Wednesday, August 26, 2009


my lease will be up in december. i dont know if i want to move. pack everything back up. and out. and then back in. but that has been my life. and part of me does get restless. to move again. the excitement of a new place. and redecorating. i think i will move if. i find a cute. reasonable price place. hopefully in the same neighborhood. that would let me have one of these. the real reason for this posting. is i am ready for my own baby. although it might cut into my business a little. i hope that i could bring my little girl with me when i dogsit. or the grandparents could watch her. (even though mother will say no at first).


i love my new bff. the iphone. but while playing with her. (that sounds bad). i cant help but think of the children. yes the children. the kiddies that now have these devices at early ages. and will never experience the fun of growing up. of not knowing everything. or getting lost. or being bored. all they have to do it google something from their phone. if they get bored play a new game while waiting. or use the map device when lost. it makes life so easy. almost too easy. so i try not to get lost in the phone too much. but i cant help it.

it reminds me of the time lil joj and i got stuck in the mud in high school. it was a rainy, spring evening. we had just gotten off work. and were headed to meet friends at a party. she was driving her dad's truck. my arm was broken at the time. i had my left arm in a cast. that went over the elbow. the party was at an unfamiliar, newer apartment building. so we did a drive by first. during the turn around. we went onto grassy, muddy area. and as you probably already guessed. we got stuck. we tried to push it out ourselves. luckily there were plastic bags in the truck. so i covered my cast and went to push. while she gave it gas. and then we switched. after many laughs. and almost peeing my pants. and getting soaken wet and muddy. we gathered enought change for a few choice phone calls on a pay phone down the street. we had to call those friends that had 'teen lines'. since it was late. and we didnt see our friends cars at the said party. (we were at the wrong complex, figures). no one picked up. so last resort. we called her parents. i think we had to call collect because we ran out of change. (i used to call my house collect all the time. i would try my hardest to get out a message during the say your name part. mother would never play along. she would just accept charges. and then be annoyed that i needed to be picked up from drivers ed. that i didnt remember to bring change. ahh, such is life). now kids will never have these stories. they will just be punished for sending 15,000 texts or something crazy like that.

although how convienent is it to have a netflix app. then when i am watching a movie. tv. or reading a magazine. i see a movie. rather than write it down in my notepad. to add later. i can look for it right there and then. add it to my queue. and its done.

Friday, August 21, 2009

got my tongue

the cat may not have my tongue. but she likes to rub on my face. i cant do it. i think i spoke too soon. i dont like people touching my face. and for some reason i feel just as violated. squeamish. claustrophobic. when chairman mao. wakes me at 2:30 once or 3:30 the next morning. trying to sleep near my face. 'kneading me'. which is another bizarre cat habit. and motoring. he also tries to lick and bite (nip) my face. aaahhh. i cant handle it. i think i made it clear that i dont like it to him. his tongue feels like sandpaper. ick. just ick.

i am back to only being a dog person. this short stint with kitty. it was short. i can play nice. and take care of the feline species. but i just cant say the 'l' word is appropriate. more like the second 'l' word. like. so i go back on my previous post. i like some kitties.

zola can lick my face when ever she wants...and i dont care. aaww sick!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


i have opened my heart to a kitty. yes. yes. as many times as i repeat on here. that i do not like cats. i will admit there are a few that i have learned to love. i am an animal lover after all. the kitty is chairman mao. and he only deserves to be called by his full name. he is very active. yet innocent. he likes to play. and entertains himself for hours with a small piece of paper. i think what has always turned me off about cats. is that they act like they dont care if you are there or not. they will survive on their own. and of course they hiss. ick. but chairman mao. he likes me. lets me pick him up. he is very soft. and only has sweet little meows. but the one thing i dont understand. is the purring thing. he sleeps on the pillows above my head. and it sounds like a motor. if he rotates or moves from one side to the other. i can hear the motor move. it is very odd. i was a little worried how i would be able to handle ten days sitting for a new kitty at one of my usual houses. it has turned out to be a-okay.

i still prefer his older brother. bibo, the nutty doberman. he is a goofy, loveable dog. just like zola. or zolita. who wouldnt love a face like this (see picture below). when i saw her over the weekend. after our greeting time. she sat on my lap for awhile. so happy and content. mother says its because i carried her around when she was a puppy. just like a baby she says. i replied back. its because she was a baby. duh. (chairman mao is not as photogenic. as shown below).

the iphone is going great. thanks for asking. i admit. it was a bit whelming. when the apple guy told me i was a rock star. handed me a box. and i was alone. standing there. with this new. fancy. schmacy phone. and little knowledge on what to do next. i of course spent all afternoon. evening. (until joj arrived. and we found her a wedding dress the next day. whoot!) and the rest of the weekend. familiarizing myself. i have found that i think my little mac laptop is on the fritz. i cant upgrade my itunes to be compatible with the iphone. without upgrading my whole system. this seems to not be something the computer likes. so i am letting smart people take a look. and give me a verdict. fingers crossed.

