Monday, November 30, 2009

the nose

i have a sensitive nose. always have. and i am pretty sure. always will. i embarrassed my parents many times when growing up. i had no filter on when you dont say what you are thinking. out loud. so if we walked into a smelly place. i would yell out. it stinks! with all our travels. this happened more times than not.

i now have the filter. but still the nose of a - hmm, maybe bloodhound? on wednesday before thanksgiving mother was making german food. it was delightful. pork loin. knodels or dumplings. gravy. red cabbage. a cold salad with belgium endive. while watching her prepare the food in the kitchen. she started to cut up cilantro. i knew it. i could smell it. i asked what she was going to do with that. she said i am cutting up parsley for the dumplings. and in her fashion, ended it with, you gotta problem with that. i said no. but thats not parsley. its cilantro. she remained chopping. and started to sprinkle the leafs onto the dumplings. she only did half. turned around to the refrigerator. opened the door. then the drawer and pulled out the remaing bunch of her "parsley". and said see, look on the lablel it says...cilantro. whoops. well why didnt you say anything. i screamed i did. i did. i smelt it and told you. she then rinsed them off and put the real parsley on top. she looked over at the stock for thanksgiving and said, well there is cilantro in that now too. ha. the nose never lies!

bumper sticker xxix

spotted sunday afternoon. on my way to run errands - with everyone else in the city. this made me laugh. if you cant read it - the sticker says: low standards.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the moon that is new

another thing to be thankful for. robert pattinson's character in the twilight saga. my heart melts over this love story/saga. as does half the world or more. i will just say it. robert makes the world go round. i predicted it about a year ago. he is the next johnny depp. in about 20 years. we will see if it comes true.

i ended up skipping the midnight showing of new moon. which i have been told, was probably a good choice. my lil sis from bbbs asked me to take her on friday night. so i bought two tickets online prior for the early evening show. we got there in plenty of time. had great seats. and enjoyed the people watching prior. all the many t-shirts. and outfits. my lil sis would not however agree with this post. she is a werewolf or team jacob fan. and would give shout outs to the other girls with their shirts on. and cat call when he came on the screen with no shirt on. which was most of the movie.

the movie new moon, was everything i had hoped for and more. the actual movie i thought was very well made. and would appeal to an audience that didnt read the books. and those who have. i wasnt as annoyed with bella's character as i had been while reading the book. edward as mention was so dreamy. i melted in my seat, but had to keep somewhat of a composure with my lil sis. his sweet nothings. and cute smirks. i feel like i am 13 and have my first real crush again when watching him on screen. i like to think its the romance of the books/movies that put you in that mind set. it also has a pretty good soundtrack which gives it another edge. so go see it. suck it up. and see what all the hype is about. i love it, i love it, i love it. (imagine me sitting in a chair. kicking my feet up in the air. and shaking my head and arms. - i love it!)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


i recently started a fan page on facebook. you can view it by clicking on the side bar on my blog. or thanks to lemonade's hubby - click on this link - i have been overwhelmed with the amount of fans. especially those that i dont know. please help share the word. i would love to expand my services. and who knows - maybe even go full time!

Monday, November 23, 2009


as a part of the thanksgiving week. i thought i would share a few things i am thankful for this year.

the first thing that comes top of mind is that nebraska won the big 12 north! whoot, whoot! i say this with not only the fact that my favorite team won. but this also brings peace within my family. we had a couple of days where the tension was a little thick. there were a few days that you might call depression. but those days are behind us. and we have moved on. moved on with new superstitions that seem to help the team. my favorite blackshirt t-shirt stopped working mid season. found something new. i cant reveal any of the new ones. we still have three more games. might jinx the team!

second, for my family. i am so excited to have granny, and i guess bruno come down for turkey day. haha. i do love the man. he will help keep things entertaining. although he has yet to meet zola and he isnt a dog person. he didnt really like cory that much (how could you not), so meeting wild & crazy zola will be a test. but i am thankful i have grandparents alive that i can spend time with and that can still drive to see us!

third, i am thankful for zola. she has really become a sweet girl. and special part of the family. she will never replace our angel cory (who i still miss all the time), she has brought back the spark to our family. i love her kisses and snuggling with her as a part of her 20 minute greeting when i walk in the door. although she can not fit into her new mrs. claus outfit, i will add some fabric and as tim gunn would say make it work!

fourth, i am thankful for all my friends who have found their soul mates. i had three friends get engaged this year and another entered wedded bliss. (i speak about them like they arent the only ones who read this blog). i am so very happy for them. it has been very special to be apart of the love stories and share in their journeys. i am very honored to be apart of the three weddings next summer and help with the planning. and i am lucky to not even compare to the movie 27 dresses, so far i only have 2 dresses for 4 weddings!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

yum, bison

today is brother's birthday. we celebrated by dining at ted's montana grill. i had a delish bison steak. cooked to a perfect medium rare. added garlic mash potatoes. glass of pinot noir and i was in heaven. the steak melted in my mouth like butta. and the potatoes weren't too garlicky (i usually don't order them for that reason, but was pleasantly surprised). the rest of the fam also enjoyed bison steak. oh the flavor.

happy birthday brother! here's to the next thirty years being filled with laughter and as much fun as the last. love ya!

Friday, November 6, 2009


i didnt get to celebrate halloween this year. which saddens me. since it has always been one of my favorite holidays. (it cant trump christmas - i like presents over candy). i woke up on the thursday prior with flu like symptoms. and lived in quarantine for a couple of days. before retreating to my folks house. to be nursed back to health. exact words from my father. he was so sweet. so since i didnt get to see any costumes (i wasnt too upset about missing the years latest sexy costumes) i found much delight in the photos sent to martha stewarts dog costume contest. take a peek. i dont know which is my favorite. i think untitled should have entered with stan the man in his pumpkin outfit. maybe next year.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


i highly recommend the movie sunshine cleaning. just a sweet little movie about family, life and making lemons out of lemonade. the fact it was only one hour and thirty minutes also impressed me. it seems movies tend to go into 2+ hours more and more. and when i try to watch them on a week night. i stay up past my bed time. sunshine cleaning had happy moments, sad, life lessons, growing pains, but in the end it all worked out for the best.

i cant recommend this movie yet. but i already purchased my ticket to see new moon from the twilight saga. opening night. at midnight. i am imagine mass chaos. me and a million tweens racing to get the best seats. i will throw elbows. i am not afraid to yell at kids. especially if they are old enough to be at a midnight movie on a thursday night. and if they try to ruin my movie watching experience. i will call them out. and everyone will laugh. (probably at me). so pretty much. it will be an awesome evening at the cinema. or morning.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


  • i love nothing more than to be a slug and waste an evening with bad tv
  • i wish i can say everything i am thinking, really thinking and other times, i feel like i say too much and that gets me into trouble (usually after a couple glasses of wine)
  • i feel like a rebel when i dont brush my teeth before bed once in a great moon, now if only i felt like that about flossing, my dentist might not scold me every time i go
  • i call my mom to ask her dumb questions, even though i could probably look them up on my own, but its comforting that i for one, can call my mom and that she listens to me babble on and on about my problem in silence only to reply with the correct answer, and it is scary how it is always the right answer
  • i can go for days without talking to anyone
  • i eat food that has expired and i survive
  • i would like to complete a true walk-out from a job - to get a high from that feeling before reality sets in that i just quit my job