Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween

today. is one of my most favorite holidays. behind my birthday. and christmas. i love dressing up. and thinking of different, wonderful costumes each year. in my younger years. brother and i always seemed to pick punk rocker. it was a staple for many years. this was after the time i had to wear layers. and layers of clothes. under a purple spandex uni-tard. when i was a purple monster. i really looked like barney. thank goodness he was not around during that time. one those of things i can not forgive my mother for. but i guess i was warm.

so happy halloween to all. eat lots of candy. celebrate. drink some witches brew.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

big day

today i met ina garten. also known by many as the barefoot contessa. at a book signing. it is also my 2 year anniversary at my job. and i saved a bunch of money on my car insurance. (not really).

the book signing was neat. very organized. with over 800 folks coming in probably 3 hours. i thought it would take longer. but we were assigned numbers. and the line moved fast. no pictures allowed with ina. so mine from the side will have to do. we had a nice conversation. with three books for her to sign. i had time to chat. she is a sweet lady. and was so very nice. although when she asked me if i was a cook. i said no. i just love to watch your show. i felt a little bit of an idiot. oh well. she wont remember. or maybe she will. maybe that will make me more memoriable.

two years. its crazy. and has gone fast. this is the first time i have made it two solid years at a job. other than the high school job at the movie theater. this is different. this is my career. i guess.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


thank you for all feedback. twirler has been defined. (and for the record. i knew the definition prior. just curious if there could be more than one type of twirler. think about it.)

tyra mail

i was approached awhile back to be a make-up model. for a friend of a friend. to help showcase her work on her new web site. and a professional photographer agreed to help out. and then he can post the pics too. so of course. how could i not accept. i love to help others. and work on my modeling skills. not really the second. ha. anyway here is a little taste. and also featured easy-e. the first friend in the chain. kind of fun.

bumper sticker xv

spotted. by rach. town country plaza. please define twirler.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

bumper sticker xiv

spotted by tonerhuffer. lunch time. holy sheet. thats a galore of stickers. winner so far of most stuck.

bumper sticker xiii

spotted. by easy-e. saturday eve. i think you know why this is funny. meow.

"cats not kids"

bday bash

grabbed some pics from the birthday party on sunday. little madeline had the best cowgirl hat for her party. pink. with a tiara. perfect. i was snapping all the shots. while brother max indulged in his cake. with only his mouth. oscar next to him. thought that was pretty cool. then me managing the pinata. and walking out. my duties were done.

Monday, October 27, 2008

bumper sticker xii

spotted by two yulies. friday. enough said.


the weekend began with a trip to the sprint center arena. i was invited and extended a free ticket to the janet jackson concert. and i gladly accepted. i was a little worried about knowing her new songs. most of my favorites are from her early albums. control. rhythm nation. and my all time favorite janet. it was a 2 hour long. non stop. high energy. show. well until the uncomfortable s&m section. no details as this is a family suitable blog. and its monday morning. cant start the week off with such things. my favorite was actually the end. she played 'if' and 'rhythm nation'. back to back. i was so excited. and happy. and it was pretty amazing. we then went across the street. to a bar where they played janet songs all night. i danced a lot. and even with a second string back-up dancer for ms. jackson. he pretty much asked me why i didnt join the tour.

i needed a day to recover. watch football. and then prepare for my mini me's 5th bday party. when i asked her what she wanted last week. her response. a guitar. i found one. it was perfect. down fall. it was hannah montana. that little slut. i really try not to support things like that. but i guess i am realizing. it is hard to not. its purple. and i got the one that didnt have hm's name plastered on it. well not as big. but madeline loved it. and i know she will use it to become a little superstar. as thats what she wants to be. and her mom gave me permission to be her stage mom. so i can live vicariously in the stands. and do all the routines. and mouth the words.

the party was a success. it was cowgirl/western themed. so i wore my boots. and canadian tuxedo. with a nice flannel top. i was in charge of game time. with 11 little cowgirls. and one cowboy. i made a cowboy face/head out of construction paper for the bean bag toss. the children did not stay at the invisible start line. and by the end were just standing at the end of the wood. throwing the bags as hard as their little arms could toss. it was out at a farm. so in between. snacks. games. cake. opening presents. they also found throwing and playing in the free leaves was just as fun. it was very windy. and bit chilly. but we luckily had a coral/table area in the sun. the second game was a pinata. i started off spinning the kids. but this only resulted in them getting dizzy and coming toward me with the bat. that stopped. then the kids werent hitting as hard with the bandanna over their eyes. so we ditched that. left them swinging away. no success. so i had to take over. the horse was stubborn. i even kicked it with my cowgirl boots. i finally just ripped it open with my man hands. and the kids went crazy. except for the one difficult child. who didnt like the chips earlier. she only likes sunchips. and didnt want any of the candy. because it wasnt her favorite. she went home empty handed. her choice.

and now. for my own little super star. zola. the wonder dog. i went for my weekly visit. to play. and see how much she has grown. she still loves sitting on my lap. and likes to be held. zola also likes biting my face. and chewing anything i have on my feet. or even sweatshirts. i think she is finally responding to her name. either that or she knows to listen to my mom. one of her favorite things is to just sit out in the front yard and watch. watch the neighbors. and listen. luckily they live on a squar-desac. although it is not fenced in. she doesnt run off. and scratches at the door when she wants to come back in. i tried my hardest to have some good shots with the pumpkins. but she was being awnry during that time. so the shot below is through the glass front door.

