Tuesday, December 30, 2008

bumper sticker xxii

spotted. by tonerhuffer. keep this in mind this coming new years' eve. when looking for love. or a fun way to begin the new year. cheers!

first christmas

zola loved christmas. not only did she get a new baby lamb named ba-ba. that did in fact make baaaing noises. (she cried the first couple of times the lamb made noises. zola was trying her best to comfort the lamb. while chewing and tearing off her wool. ba-ba after two days. no longer makes noises.). santa also brought her a long doggy. like the one from the petsmart commercials. this is her second. the first i named bruno. (granny's husband). and the new one is skip. (his son - or bruno jr.). the head and the bum make noises. so it is best when zola can put both in her mouth to squeek.

the best part of christmas for zola was of course. what everyone else got. all the paper to tear. boxes to chew. ribbons to run with. new slippers to steal. it was an evening of paradise.

after one of her naps. when she is still sleepy. and sweet. before the demon comes out fully. i tied a bow around her little neck. and let her into the room with the tree. for a photo opp. as featured below. it is normally off limits. with a baby gate. just like the stairs to my bedroom. i like to think she sings stairway to heaven. when she sits at the bottom. and barks. and cries for me to come get her. we tried having her sleep with me. but with all the new scents. and items to inspect. in the dark. it was too much. so trotted back to mom and dad. only to wake me in the morning. with little puppy kisses. followed by nibbles. and then paws.

bumper sticker xxi

spotted. by yours truly. lunching christmas eve. couldnt have said it better. myself.


for rach. my hair girl. i love my new color in this photo. (she was a wee bit upset when i saw her recently, that i hadnt posted anything regarding the new hair color). i am also getting used to the 5 inches cut off. its fun. its fresh. its the new jan brady.

also. as noted from previous post. i did not take a picture of the grossness that was my finger. (it still has a bump). but if you look at the picture closely. maybe click on it. to really blow it up. you can see my right hand. pointer finger. is a lot darker than my others.

Monday, December 22, 2008


things have been slow in the beehive. with the cold weather. did i say cold. its freakin' freezing. not much to report. so go ahead and mark this post as boring. i wish those whom check the boxes would leave a comment. but then again. i can hear my mother. 'if you dont have anything nice to say, then dont say anything at all'.

my finger. well the whole side of that hand is disgusting. it is bruised. and still swollen. tender. i havent thought too much about it. until people begin to ask if its broken. which no. i can move it. but then they say you never know. it reminds me of the broken arm. when i didnt think it was broken. and then skied. and did other activities. only to hurt it more. and then i had to have surgery. i hope thats not the case.

the annual festivus party was over the weekend. i aired some grievances. and serious business had the most delightful treats. as usual. i dont feel i brought my a-game to the party. maybe i was still hurting from thursdays holiday party. but i played a new game. danced. and got to visit with old friends. and meet my replacement friends.

have a safe and happy holiday season. give your loved ones big hugs. and kiss your pooches.

Friday, December 19, 2008


i caved. it didnt take much. just a tiny bit of persuasion. i then turned to two other girls. and did the famous peer pressure line. i'll do it, if you do. so we did. signed up for the bull riding competition. i was nervous as hell. i had no idea what to expect. i pointed out my competition from the start. there was one gal i was afraid of. she is tall. and athletic. and people like her.

my name was called. i was nervous but remained calm. a man from the crowd yelled out, 'its just like the stripper pole.' funny. and true. ha. so i climbed up. again. unsuspecting to what this would be like. and he started. they did some shimmies for girls. and i held on. flinging about. and i rode. i was #1 for round one. 33 seconds. longest of the boys too. i had to ride for a second time. the top 5 competed for the top 3. 34 seconds that round. technically i lost. to the one competitor i feared. but my overall average was better. and spectators told me i 'looked' the part. so i take that as a win in my book. she beat me by one second.

it was the second time. when i got off. something wasnt right. my right hand was throbbing. i looked down. my pointer finger was black and blue. i popped a blood vessel. i now have a burrito finger. that hurts. and is an ugly color. very tender. but it was all worth it. cowgirl up. this didnt stop me from dancing to beyonce on the way home on the party bus. it wasnt that finger. not the ring finger. if you liked, then you shoulda put a ring on it...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

day o' debauchery

this is my hope. but every year without fail. i end up doing something silly. maybe today will be different. there is a mechanical bull riding competition. i have not signed up. and if i make it through the party without being peer pressured. it will be a success. cheers to open bar. and good food.

next topic. for after i recover from the party today. survivor the tv show. thinking about submitting a try out video. feedback appreciated. as my family thinks i wouldnt make it past the first show. and jeremiah said i would not last 2 minutes before i started complaining. and want to leave.

