Tuesday, June 30, 2009

forgot to mention the times. it will be airing between 8-9 am.

and also, i owe a big shout out to untitled/ellenclare for recommending me. and for writing a blog. that her client reads. so the client already knew of me, when ellen said she knew the girl for farrah.

my reveal

tomorrow. i will have a big reveal. huge. enormous. i have been selected to be a hair model. yes! it can now be checked off the list of things to do/be. i will be featured on fox 4 news morning show in kansas city. for a feature story on legally blonde the musical. (and it just so happens i am attending the show tomorrow too). beauty brands is sponsoring the show and have brought in famous hair stylist michael o'rourke. known for his products - sexy hair. he will be creating hair icons. i will be the late farrah fawcett (rip). i only hope to look that good. so watch if you are in the area. if not, i hope to have a video of some sort to post. i cant concentrate on work. i am so excited!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

hot child in the city

i have continued with the vampire theme. and i am now watching the show 'true blood'. borrowed the first season dvd set from a friend. i have spent the majority of my evenings. watching this tale of vampires in a small louisiana town. and how the humans are dealing. coexisting. pretty good show. not for the family viewing. but it keeps me intrigued. enough to make me stay up past my bed time.

i am proud to report. i survived the digital switch on my tv. i still have my bunny ears. the number of channels has decreased a tad. i lost fox. which gasp. was one of my favorites. for seinfeld. and tmz. it might be for the best. it forces me to watch the real news at night. which as mother told me on my birthday. i really need to watch the news more. her: "what do you do in the mornings. you need to turn it on while getting ready." me: "i listen to the radio. i dont like morning news shows." the end.

i also made a delicious new dish last night. i took a few of my favorite things. feta cheese, watermelon and cucumbers. add a little evo and balsamic vinegar. touch of lemon and fresh basil. with grilled chicken and bow tie pasta. it was a great summer treat.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


lately. well at least the last couple of days. right around 3 pm. i feel like i have hit a wall. my eyes get so heavy. i get this wave of tiredness. do you know that wave? where your body just feels limp. like if you laid still for two seconds. you might not wake up in time to leave work by 5. this is usually the feeling when i am sick. big indicator. to when i need to say goodbye to my coworkers. to then jump into my pjs and sleep the rest of the afternoon. instead. today i received an email about cupcakes down in the cafe. for a coworkers bday. this perked me up for about 5 mins. then i went back into sleepy. and grumpy mode.

it may be from my non-stop weekend for lemonades wedding. yes. hard to believe it has already come and gone. i can remember our days in college when we would detail out her wedding. granted there was another gentleman involved at that time. and the location was of course over the top. that was when we knew little of the term budget. i mean wasnt all money in college 'fun money'. but now she has met her soul mate and they had a lovely little ceremony in kc. there were a lot of activities. but when reflecting on the weekend on monday morning. while dreading the fact i had to a) get up. b) be a responsible adult. and c) actually go to work that day. i thought how it felt like long vacation at the same time. it was spent with the bestest of friends. families that although we may not be related, they feel like family. all surrounded by a joyous celebration of love. and that my friends might be one of the only times i will sound so chipper. wow. what happened to me. one of the highlights, besides brother bringing hand held instruments to add to the dance party. was when my father fast danced with a group of girls to rhianna. i accused him of watching too much mtv again. but it was very apparent where i get my moves. shizam.

kickball team #1. the one with the at bat songs. is almost over. one more regular season game. then its tourney time. kickball team #2. the competitive one. we are doing good. playing well. but just have had a hard schedule so far. the last two games i have been pitcher. its been a challenge. but i love it. except when i have a sore arm. when it hurts to drive and shift gears.

i am watching a dog at my place this week. little bear. no his name is really: bear. and he is little. i havent done this since the threatening notes. from the little 'see you next tuesday' below me. she has since moved out. i made friends with the new girl below me. and she is cool with it. besides bear is very quiet. doesnt bark. no noises when he runs. he just likes to lay with me. and look out the french doors. i just hope judy doesnt find out.

Friday, June 5, 2009

better year

my day has already started off wonderfully. thanks to all of you out there. with the cards and birthday wishes. but i also just found out my arch nemesis is leaving work. whoot - whoot! my evil client is also leaving in july. i have a positive outlook on this year. it is going to be great. i may be one year older. and finding it a little harder to recover from a crazy night on the town. or playing softball and kickball all weekend. but i will still party like a rock star for one night. knowing i can spend time on my parents couch recovering while they bring me cake and ice cream.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


you gotta watch this video. (its untitled but from yesterday).

its just. wow. haha.

thank you serious business for an awesome. spectacular. stupendous. birthday gift. and because its all me doing what i do best. dancin'.