Friday, October 24, 2008

bumper sticker xi

spotted. lunchtime. chefburger eatery. p&l district. is it a bird. no. is it a plane. no. not even a car. its a purse. not exactly the typical bumpersticker. but it has its resemblances.

how the cards split

last night. i listened to angela. the tarot card reader. tell my future. she also mentioned my past. and the present. with her glazed over. coffee colored eyes. looking at me. i went with lp on this little adventure. and according to ang. we were both at a cross road in our life journey. i went first. i was a little nervous. and shaky. while i shuffled the cards. and i cant shuffle cards normally. so i had to keep shuffling for awhile. then she spoke. here is what she said. in a nutshell.

i am an old soul. i have had many past lives. therefor i know what i want in this one. and basically can chose my own path. this could even entail passing on my soul mate. i have two guardian spirits. not family members like most. i will also live a long life. longer than most. (maybe i will make it on the today show when i turn 100). she then told me i should be in the medical field. and asked why i didnt stay with that. (hmm. maybe it was when i thinking about being a vet. could still happen). i will also come across a lot of money. and be healthy. i will have three children young. and marry young. (this is when i piped in and said - listen honey, as far as i am concerned my young years are over. so please be more specific). she said i will meet someone soon. and be married in a couple of years. she also threw in that i am a happy go lucky person. and i need to live more in the moment. and not think so much about the future. or the past.

lp also had some bulls-eye moments with angela. her guardian angel is her grandmother. she will have twins (she has twins in her family). and will also be getting married soon. she was also very in-tune with other details of lp's life right now. it was intriguing.

so angela might know what to tell twenty-something girls. that they will get married soon. come across money. and live a long happy life. take it for what you will. as long as i didnt receive the death card. i was happy. next time we go. angela would like pictures of some of the people that our impacting our lives right now. or better yet. would like them to come with us. oh and have us host a party. this is not a photo of angela.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


thank god its friday. tomorrow. its been a long week. pull your hair out. headache induced. kind of week. wah. wah. for me. i am looking forward to a couple of glasses of vino tonight. and possibly a visit to a tarot card reader. if i make it out alive. i will have updates. hopefully she will tell me that i am going to come across a lot of money. soon. very. very soon. and can go on a trip. with friends. and live a happy, healthy life. the last time i had my future read. i was to marry at 21. and have many children by now. i was in thailand on a vacation at the time. maybe there was something lost in translation. i also have the movie gone baby gone to watch. arrived from netflix. they always know what i need. ha. oh and also. i havent received anything from directv. just stupid emails. telling me why i need to order them again. suck it dtv. if a supervisor can not help. where do i go next. for now. i choose a bottle of wine.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

bumper sticker x

spotted. in work parking lot. delivery driver. some good ones. bravo. bravo.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

consumer report

two items on my list. first. another organic beauty product added. (besides my method soap. alba chapstick. and shampoo/conditioner.) tom's of maine deodorant. i use the lavender scentl. as someone who sweats. and by sweats. it can be excessive. like i pit-out the majority of the time. i use the overnight clinical stuff. and it helps. but it stings. hurts. and i forget. but so far. should probably knock on wood. tom's is working. by working i mean. keeping me dry. and fresh. probably tmi. but i know there are others out there. who dream of botox in the under arms. like i do. but until that day. i am going with tom's.

second item. i bought my first vacuum. normally i have just received hand me downs from mother. or the last one from my brother. it was time for my very own. and the ne-mart card was paid off. so why not just add more on there. i bought a dyson. a little dyson ball. it looks like a tiny robot. like wall-e. i need a name for him. since i normally only like to clean. when i know someone is coming to visit. by visit i mean stay the night. at least. or maybe when the seasons change. i thought this purchase would help in my motivation. so i vacuumed a lot last night. it was great. i was a little apalled and disgusted by my filth. thought about taking a picture to post. but decided against it. also wondered if i should have invested in the animal version. as the mane on my head. sheds a lot. and i had to cut it out of the vacuum. but probably with more regular upkeep. i wont have this problem.


spotted by Rach. i might need something like this. the cooper and the license plate.