Friday, December 12, 2008

sweater time

its that time of the year. i dust off my tackiest. of tacky. sweater. that i have held onto for going on 8 years. although i might switch up the outfit this year. but i will wear the jingle bell earrings. santa pin. and my most favorite brown leather boots. with the red laces. vintage. inbloom will be making the trek down from up north. getting excited already. and with a visitor coming. walle dyson will be working overtime today in preparation.

in the words of the invitees: go to macy's and purchase a tacky holiday sweater. then join us to string popcorn, light the menorah, torture the dog in his sweater and get crunk.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

holiday cheer

over the weekend. during day light. i crept down to the basement. in my storage unit. where all my glorious holiday decor lives for 10 months out of the year. i was going to decorate during the week. right after turkey day. but its dark when i get home. and i dont like to venture down there unless i have someone with me. i decided this year i would not put up my tree. its little. but really there is no space. and since its just me. no point. all my presents still go to the parents house. or i open it when people give it to me. i guess i do have one mini. mini tree atop the hutch. which this year displays my favorite. german. wooden ornaments. other than all my normals. my additions this year are the two wreaths hanging on the french doors. i found then at target. and added some vintagey looking ribbon. cant decide if the bow should be at the top (as pictured) or down with the greenery. thoughts appreciated. and the new table cloth. that yes. needs to be ironed. i have a couple other odds and ends spreadout. but these were the cluster of holiday cheer displayed below. also. please note. i am displaying christmas cards on the hutch. so feel free to send me one. wink. wink. now. about that holiday shopping...

bumper sticker xx

spotted. by yours truly. saturday afternoon. is this opposed to all those fake men running around?

Monday, December 8, 2008

bumper sticker xix

spotted. yours truly. sunday driving. harley davidson motorcycle. on the front windshield.

"my other toy has tits!"

Friday, December 5, 2008

when i grow up

i received an email yesterday. no subject. no body. not signed. with two attachments. cover letter. and resume. for the 09 summer internship. crazy how they start flowing in so early. but its usually the early ones. well that bring the most amusement. the unidentified individual included the following in the cover letter:

...I am fascinated by the travel and hospitality industry that is why i am planning on opening my own hotel when I graduate from college. I currently enrolled in a marketing class...

wow. individual. thats a big goal. how about i give you this unpaid internship. and in-return i receive unlimited stays at your hotel. that you will open soon. but it seems like you might be too busy to slave away all summer long in my office. or maybe you should take that time and proof read your documents. there were a lot more spelling. and grammar mistakes. goodness. but he/she probably will open a hotel. and i will have to eat my words. that will be my luck. ha.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


i was pleasantly. and very. surprised today. by a delightful little thing. called the candy cane hershey kiss. i was very skeptical. cause you know. sometimes experiments dont always go well. i usually just stick with dark chocolate. and call it a day. but i was intrigued. and after klar highly recommended the candy. i caved.

it was like an explosion of love in my mouth. a kiss. ha. it tastes a lot like my favorite mints. the buttermilk mints. whenever i see them at restaurants. i take handfuls and drop in my purse. inbloom used to bring them home from her old job. love them. so this limited edition kiss. is a lot like those. but they are chocolate. so better. and they have mint specs mixed in. made me a little weary. but i got over it. and asked for another.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

tis the season

i am now a brunette. i went darker for the winter. dark. for the upcoming. dark. dreery. months.

rach. my girl. my hairdresser. she is an avid reader. so. i must say everyone loves it. have received numerous compliments. but its still growing on me. its weird to look at myself in the mirror. i need a couple of days. but dont fret. i do not regret. and i am not, not happy. i just need a day or two.

no pictures for now. i have to love it before i reveal.

bumper sticker xviii

spotted. jeremiah. while vacationing in tampa, fl. last month.

i am surprised this is the first calvin peeing one i have received. it was taken with an alternative motive. jer's dad is a psychiatrist. but you know. something about lil' calvin peeing on an occupation. funny. and wrong. based on the other one. i think this person might have some issues. hmm.

Monday, December 1, 2008

bumper sticker xvii

spotted by tonerhuffer. over the weekend. somewhere in a turkey comatose.

there are bumper stickers. and then there are bumper. stickers.


a tad late. but a good way to begin the holiday season. and my monday after a long weekend. i am very thankful for many things in my life. in no particular order. or reasoning.

family. funny families. togetherness. canine kin.
friends. near. far. timeless.
meds. i am a pill popper.
music. old. and new talented artists.
movies. the good. the bad. the bad that make you find the good.
food. eating favorites. finding new delicious treats. but still remaining picky.
shoes. boots. fashion. trends.
coffee. warm. delightful smell.
freedom. independence. safety.

the thanksgiving weekend was nice. i lived like a bum. remaining in comfy clothes majority of the time. and not worrying much about my hygiene and appearance. i watched the macy's day parade. and thought about how cold. and miserable it must have been to get there and to go home after. with 3 million of your closest friends there too. and then on my drive back to my house. driving through the plaza shopping area. i remembered why i tend to be a scrooge over the holidays. i love living in this area any other time of the year. but with so many folks/visitors out shopping. not only do they clog the cross walks. if they use the proper cross walks and lights. but they also drive like idiots. slow. and like they have never been out. never entered a parking garage. or driven down a new street.

but it was delightful to turn the pages on my calendars. december is here. i have not completed any holiday shopping. i like to wait until the last week. its more exciting that way. or so i convince myself.