Friday, May 28, 2010

sjp completes me

i have adored sara jessica parker for years. i would like to say since i saw her in movie girls just wanna have fun. but as much as she was an icon. she hadnt reached her full potential. like she has now. and how she did through out the series sex and the city. she is my fashion and hair icon. i have a collection of magazines of her on the cover. and usually keep clips of pictures of her on my computer to reference for ideas later. she is just the greatest. love, love, love her.

new subject - but it will connect in the end. this last winter i decided it was time for a new computer. wanted a laptop again. felt like i didnt need to get another apple. i didnt want to shell out the money. even though i have had my mac book pro for well over six year (so i know its worth the money). and it was only recently she couldnt upgrade to the new software i needed for my iphone. and then she had to be rebuilt. it worked out fine. but she started to sound like an airplane taking off when i would turn her on. so when i went on the hunt for a new one. i decided on a pc. an hp laptop to be exact. i have kind of had mixed emotions about it. i still have all my music on my mac, so my ipod, nano and iphone are formatted for the mac. but i have to say i am very happy with my choice. nothing bad has happened. or a specific moment where i wanted to scream. damn you pc. i just at one point - it might take me awhile - need to eventually transfer things over. or maybe buy some memory for my mac to keep her afloat for a few more years. more than anything, i feel like a traitor. or like i am floating in the middle somewhere. i mean most people are apple or pc. not both. and now i am in that gray area of both. argh.

time for the connection. advertising really works. or atleast for me. so with my mixed emotions regarding the new pc. when i read. and saw sjp's new commercials for the hp laptop. i thought. wow. i love it. and i really am just like her. aaaaahhhh. computer and everything. now i need to work on getting on tv, moving to nyc, making a lot of money, marrying another famous person, having a son, adopting twins, and being in a lot of movies. besides all that - she is happy. and so am i. with our hp laptops and all. hello darlin'.

Friday, May 21, 2010


i find it weird. people that back into parking spots. there are a few people at work. who take the time to back into their spot. i find it odd. and i feel uncomfortable around them. like i dont know what to say. or talk about.

"so how long did it take you to perfect backing into your tiny parking spot with your big ol' truck?"

Monday, May 17, 2010

it takes two

we did it! smokin' joe and i ran the half marathon. he stayed with me the whole way. yes at 60. my father can run farther and faster. you might have thought the opposite. i will admit. no its not. this should have motivated me more during the race. but i stuck with my goal. to finish. thats all i wanted. we did pick a few choice people along the way. as targets. my dad said. pick some people. and we will pass them. and we did. he was so proud. we even passed one couple on an incline. did i mention there were a lot of those inclines. hills! oh the hills. nightmares i will have about those hills. so anyway, back to those targets. so around mile 8. we get this man. we called him good ol' boy. he was just that. huffin. puffin. and told us we were his target. he had been trying to catch up with us for two miles. this baffled my dad. what? we were a target. he wanted to beat that guy with everything we had. but i couldnt. remember that goal. to finish. we stuck with him. but he found a little more in him to step on the finish line right before us. although he had done a half marathon the same race we did the 10K. i know this because he wore the shirt. oh well. i felt pretty good through out. a few moments. i felt like i was in a daze. wondering how my feet and legs were still moving. but we did it with a smile on our face. scarfed down our energy jelly beans. and talked about doing another one next year. i said yes. but please no hills. or just one.

{zola was so excited and happy for us. she couldnt stay still.}

Friday, May 14, 2010

no turning back

congestion is slowly leaving my system. i have rested my little heart out. enough that i actually didnt dread getting out of bed this morning. what an odd feeling. ha. popping vitamin c. mucinex. sinus cleanse. ibuprofen. i am a walking medicine cabinet. and i have switched from coffee this week. to green tea with honey.

the weather looks a little poopy for sunday. chance for rain. probably early morning. when we will be running! trying to plan out my outfit. get my energy jellybeans ready. carb overload on saturday night. bring it on! wish me luck. happy friday.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

t-minus 4 days

its coming. i cant believe its almost here. all my hard work. some dedication. and training will pay off. packet pick up is on saturday. and sunday at 8 am. the gun shot will blow. or maybe a horn. and we will be off. for 13.1 miles. of what i hope will be fun. and joyous.

