time. i might also wait until winter time. when i can wheel and deal with someone. smart shopper. that is my goal. but smart shoppers cant always wait.

Friday, August 1, 2008

bumper sticker

spotted by kit kat. in seattle. old lady driving. bumper sticker reads:

‘The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own’

its for the book.

turn the page

yesterday was the interns last day. time has flown by. crazy to think it has been 8 weeks already. from what i know. they did a great job. so bravo. now i am debating. will i do it again. hmm...

today is inbloom's birthday. happy birthday to jojo! and to continue in the spirit of my other leo birthday this week. i have prepared a photo montage. she will be visiting this weekend. yippee. we have a party to attend. with a prom theme. thanks to untitled and her beau. so we are pulling out the old prom dresses. and getting all gussied up. i can not zip mine up. i swear. its my chest. my dds'. thats why. but as tim gunn would say. make it work. so we will be recreating updos. and wearing awful jewelry. pics to come next week. egads. i brought back the picture from actual prom. where joj and i. and our dates went together. so we have that to reference for inspiration.