Monday, August 23, 2010


so bret michaels was scheduled to have a show in kc. this week! i was pretty excited to go see him. i have never been to one of his solo tours. only many, many poison concerts. yes, i was a wee-child when they were popular. yes, my parents let me listen to hairbands when i was in early elementary school. yes, my brother and i watched their music videos on mtv. and then re-enacted them in the basement. with sofa cushions as a drum set. plastic tennis rackets as guitars. and of course t-shirts as the long, flowing hair. (mine eventually got long enough to not require the t-shirt, just a bandanna). so this love affair i claim for bret. well it goes way back.

so back to the subject. the dis. he canceled. or should i say postponed his show in kc to host the miss universe contest. trump said he couldnt picture anyone else doing this. well and you know. bret loves the ladies.

jeff (old work husband) and i discussed this sad news today at lunch. i said how much i wanted to go back stage. he has a buddy who books events and knows people. jeff said he didnt want to meet bret. that he hates him. (really truth be told. he hates to love him! i dont know anyone else i could talk in-depth details with about the show rock of love 1, 2 and 3 - the bus.) but he did have a friend make a parody t-shirt of a monster wearing the skin of bret micheals. and the back says something about look what the...dragged in. anyway, we compromised that he would try to get us backstage for the show in november, if he can wear that t-shirt. i said yes. but i would be mortified.

side note: jamie oliver magazine is not in the u.s. yet. therefor that investment would not be smart. like $100 for a magazine subscription. ahh - no. oh well...someday

Monday, August 9, 2010

its all in the name

is it bad that i was to subscribe to this magazine. purely on the name. i mean the site looks good. and i love food. but i was ready for an impulse buy. just looking at the site. and how my name looks in print. i think its a done deal. i wonder if they give discounts to people with the same name. so much for starting my own magazine with this same title. its so not original, but i still love it. ha.

jamie magazine

and i will try to write more. since i had a reader tell me i went from a great blog. to the most boring. nothing blog ever. my rebuttal - well maybe my life is boring. she said probably so. i then stormed off like a child. we might go back to being friends. only if she lets me play with her favorite barbie for one day.

truth be told. my life has been very exciting. and BUSY. i usually spend my extra few minutes. grazing the kitchen. keeping up with summer tv shows: bachelorette (i got hooked this season) and true blood. i have also spent many wonderful weekends at friends weddings. preparing for the upcoming nuptials with bachelorette parties and bridal showers. and i joined a new fitness club. so i am also usually pool side. working on my tan. and trying to work on my fitness. its just so hot! but i am not going to complain. i love the heat right now. i would take this any day over a snow storm.