Monday, October 20, 2008

tid bits

i like to pay in exact change. i dont know why. but i get self gratification when i can present the cashier the exact dollar bills and cents for a purchase. like a small child. just learning how to add money. or making their first purchase without parents. if i can not present the exact amount. i sometimes do the math in my head. to where i think it would be the simplest way for them to give me change. they then look at me like i am rainman. or just insane. i dont have cash majority of the time. so it doesnt happen often.

my weekend was kind of blown by a rude note. i take things personal. probably too personal in this case. but a neighbor threatened to call the police because of a dog barking. it wasnt late at night. and doesnt happen often. so i feel that a threat like this was a little harsh. i had a letter to give back. but then after mother told me not to get into a pissing match. i thought about it more. the threatening note was not signed. so i didnt want to aim my rage and guilt trip toward the wrong person. now i am just extra loud when walking around. coming and going. just in case it was the people below me.

the note started the weekend. i ended it by bumping into a mini van at the atm on sunday afternoon. i was watching this odd behavior of a man and his daughter. they were standing outside the car. she seemed sick and upset. they were in a line with the mini van (the one i hit) but then it left and they stayed there. after realizing the other line was open. i went to reverse. and bump. there was the mini van. now behind me. the woman driver came at me with total attitude. slamming her car door. rolling her head. first off her outfit was very inappropriate. hooker boots. leggings. with a shirt that did not cover her assets. well probably what she considers her assets. she didnt really speak to me. just a lot of huffing. and puffing. mind you the tween daughter was roaming the parking lot solo. the dad/man came to evaluate the bumpers of our cars. no damage done. i apologized and said looks like no harm was done and went back to my car. she announced to another car behind her that the other atm was out of order. they then gave me the stare down. walked around the front of the car again. to make sure their boston red sox license plate wasnt bent. oh please. i chuckled a little when the sox's lost last night. probably made her mad again.

Friday, October 17, 2008

land lady

with the new apartment. also came a new landlord. or land couple. judy and ron. i only have seen. spoke. to judy. ron is only a voice on the answering machine outgoing message. and judy refers to him when giving me rules. these include. no overnight guests for a long period of time. no burning candles. no pets. i felt like i was moving back into the college dorms. but i can use my gas stove. and my foreman grill so not the same. i should mention judy and ron are like my third set of grandparents. just looking out for us. right.

judy likes to call me at work. and leave voicemessages. the most recent was referencing the broken mail box. "hi this is judy. ron and i were at the apartments on monday and noticed you do not have your mailbox shut. we require that you keep that shut. you never know who will be coming through the lobby. and might steal your mail. i noticed one of the other girls had hers open too. but i think she has someone living with her thats not on the lease. so if you can please make sure you close and lock your mailbox. thanks."

i called the judster back. let her know the lock is broken. that is why it is not shut. and i think the same goes for the other gal. who does have a live-in boyfriend. but i am not going to snitch. because i sneak dogs into my apartment. and the current pup i am watching this weekend. he likes to bark.

yesterday afternoon. judy called. a girl is moving across the hall. she is worried about getting her sofa in. when would i be home? she might want to open my door to help make it fit. can she give this girl my cell phone number? i said fine. but really. if i am home. i am home. if i am not. most likely i am not going to rush home to unlock my door so they can move her sofa easier. oh judy.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

dtv update

for those of you. sitting at the edge of your seat. waiting in anticipation. hopefully not holding your breathe. i bring you the directv update. drum roll please. and i have nothing. nothing to report. my prediction has not failed. there have been no deliveries. no communication. nothing. i would just get rid of these. but i have a feeling. later. years down the road. it will come back to get me. my credit will be ruined. i wont be able to buy another car. or house. i think its time to speak to a manager. my patience has been tested. oh yes. dtv. expect to feel my wrath. that is all.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

wigged out

to celebrate serious business's birthday. she held an intimate gathering. at her new married life house. her grown up house. requirement to attend the party. besides your party pants. and in, untitled and i's case. dance pants. it was a wig theme party. or as mentioned in a previous post. a hair ball. i think the pictures describe the evening. marvelously. scooter was our personal photographer. and captured us. at our finest.

side note: i thought about not posting. the truly embarrassing. did i really do that moments. as my first reaction when untitled played me a slideshow of the album. was blackmail. those will come to haunt me. just like the many others out there. but then. i realize. thats just me. just jamie. btw. the splits only come out on certain evenings. enjoy. and feel free to invite me to your next bash. i am of course. one of the fun ones.

