Thursday, February 25, 2010

fashion roadkill

today is the big day. my stomach is filled with butterflies. i went to practice last night for my runway debut. its pretty legit. and as one of the other girls and i noticed. there are real models also in the show. like they are the real deal. i am leaving in a few to go live the life of a model. get my hair and make up done. and wait around. not eating. until i am out on the catwalk. i also will be walking around the show. so customers can get an up close and personal look at my jewels and flowers. all by my dear friend emmy-ray. i am very excited and nervous. i have been practicing my walk and facial expressions this morning. jeff has been a great modeling coach. he reminded me of my tv hair modeling from this summer. where he said i looked scared. but the hair dresser was throwing me around like a rag doll. i think we have my face perfected. less eyes and slight smile. with a big smile during my poses. aaahhh. maybe i can use these to go on the show - america's next top model - but for the 5'6", average girl addition. pictures and recap to come.

GF10 update: after practicing for the wedding hive fashun show, i made it to the gym for a quick 2 miles. i should be running 3 miles tonight. but doubtful i can get that in. i'll shoot for that goal on friday.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

boots are so out

i cant take this winter crap anymore. i love all my boots. but i am getting tired of sporting them every day. even in this 12 degree weather. which the weather man so kindly reminded me that normally it is 50 during this time. i put on my flats. with no socks. my father would have flipped. that i would walk out of the house with no socks. exposed skin to this temperature. i could hear him this morning - 'you are going to get sick. arent your feet cold'. but i have had it. so thats my rant for the morning. i also hope this awful weather will go away. because as noted by lil joj, we will not run in frigid weather for the upcoming st. patty's day race. if there is snow. or below freezing. i will go to the gym. run and then hit the after party. per training schedule i should be running about 4 miles that saturday anyway.

GF10 update: i went to pilates class last night. it covers my stretch and strength portion of the training schedule perfectly. just have to switch up the days. i am a little sore today. but hope i can put in a light run this evening. 12 weeks and counting for the 1/2.

tomorrow night i am helping emmy-ray jewelry by modeling in a wedding fashion show. i am pretty excited. i get to leave work to have my hair and make up done. (who doesnt love that). i borrowed a few black dresses from ellenclare. so i am ready to walk down the runway. que in - right said fred - because i am model and you know what i mean...and i shake my little tush on the catwalk...i'm too sexy...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i'm back

when i started this blog. my first post - click here to read - was in regards to GF08. or get fit. its amazing how long ago that first post was launched. and that we still continue to use the get fit theme. i am now back in the swing of daily blogging on my progress. it helps to keep me motivated. and now that i have a goal of a 1/2 marathon in may. its time to get serious! well as serious as i can get. i still wont be able to say no to wine night over running. or an extra piece of cake. and i really dont envision becoming a gym rat. i still think 3 nights a week is big progress. even one night at this point.

i started a mat pilates class about a month before christmas. my first class was a challenge. i found myself sitting and waiting for the teacher to count down the seconds. rather than holding the moves. it was hard. i now can hold most moves for the full time. with a sigh of relief at the end. but my core is really strengthening. which will help in my running.

now for running progress. i have hated the treadmill this winter. i think its the combo of winter blues. there has been so much snow!! and a busy winter months of dog sitting. normally summer is my peak season. excuses, excuses. but i just had not found the joy of running. until last night. i broke through my funk. partially because i had new shoes. they make the difference. its funny, because i tried buying random shoes that were on sale at a discount shoe place. i didnt pay much attention to the type of shoes - i.e. i need stability and cushion because i have weird feet. i tried running with those last week. and my feet were burning. in so much pain. i had to stop and walk the rest of my time. i was miserable. so i was in such delight to find my 3 miles last night was a breeze. i kind of felt like i could have gone longer but didnt want to burn out on the first night back.

i have switched gyms in the last year. and this new place has treadmills with low bars. i dont know why, but i am a little timid to run on these treadmills. i like the side bars to be at my waste. in case i were to trip or fall off. i have something higher to grab onto. fingers crossed i dont have a post soon with a trip to the dentist because i fell off the treadmill.

also, i am listening to the same workout mix from GF08. i need help! i dont listen to workout music regularly. so i dont buy it. or dont think about it until i am there. on the treadmill, skipping through the songs. so let me know if you have any hot tracks to add. or replace my current.

GF10 update: monday = 3 miles, i felt good. maybe could have pushed for more. looking forward to my next run.

goals: march 13, 4 miles for st. pattys day
may 16, 1/2 marathon

Monday, February 22, 2010


i dont understand men and dancing. as a female. i love dancing. i like it most when i am dancing solo or with a group of friends. i find much delight in flailing my body about. being serious. being silly. trying new moves. mocking other dancers. entertaining friends (like my tap dancing routine to the cars songs, get your head out of the gutter). but when i go to a bar or club to dance. this does not mean my back side is an open invite. to be violated by some random guy. to thump. to try to hold onto me by placing hands where he wants. i mean its rather animal like. to see guys standing on the side lines. planning their next attack. when i was younger, okay not too long ago, i tolerated this cycle more than i should. not anymore. i like to dance solo. unless its slow dancing at a wedding or such. call me old fashion. but what happened to a guy asking you to dance before he grabbed your mid section and introduced his member with a thump. it awkward. uncomfortable. so as a piece of advice to my male readers. please respect the ladies before you creepily try to dirty dance with her. it will work out better for you in the long run if you do. that is all. i still had the time of my life this past weekend dancing. to the zeros and some old favorites from salt n peppa!

Monday, February 15, 2010

he is back

there has been a lull in my life. i have thought about it. debated. said "self - what is missing?" then i saw a commercial for a tv show. starting soon with one of my elementary school crushes. bret michaels. heeeyyyoooohh! he is going to be on the apprentice this season. it may not be rock of love. and i have never watched the apprentice before. but i am so excited to see what bret brings to the competition.

new season starts in one month! check it out here.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

i need a flute.

i would play the flute. and make all the mice follow me into the country side. isnt that what happened in that childrens book? i am watching a house. i have been there a few times before. that has mice! not like bad. running all over the place. but i noticed all the droppings under the sink. alert. alert. i knew exactly what that meant. also there was steal wool that looked like it had been in a hole. but was pushed out. i let the home owners know i actually saw one. brace yourselves. i opened the dishwasher and it scurried across the bottom. eeek. ick. just gross! they actually came home for a night, during my stay. they set a couple of traps under the sink. i got back over that night. and one mr. mouse was in the trap. i removed him. left the other trap. next night. mr. mouse #2. i left him overnight. you know, to set a message to the other members of the nest. i went out the next day. bought more traps. i will note. i am using the old fashion kind. call me cruel. call peta. but there is something about knowing that it has been trapped. peace of mind. instead of the sticky pads where you can see fur on the corner. so you knowthey got away. or did they eat the poison. where will they die. you get the point. within 2 hours of my new traps. i heard a snap while watching tv. mouse #3. a little smaller than the others. this has now turned into my daily routine for this house. let the dogs out for pee. feed them dinner. let them back outside for more business time. go get the broom and a small bag. dispose of the dead mouse. set new traps if needed. its beginning to feel like ground hog day. so about that flute...