Monday, June 30, 2008


moved this weekend. now i must unpack. ugh. i sat on my over sized chair last night. amongst the sea of boxes. eating a microwaveable mac & cheese meal. i drank from a gallon jug of water. and used my trix yogurt spoon. the kind that turns colors when it gets cold. (totally cool). but it was the only thing i had. it was more interesting finding clothes to wear to work this morning. i wore a shirt that was a little wrinkled. well a lot. my dad would not be happy with me if he saw it. but i said what the heck. if someone were to ask. wow. your shirt looks like its been waded up in a ball. i could honestly say. yes. it has been.

here is something to ponder. what is more annoying. when someone uses the phrase 'as soon as possible'. i cant decide. i dont think it is as annoying if they say the whole phrase. i find it somewhat obnoxious when it is used as 'asap'. asap. asap. but i found the most annoying use of it today. someone left me a voicemessage. and asked if they could have that. a.s.a.p. yeah. spelling it out. has to be the worst.

Friday, June 27, 2008

office antics

it has become tradition to host a thing called thirsty thursday at the office. its thursday. and i am thirsty. yesterday the interns were the hosts. and planned. a good party. i spent 1.5 hours playing hollywood square quarters. and actually took the photobooth pics prior to any alcohol consumption. i need to work on my bluesteel. i then went home. and had to nap. took a lot out of me. ha.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

birthday wishes

happy birthday cory. i hope you are swimming a lot. eating lots of treats. and living it up pretty girl. hugs & kisses.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

busy as a bee

man o man. i have been running around like a crazy person. not much difference than before. but i feel like i have had so much on my schwedule (pronounced like you have a speech imped). here is brief recap of my life for the past week.

1. work = crazy.

2. best friends in town. reunited. and it feels so good. had a bit of a whirlwind weekend with my favorite gal pals. the fabulous foursome was together again under one roof. only for a short time. but any time. is always good. especially when accompanied more college friends. including the first pregnancy of the group. there was a lot of squealing and touching of the belly. come out baby winstead. not sure when we will be together anytime soon. now that we all live in different cities. love you girlies!

3. moving. after an afternoon of schlepping boxes in and out of one apartment home to another. sweating like i just got done running. and chipping my pedicure. (yes i like to wear flip flops at all possible times through out the day. including moving time). the parents and i decided. well i let them make the final decision. to throw in the towel. (i wonder if they really thought parenting dwindled off at 18). and hire two men and a donkey. or truck. for the final load. this includes mainly big furniture. but i imagine will only take a couple of hours. then comes the fun part. decorating.

4. dog sitting business. dont want to jinx it. but it is basically booming. i am booked with jobs all summer long. this might help with my vespa/scooter savings account. that and home decor for the new apartment. one question though. are scooter's a seasonal thing. would i look like lloyd christmas from dumb and dumber if i drove it to work amongst the winter elements. snot icicles hanging out of my nose. shivering in my down winter coat. or mainly just when it snows.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

counting the days

the days are numbered. in bloom is moving away from the city. in her honor. we are trying to hit all the hot spots around the city prior to her departure. it will be so sad to have her leave. we have been bff for literally ever. but we have also been cohorts in this city for the last three years. my life here had only been without inbloom for a couple of months. so last night we went for some sushi. where we sit in the japanese traditional tables. take your shoes off. sit on pillows. its fun. and its of course great sushi for the midwest.

other happenings. thanks to my friends at tonerhuffer (see blog in my friends list). i have been playing the puzzle game. set. go here. i have almost mastered it. i am only missing one set from the advanced. i wont be able to think about anything else. until i finish. and can have genius status. i must finish the set.

i also think i need one of these. in these times. it is only smart for me to not drive the mile and a half to work. i could walk. but in the blazing heat of the summer. that might not be fun. and i could ride my bike. which will probably be the case. but between the new pad. and work. there is a suicidal hill. i will most likely walk up. and down this hill. maybe if i grow a pair. of guts. ha. i will attempt riding down it. and work my way to being able to ride up the hill. until then i will dream of her. name tbd. i can be like orbitz gum lady. a clean mouth. is a happy mouth.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


where is my(gd) incentive check. thats all i want to know. i didnt do direct deposit. like everyone else i know. (might be a reason to do my own taxes. but my dad does such a great job of going to h&r block for me). i am ready to spend money. just send me the check. i will do my fellow americans a favor. and spend. spend. of course the last two of my ssn are. 91. so who knows when i will get it. hell will probably freeze over. and i still wont have my check.

I just checked this site,,id=180250,00.html
and it says july 11. i will not be happy until it comes. and if forwarded (delay the process) to my new pad. i should be thankful that it is coming. and i will be. once its in my hands.