Monday, October 13, 2008


zola is growing like a weed. or a puppy. i got to visit her twice this weekend. and i love the feeling. when i do see her. she remembers me. and its like i never left. although she is getting so big. that my favorite past time with her. when she lays on my lap while chewing a rawhide. or my fingers. is becoming a little difficult. she is too big. she falls off after a few minutes. and can usually only have one half of her little body on my legs.

her adventures continue. she is now staying out in the backyard all day long. the igloo home that cory snubbed majority of the time. zola has taken a liking to. that or she found it a good hiding place for loud noises. she is very sacred of lawn mowers. motorcycles. possibly her own shadow.

we washed my car. and zola had a battle with the hose. it was a game to bite the water. and then flip her body around mid air. and run around like a crazy girl. i think the water won. she was soaked at the end. we also went for a car ride. a little difficult with my stick shift. but i managed to hold on. as she likes to basically hang all the way out the window. and i dont trust her. she is still too daring to not jump. no pictures from our real adventures. but here are some of her during 'sweet time'. i staged the pig. the three legged pig. it was her first baby. i should have started this earlier. to help capture her growth. and yes. pat lets her on the sofa. (i didnt think this was going to happen. thats what she said.) zola is a little spoiled puppy. but well behaved i might add. she already knows how to sit. working on more commands soon. and her name.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

hair ball

i have a hair ball to attend tomorrow. yes a ball. or party. where the requirement is to wear a wig. i loved the idea. and the first invite was for a night i was out of town. so i was extra delighted when the date was changed until tomorrow. after a dead end at tar-jay yesterday over lunch. untitled, scooter and i headed to kc costumes. i decided i will not shop anywhere else. for costume items. exception to this would be a thrift store. there are treasures there. similiar to kc costume. but not the same kind of beauties.

i went into this trip. with the idea of a blue beehive. similar to marge simpson. and have little bumble bees flying/sticking out. when i entered kcc. there were hundreds of wigs to select from. the possibilities were endless. although i did find a blue beehive. i wasnt sold on it. mainly the price. it went from area to area. discussing with untitled what would be the best option. we both found one in the same area. b-list celebrities. i went with the talk show host queen. with the image below. i am sure you know which queen they are referring to. too bad they didnt have tyra. ha.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


while lounging on my teal sofa last night. i actually needed my blanket. to help cover my exposed skin from feeling the chilly breeze. blow through the opened french doors leading to my porch. it was also during this time. that a crazy wasp came flying in. buzzing like a mad man. he inspected my lamp. and buzzed out just as fast. as he came in. even he was looking for cover from the fall air.

with the chill upon us. i have begun to dig into my sweatshirt tub. and thinking its about time. to switch out my summer clothes in my drawers. for sweaters. and long sleeves. i will have to force myself to wear shoes. no more flip flops. (i hate this time). but then i get to start wearing my new boots. and even better. i can wear them to my mini-me, madeline's fifth birthday party. because its cowgirl themed. i am helping with games and whatnots. last year i helped spin the littles into dizziness for pin the tiara on the princess. so cute. and so fun. to be a kid again. i enjoy it for my couple of hours that i babysit. to just play and not have a care in the world.

so kind of a random blog. but i really can not believe it is fall already. where did summer go. yes i realize i am a little late to be pondering this. the first day of fall has already come and gone. and pretty soon it will be halloween. (cant wait for another spectacular costume). i just hope the snow stays away longer than the last couple of years. and doesnt stay as long.

Monday, October 6, 2008

bumper sticker viii

spotted by yours truly. friday afternoon. 12:45 pm.

when all else fails. and you have a lot to say. (a lot). make your own.

always a fan

one of the best days to visit lincoln. is on game day. it is always a fun time. because through out the good. bad. the mediocre seasons. the fans are always there. to cheer on the 'skers. in a huge sea of red. i went to visit inbloom this weekend. for the missouri vs. nebraska football game. it was a beautiful day. we tailgated. even with our tiger friends. and waited for the evening kick off. painted our fingers blood red. we ate red football cookies for goodluck. and red beers. i met a cheerleader named lillie. and enjoyed some bean bag toss game.

although it was a sad day. a thirty year record was broken. i try to stay positive. records are made to be broken. and as long as there are signs of improvement. you can only hope to be on the road to a new record soon. but on another note. if given the opportunity. i probably would have spit on chubby chase myself. and the refs.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

rice cooker

i would like to pay tribute to my favorite kitchen appliance. the rice cooker. it makes me happy almost every time. if there was one food item. that i had to pick. to eat for the rest of my life. it would be steamed rice with soy sauce. it goes with everything. and always tastes good. fills you up. with out feeling stuffed. and i think somewhat healthy. (with low sodium soy, of course).

and the best part is i can start a pot of rice. go run. or whatever i need to do. then in thirty minutes it is ready. so easy. and the leftovers. always reheat for a perfect snack. or another meal down the road.

i dont have any fun great recipes. or any other insight. i suppose you can steam vegetables in the cooker. but who wants veggies. when you have delectable rice.