Friday, August 14, 2009

life has changed

iphone is purchased. in hand. i am whelmed. but so flippin' happy. i could pee. i bought her a pretty new case. pink on one side. and clear on the other. to show off her white back. i heart my iphone. i wont be able to work the rest of day.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

j & j

movie review for julia & julie. or is it julie & julia. its worth seeing. my attitude might have been swayed by the annoying lady. and later turned couple next to me. she walked in on her cell phone. trying to talk to her child. about what i can only guess, was staying the night at grandma's. where she had to repeat her questions three or four times. questions like, i heard you had a bath. i heard you are going to have pancakes in the morning. i heard you are watching a movie tonight. then the husband showed with snacks. she passed the phone to daddy. and he kindly left the theater to finish his conversation. i wanted to ask him later to tell his wife to do the same thing next time. she then proceeded to be even more annoying. when she would look over at me if i didnt laugh hysterically with her. or she would lean over to her husband when she could relate to the couples on screen's conversation/actions. petting or oh honeying him. ick. again, had she not been there. i might be raaving about the movie.

it did make me want to cook. and cook amazing things. almost find a challenge similar to that of the julie character. i was very interested and loved the julia child portion of the movie. i could have just watched that the whole time. i didnt quit get into the modern day story. i couldnt help but nit pick over the clothing they selected for the character. i know, i know. not the most important thing. but i noticed. the story took place in 2002 and they dressed her like late 80s/early 90s. maybe that is how the real julie dressed. not sure. it is also amazing how much publicity she received over her blog. i keep waiting for my next big break for oh beehive. haha. but now, i realize it was in a time, when there werent all the blogs like today. and so she could stand out more among web sites. anyway, its worth the time. not sure about the $10 ticket. my two cents.

its time

i will be purchasing an iphone tomorrow. i have waited. and waited. and now my other contract is up. its going to change my life. i might even blog more. i will be able to run faster. jump higher. okay maybe not those things. but as work friend jeff told me awhile back. in a previous post. its totally a status symbol.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

all that jazz

off to starlight again. its time for chicago. i know its going to be wonderful. it has to be. emjay made us seat cushions for the show last time. so my bum will not fall asleep while seated for hours. to start the night off we shall dine on sushi and wine. not a chicago tradition, but it sounds perfect to me.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


a few pics from my recent vaca. we went tubing down the river. and along the way stopped at snake falls. where my auntie bon and i got under the water. it was freezing. but refreshing. so clear and pretty.

Monday, August 10, 2009

i heart kickball

i dont think i have truly expressed my love for the sport on here yet. in a way i feel like i found my lost sport. i enjoy being 'sporty'. but only to a certain extent. i grew up playing tee-ball and softball. dabbled in tennis from time to time. tried swimming in highschool (big mistake - not only for the team picture in bathing suits, but i also get swimmers ear and had to wear wax in my ears). all other sports. my moto is to just run around. and distract the other team. i.e. this works for soccer. volleyball. basketball. yadda yadda. but now. now i can use my skills from softball. and not be afraid of being hit by a 45 year old man's line drive at me, again. (this really happened in co-ed softball. i fell to the ground. because i admit. i closed my eyes). it amazes me, how such a simple sport. one that we all grew up playing in grade school. has turned into a intense. strategic. and highly skillful sport. oh how i heart kickball.

my first team. ended awhile back. with a second place finish. we played well. but the other team was dirty. and wouldnt let us win. ha.

second team of the summer. regular season, last game was last night. we are ranked in the top ten out of almost thirty teams. now we have the play offs. where i am told. anything can happen. rankings mean nothing. and its only the number of w's that stand in your way. i was nominated by my team to play in the all-star game. the weekend of the fourth of july. one girl. one boy from each team. it was different because the girls played an inning against the other leagues girls. and vice versa with the guys. kind of fun only being girls. and watching the choas unravel. here is a shot i found on the flickr site from that night. shaking hands at the end. sportsmanship is a must.

Friday, August 7, 2009


i am very excited to see paperheart, the movie. even though its about my crush, michael cera. falling in love with his real life girl friend. i saw a preview before 500 days of summer. and his lines still make me laugh. today. it comes out next friday. cant wait!