Wednesday, September 8, 2010

put up your feet

i have an office now. i think i have mentioned that. with a window view. i rearranged the office on day two. after ellenclare said i should. and could. (i was worried about office policies). i like to look out the window. look at the tree tops. i never realized how "green" of a city i live in. it looks pretty right now. i am excited to see what winter looks like. i can also see birds flying. and its hard to tell when its raining. not like before. when i could look at a street light to see if there was rain in the light. or look on the sidewalk. to see if its wet. street lights look like popsicles. and the sidewalk. well i wouldnt know what wet looks like opposed to dry. from so high up. i look down at my old building. bruhaha.

i am busy. busy. at the new gig. which i love. i would much rather have the day end up with me asking: how is it 5 already?? instead of. when will lunch get here? why does 10:30 feel like forever? wah. wah.

other things to note. i have been loving my netflix streaming on wii. seriously. no reason to leave the house. this could be a serious problem once winter rolls around. i already limit my outings when its cold. now with movies and tv shows at my finger tips. there might be an intervention. jg, get your butt of the sofa, wash your hair and put on your boots. you need to get the stink off you.

so i have been catching up on previous episodes of 30 rock. i ask you this. when did alec baldwin become so funny? seriously. dont get me started. dont eeevvven get me started.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

nothing compares

for me. nothing compares to live music. i love going to shows. and i had been in a drought. nothing was really poppin' up in my city. that i was excited about. yes, i mentioned bret. but besides that it had been a year of no concerts for me. wait a minute. i did go up to see ingrid michaelson in omaha. so maybe my memory is just getting bad. anyway, onto the point of this post! monday night brother and i ventured to the midland to see she & him. a duo comprised of zooey deschanel and matt ward. i loved, loved, loved their first album. only to then slowly enjoy the second more and more. i felt like they played everything i wanted to hear. including my favorite song toward the end (i admit i was getting worried they wouldnt play it). they also did a few covers of buddy holly and the beach boys. it was a great night. magical. i forgot how much i love going to shows. people watching. great music. singing. dancing. i went to sleep a very happy girl. and i got a new t-shirt!

side note. the opening band did a rendition of toxic by britney spears. ingrid michaelson also does this during her shows. well twice now that i have seen her. what gives? i mean its an ok song. just had to share this odd choice of remakes!