Monday, June 16, 2008

book idea

i have had this idea in my head. couple years now. always thought once i finally bought a digital camera. i would do it. but then i find myself shy. or not quick enough to capture the image. or afraid i might cause an accident.

the idea: a coffee table book. dedicated to bad (funny) bumper stickers or license plates. this was sparked when terri schiavo. i remember the day after it happened. there were tons of bumper stickers out. terri was murdered! i couldnt believe someone was making money off her death. well then again i could.

so there have been a few others cross my path. ones i cant remember. and ones i do. there is one by my house that says: i heart homeschooling. but one that i encountered this weekend. out in a bad side of town. on my way to company tennis match. on a banged up. rusty. geo metro. (if that doesnt paint a visual). with a bumper sticker that read: my bitch gives good head. there it is. priceless. who thinks of this stuff. but the bigger worry. who buys this.

also watched coxie's boys this weekend. obie (golden). luke (big lab). and yoda (kitty). it was nice being around the big doggies. although made me miss cory. it was so weird being home last week without her there. but enough. before i tear up more. we had fun chillin on the porch. watching the suspect activity across the way. and yoda tried to attack a bird. see below where she is waiting at the bottom of the tree. the puppies were very well behaved. and during our walk time. i was able to let them run around the park. and play. off the leashes. if i even called their name they looked up. and came my way. besides the dead baby bird obie found on one of our walks. (after asking nicely to drop it. i opened the locked jaw. with a plastic bag over my hand. and grabbed it out. aaww. sick).

Friday, June 13, 2008

take cover

there was a huge storm last week. on thursday night. huge. i went to my parents house for mother's birthday. i got there just when the storm was rollin' in. we watched the storm from the living room. with the crazy weather people declaring we were in for it. also mentioned and showed footage from the airport. brother was on his way from that very location. the storm lasted like thirty minutes and was really just clouds and a lot of rain. i found a mr. worm when venturing outside. spotted a rainbow. and captured the sunset.

on the way home. there was a nice lightning show. i say show. because it was very pretty. the shapes and ways it can light up the sky. fascinating. until i was struck. well i say this. might be a stretch. but i was driving along the open road. trying not to hydroplane. when i see this huge bolt of lightning hit a field. right by the highway. to the left of me. 100 yards. my hands kind of buzzed on the steering wheel. a bit of a jolt. and then the radio faded out. and made an odd beep sound. so. going to just say i felt it. and survived. ha. the beep happened one more time during the drive home. too bad inbloom wasnt along for some awesome video footage.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


yesterday's outing included getting my hair-did. it was time for summer highlights. and a nice trim. the ends were a tad tattered. nothing drastic. nothing new. or different. while there for almost three hours. the following did. in fact happen. a man called the salon to ask if anyone would be able to give him a spiral perm. yes. a man. and yes a 1980's spiral perm. i am picturing something like this:

or this:

also while sitting in the sink. with my head constrained. i was forced to watch the hairstylist next to me flash her thong. her thong. tha. thong. tha. thong. she was waxing some one's eyebrows. and kept bending over in my personal space. i mean a good 3 inches of skin and skivvies. i again was constrained with toner tingling my head. and the only thing i could do was close my eyes. to not have it in my face. i just dont get this. dont you feel the wind. the coolness of your exposed skin. wouldnt you think people notice and dont want to see this. gross.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

third time is a charm

last night was the james taylor concert. and my third seeing him live. it was a gorgeous night. after the rain storm on sunday and yesterday morning. it cleared up. with a nice cool evening. perfect for sitting under the stars. and listening to the singer/songwriter perform.

this past weekend i watched. murray. and margie. along with the four cats. but as long as the dogs were around. the cats didnt want to have much to do with me. vice versa. meow. i couldnt help but speak to murray in my new zealand accent. and also call him murrayland. (please google 'flight of the conchords' if you are confused right now). both have the most expressive faces. i tried to capture them. but its hard. they are just little busy bees. murray = black face.

sunday, fun day

started with two strong cups of coffee. (perfect). on the porch at coxie's house. and actually ended there as well. after rocking. enjoying coffee talk. we hit the town. i am moving to a new pad soon. and i have since had the itch to go antiquing. to find some new treasures. we failed there. so decided it was time to eat.

went to this fabulous new burger joint. they specialize in burgers. and bottles. order up. i had the inside-out burger. it was so juicy. delicious. and filled with blue cheese. yumm-o. with some nice order of onion rings on the side. couple of beers later. it was shopping time. side note. we met this british guy named jon. he had his life in his backpack. he has been traveling the world for the last 7 months. we made friends. joked around. and i thought for sure he would join us to continue sunday. fun day. he knew the owner of the restaurant. and left with him to go to his other bar. blah. we are probably more fun. jon from oxford.

