Wednesday, December 30, 2009


brother made the news. front page of the kc star!

almost here

2010. its almost here. it seems like just yesterday. we were celebrating y2k. and crossing our fingers. that the world didnt go into shambles at the stroke of midnight. now 10 years later. i hope i can find some fun glasses that spell out the year. to help bring in the new year. some are calling it a new decade. but i have been informed it wont actually be until next year. (thanks to a dd in my office. wah, wah). i want to call it a new decade. so i will.

i would do a recap of the year. but i dont think thats necessary. (oh dear i am turning into mother. that was always her excuse for everything growing up). and i have been reading in my magazines. to live for today. not worry about the future or the past. so i am starting this year right. although i love reminiscing. i spent the majority of my holiday break. in my pjs. snuggling with zola. drinking vino. watching a lot of movies. including old home videos. i was watching a video of my in the 1st grade. non stop giggling. and being silly. i realized i havent changed a bit. ha. and to me that is comforting. i always want to have my child like spirit. and to never. ever. stop smiling. laughing. and being s-i-l-l-y! happy new year to my dear friends and family who read my bloggy-blog. cheers!

Monday, December 28, 2009


i am reposting from another blog i read (ritzybee). hopefully this is not illegal. and the internet police wont find me. but it was just as appropriate for my blog as theirs. :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

sj one

this will be a new series. called smokin joe or sj. which is my father. he does things that make me laugh. and so now i will share them. i giggle constantly when i am home. he does stuff on purpose b/c he knows it will make me laugh. and sometimes when i am in a foul mood. he can make me crack. i think his idol sometimes is clark griswold from the vacation movies. perfect example: when i was in the third grade. mother told him to go out side and trimmed down the tree because it was too tall. he came back in with a shorter tree. only he took off the top. so we had an odd looking tree that year. a bit stumpy. but it brings a good laugh year after year.

set up: we were watching the big 12 game. and a preview for the sherlock homes movie came on.
father says: oh that looks good. but really anything with robert downing junior is a good one.
family: huh?
brother: name one?
father: well...hmm
me: ok, name just one movie you saw recently of his?
father: ooh okay, well i cant think of one

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

tis the season

i am so excited. i am going to the ballet tonight. to the nutcracker. it will make it start to feel a lot more like christmas. i will have the songs in my head for days. father and i will probably start singing them on the way home. annoy mother. and then sing some more. i am also excited because its the moscow ballet on tour at ft. leavenworth. now if only i could have stuck with ballet. i would love to be up there dancing with them.

Monday, December 7, 2009

2 days

move over erin andrews. a new blonde. with great hair is moving onto the field. as a sports commentator. not really. i dont know how much of the big 12 championship game i can relive. i was in shock. my heart was smashed. but i know its nothing like what the boys in red were feeling at that very moment. as smokin joe put it nicely. there were a lot of what ifs and would haves left out on the field. the biggest i would say is that cursed 1 second that somehow made it back on the clock. after colt mccoy threw a pass out of bounds with my friend suh about to clock him. again! i will say this. i was so proud of the team. they showed up to play. they showed up to win. and in my opinion, they did. (refs were paid off - keep the bcs from going into chaos). the blackshirts dominated the game. nebraska hasnt had an offense all year. they cant do squat in the red zone except maybe kick a field goal. so i cant say texas defense really did more than any other defense NU played this year. i feel like the game gave the respect back to the program that has been missing the last couple of years. and it shut up the haters down in texas. writing articles that NU didnt even deserve to play on the same field as the horns. i believed in the huskers every step of the way. just like the rest of the fans. i respect the pelini bros and love their passion. and as i told a coworker on friday - who was trying to hate - we were going to grab lil' colt by the balls and swing him around. at least rough him up a little to let him know what it felt like to play football. oh and have i ever mentioned how much i love watching ndumakong suh play. he was on fire on saturday night. i wish him the best of luck in the nfl next year. but i doubt he needs it. now onto the holiday bowl. and watch overrated texas get plowed in the big show. roll'em tide!

so after pouting about the game. and dwelling on it a little more at brunch. i decided to cheer up and get into the holiday spirit. i didnt feel like putting up a traditional tree. no one sends presents to my home. so a tree is not always practical. and i have some ornaments. but they can be displayed other places. i had my dad help collect some branches. found some fake greenery at nell hills. and behold. my tree this year. i also added some other decorations. tried to spice it up a bit and not be the same display as last year. (because i just know people will notice).

i finished the weekend watching the movie seven pounds. it had come from netflix atleast two weeks ago. i put it off. put it off. watched other movies. and just looked at the red envelope sit on the coffee table. thinking maybe tomorrow. i knew it was going to be sad. but mother said it was good. i just had to be in the mood to cry. i always cry in movies. i might not shed a tear in other real life scenarios. but put me in front of a sad movie. and it will be water works for sure. i am not a will smith fan. call me crazy - but i think it was the men in black movies that turned me against him. never did like those. and then all the hype that soon followed his career. but this movie i felt like i wasnt watching will smith. he actually became a different character. couple of tissues later. i enjoyed it. good movie.