although friday i woke with a scratch in my throat. just a hint of a sore throat. probably because i thought i was 21 again. out celebrating two nights in a row. first cinco de mayo. come on, i cant pass up an excuse for margaritas. and when the lovely gentleman from denver bought my top shelf tequila. how could i refuse. the day after was a bit tough. but i some how jumped back on the wagon the following evening. i for some reason felt. participating in a company trivia competition required a glass of wine or two. which lead me through the night. and onto a stage singing "pour some suga on me". that friday was beyond rough. so to make it to chelsea handler on friday night was a big deal. but she was awesome. and i loved every minute. even the cold air. and the wind that whipped through the outdoor venue. (not helping that scratch in my throat - i should have worn boots and my parka).

so back to that scratchy throat. i cant be sick. i just cant. its the week of the run. i have been waiting for this sunday to come for a long time. i am relying on mucinex d. the strong stuff. the stuff i have to promise i wont make meth with. and my sinus cleanser. and a lot of rest. luckily i have hooked up my wii to stream netflix. its the best thing ever. at this rate i never need to leave the apartment. highly recommend it. so i have a lot of couch time in the up coming time before the run.

other news. i have a food critique. a few friends and i recently ate at blanc burger and bottles. which i mentioned in a previous post. it is pretty much amazing. for dinner last night. we decided to do a little comparison. we picked a new burger place in a smaller, neighborhood close by. B.R.G.R. first impression. i loved the atmosphere (maybe more family friendly than i am used to). but the decor and branding of the restaurant was well done with a lot of detail and i was rather impressed. looking over the menu. there was not one particular item that just stood out. normally i can pinpoint one item or two that make my mouth water. didnt get that. so after complimenting over a few burgers. i decided to split one with LP. and ordered a side salad. we also had the combo fries. not a bad idea - you pick 3 of the sides for a couple more dollars than one by itself. we selected signature fries, truffle fries and onion strings. first the salad. LP said it best, that doesnt look very pretty. and it wasnt. it was ok as far as salads go. the dressing was nice, but everything else was average. second, the burger - its called OUT-N-IN Inside: fontina, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions. Outside: special sauce, egg bun. it was so weird. and just not good. limited on cheese. luckily the lettuce wasnt soggy. but the burger was so dry. the special sauce wasnt very apparent. not impressed. i dipped it in ketchup, but that was weird too. really runny. and just tasted watered down. its their special homemade ketchup. ick. and the fries. straws were fine. fries were ok. but we couldnt figure out which were the truffle fries. and the kicker - the kicker are the bathrooms. its a unisex bathroom. but they dont tell you this. or dont put up a sign. i turned the corner to the bathroom. and a man was washing his hands. i yelled out. put my hands over my eyes and ran out. i freaked out and told my table i walked into the mens restroom. the waitress was near by and explained they are unisex and the doors are labeled. i went back and just felt weird. i watched many others have the same reaction through out the evening. so my end conclusion. i think they need to work more on the food. and less on the atmosphere and clothing at this point. nothing about my experience made me want to go back. i will remain a blanc faithful.

Friday, May 7, 2010

hot in the city

chelsea handler. tonight. i am freaking out. i have my binoculars. my seat cushion. and i am so excited. happy. i could jump. ok. just jumped. yippee!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

day 5 - week-in-the-life

i hate getting up early. its painful. my eyes feel puffy. sometimes my stomach hurts. and i am just plain cranky. so when mother walked into my old bedroom at 5:30 am. from my teenage years. now a mix match of some of my old stuff. and her things. i stayed in bed for awhile. delayed the process. and yelled for zola. i heard her tags jingling. and before long she was there. at the top of the stairs. so excited to see me. she jumped and landed right on my stomach. making her cute groans when i scratched her ears. and she gave me lots of kisses. it easier getting up when you have this cute face - right in your face. i didnt have her for the 5:30 am wake up call on the way home. i was super grouchy.

so i moved my lazy bones. from the bed to the back of the car. with my pillow. curled up. and slept until we made it to lincoln. we had breakfast. then i went back to sleep. although. sleeping in the car isnt the same. lets be honest. when my dad has oldies blasting from the radio. and the sun shining from the windows. not to mention the car actually moving. i wouldnt call this soundful sleep. i was up and ready for lunch by the time we made it to broken bow. just in time for a runza. i know i have raved about these before. the meaty pouch of goodness. love them. its a must stop place for lunch. or i get them at the football games. yum!

to stay awake. and to do my part in this road trip. (other than complain). i drove the rest of the way to grannys. a couple of hours of open highway. in the middle of nowhere. surrounded by giant sandhills. here are a few pictures from the road to my cousins house. going back to the town. nothing by country and sky. and some black cows. mooo!