we shopped. well actually i helped coxie shop. and then decided we needed hats. and to go to the next drinking establishment. jayhawk came out. we bar hopped. and then ended back at the porch. where we ate pizza. drank some wine. and watched weeds. (the tv show. didnt watch them grow). all this activity on a sunday. i forgot i had to go to work the next day. until 10 pm rolled around. ugh.


that i have been.

on saturday. i decided on my next blog theme if you will. after being mia. not posting since the date of my birth. i admit i had a bit of the. what do they call it. writer's block.

while sitting in one of the most delightful swing chairs. on the back deck of a new clients porch. trying to get some sunrays. between clouds. and staring at my feet. all. day. long. i thought. now there is an interesting concept. my feet will appear in a picture everyday. and i will post it to my blog. brilliant! (just like the gnome).

Thursday, June 5, 2008

blowing out the candles

today. is the day. i have already had a wonderful morning. filled with streamers in my cube. funny ecards. and regular cards. i mean i was so popular. i didnt get to go for coffee until 9:30. all this was followed by an awesome lunch of sushi. and wonderful people. i think i have costco cake in the future this afternoon. and then a nice evening of dinner with my favorite lady. mom. and shopping. everything i could hope for on a birthday. and more. i also wore my new vintage. 1960s. red seersucker dress today. and its so fun. word.

i dont plan on really blowing out any candles today. but thats okay. i did enough last year with the trick candles.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


it was yesterday that someone spotted my annie's cheddar bunnies box sitting on my desk. and agreed how awesomely good they were. i like to munch on them during the afternoon. i first tried them over at yulies house. because the majority of the time i like to revolt back to my childhood. and eat lots of mac & cheese. hotdogs. ruffles. pudding snacks. granola bars. (and her kiddies eat all of the above, including the bunnies). so during the convo about the bunnies. it was pointed out how you really should spend a little more on food. go organic. since it is going into your body. and as many believe. your body is your sanctuary. and to stay healthy. it all starts with what you put into it. as with everything. one area i have not gone organic is beauty products. i might try some new shampoo and conditioner. but i have not been able to completely go organic. i need my regular coca cola classic.

now i had also been insulted the day before about my cheddar bunnies. a person actually told me in disbelief. that they would buy me a real box of goldfish if i couldnt afford them. moron. go back to where you came from. these are better than your box of goldfish. and dont buy the rainbow ones. they will do strange things to your bm's. or maybe you should. bruhaha.

other items i love. highly recommend. are amy's products. i just recently ventured into the world of pockets. and of course loved them. the special message on the side. makes me feel better about living off microwavable meals. also eat the burritos on a regular basis.

From Amy's web site: Amy’s food tastes so good because it’s made from the kind of real food ingredients that people use in their own kitchens…no additives, no preservatives, no GMOs. If a child can’t pronounce it, you won’t find it on an Amy’s label. The cooking methods are like those used at home or in fine restaurants.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


i dont know why. but i could not stop laughing at this today. i hate cats. so adding them to awful pictures and bad captions. hilarious. eeek. so creepy though. i can see the evil in her eyes.

Humorous Pictures
more cat pictures

Monday, June 2, 2008

free day

free day. tried to do some of the free stuff around town. that doesnt really cost a dime. now the price of gas to get to these places. another date and time. but we do try to walk as much as possible. if it is in our area. on sunday we walked to brunch. but paid money. so doesnt completely count.

we then went to the nelson art museum. it was here i confirmed. i am not a photographer. or need to read my manual more. dont know if it was my shaky hand. or the lack of flash. or nerves. from the security guys watching me. but none of my pictures turned out as planned. i had to drop my favorite little owl ceramic sculpture from being showcased on here. it really was too bad. i would have been embarrassed.

after that. we came home and had a nice ice cream cone. rather than go buy one. we already had left over cones and ice cream in the freezer. next stop was the public library. i found two books. i started one last night. it might be as weird as the movie we attempted to watch last night. the fountain. dont recommend. unless you like strange crap. the book is still tbd if i will continue. maybe one more night. when i am not so tired.

also in effort to maintain our 'going green'. and thrifty way of life. me and in bloom have decided to go as long as possible with out turning on the a/c. we have our own way of making this work. open the windows at night. and then shut the house up during the day. i kind of feel like will smith in 'i am legend'. oh. but wait. it was the opposite for him. tonight will be the first night we run. and then come home to our hot house. but i must say. as someone who is uncomfortable heat wise. the majority of the time. as long as i have a fan blowing on me. i am a-ok. again. it will be a challenge this evening. might need a cold shower before bed.