Tuesday, September 30, 2008


walking into the uptown theatre. the ladies screamed. 'beck dont want no cameras. you hear me. we are serious. if you have a flash camera. take it to your car."

i panicked. i had my camera. luckily i carry it in a inconspicuous zip pouch. so could also be a wallet. so with no search. i walked in with my camera. and apparently so did a lot of others. although i was a big chicken once we got in. i didnt want to get thrown out or something. probably wouldnt have happened. but you know. i wanted to see the show.

after a preview of beck at the festival in san fran. i was very excited for this show. the opening band. mgmt. were fun to watch. had some good songs. then it was time for the man to come out. the first four songs were ones i love. so it started the show off on a great note. literally. ha. with tons of energy from the crowd. i went with jeramiah. so sans brother. i know he would have wanted to go. but i had a free ticket from jer. so another show. and another great time. i danced a lot. sang. and really loved seeing beck. good times had by all. and the taco bell run after the show. havent had a chicken quesadilla in a long time. yum.

Monday, September 29, 2008


zola is growing. and growing. every weekend when i go to visit. she just surprises me on how much she has changed. one nice thing. she wasnt biting near as much as last week. she is slowly realizing my fingers. toes. arms. pretty much any body part. is not as much fun as her toys. i bought her a fun new baby monkey. that makes noises. like monkey noises. it scares her a little. then she attacks!

she likes to grab her toys. and then curl up on my lap and chew. or if i am laying down. its usually butt in the face. while she lays on me to chew her toy. this can go array. and then she finds my face or something. her other favorite thing. usually of the moment. until something new catches her attention. are ice cubes. if someone is at the refrigerator. she sits and waits for a cube. then chases it around the kitchen. thats what she is doing in the pic of her and i. only she wanted to curl up under my chin. to then chew on the ice cube.

my nose was a victim of her puppy teeth. but that was because i was holding her. and her kisses turned into. bites. which means. let me down. its only a matter of time. before she will be too big to carry. we tried walking on a leash. she only liked it when the leash was in her mouth. and then only went one house down the block. before she tugged. and decided this was not fun anymore.

Friday, September 26, 2008


has anyone downloaded this new version of itunes. the one with the genius. i am not sure if i like it. could just be a blonde moment on my part. or maybe its just today.

discuss amongst yourself. and get back to me.

and have a wonderful weekend. go big red.


i stay with these kids while their parents are out of town. we will call them bob (13). and jane (10). they like to give me their opinion. and over all advice on my life. i have listed some below. might use these for my new year resolutions.

1. jane told my i am inappropriate. this was after she asked for a piece of gum. the only flavors i had were sangria and fruitini. she decided on sangria. after she started to chew. i told her she should watch out. she might get drunk. jane didnt like that.

2. bob tells me multiple times. i need a boyfriend. 'you need a man. you are getting up there.'

3. jane told me my arm muscles were like pudding when i flex. this is after she told me i am not strong enough to keep her brother from attacking her when fighting. that is not the case. i usually just let them fight (as long as no one gets hurt). i can not take sides. most of the time they both ask for it.

oh well. guess i wont be winning any awards anytime soon. like best babysitter of the year.

bumper sticker vi

spotted. bumper sticker from tonerhuffer.
dont forget to vote this november. even if it is for the milf. ha.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

add 'em

there is always a need to hold a 'shit list'. my girls and i have an on-going list. usually people that cause us grievances personally. but the number one spot always goes to osama bin-laden. hands down. because the list of course is ranked. number one being the worst.

through the years. we have looked over previous lists. and sometimes using nicknames isnt the best idea. like who the heck was that? hmm. but usually the corporate companies. or the man. is always getting us down. and deserves a spot on the shit list.

so add - direcTv. when i signed up over a year ago. i thought they were pretty stellar. the price was right. joj and i were in heaven. we had so many channels. a receiver in each of our rooms. and dvr in the living room. we only had a problem once or twice with the satellite part of it. with weather and what not. anyway. my new place would not allow a satellite on my building or balcony. so i had to scrap the direcTv. hence why i now enjoy my 10 channels with the rabbit ears. dtv said dont worry about doing anything with the satellite. (my dad and i got some aggression out with the demolition on that). and we will send you boxes to send back the receivers. easy. simple. done.

here i am 3 months later. hours wasted on the phone. numerous emails sent. and i still have in my possession 3 lovely dtv receivers. why. why. why! i called today. and i tried to keep my cool. because i have been on the other end. and i really do know its not gloria. or whatever her name was. its not her fault. but i just did not feel like she understood that this was a problem. it is a problem when i have 5 recovery kits sent to me. but all of them have been cancelled. and she can not explain why. so her solution is to just order another. when i explained that i didnt think that was going to help. that we have tried that 5 other times. that i have been waiting 3 months already. and i will most likely be calling again. and again. over the next 3 months. she was able to give me some tracking numbers from previous attempts. which i havent checked. but i think the main hold up is the address. it seems to be difficult for them to update that. and also have the address for the recovery kits updated.

i am so frustrated. i could scream. but i didnt. i remained polite. yet stern. i asked to speak to someone else. meaning a manager. but stopped. as i didnt want her to think i had little faith in her abilities to complete her job.

i will fight this til the end. and as i have done here. i will add them to my shit list. and wait for my recovery kits. maybe throw a party if they ever come.

** oh just checked - the tracking numbers are invalid. do not exist on fedex or ups. bravo.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

photo booth

a popular item at weddings. when waiting in line for my prints. a friend asked the photobooth owner if a lot of people had done it. (it being the photobooth. meaning at the wedding). the girl looked at us. and said yes. taylor swift even had one at her birthday party in tennessee. oh i see. thanks for that tmz update.

so here are a couple of my best shots. ha. and one is my birthday shout out to emjay. emily. or serious business. she tied the knot. and when she invited me to a party on facebook the other day. it took me about 3 seconds to realize who this girl was sending such things. so happy marriage (again. i think i have over used that phrase with you over the past month.) but more importantly. happy birthday to you. and if you werent so popular at your reception. i would have a photobooth set of us.

also. happy marriage to katie and todd. or kit kat. my bridal assistant duties are complete. and i think i did a stunning job. make-up was great success. and i helped organize and pin a lot of flowers. my actions at the reception. may have hurt my title. but after the ceremony i like to think i took on the following: cougar. wino. child sitter/dancer. and girl who lost her shoes for about 10 super long minutes.

Monday, September 22, 2008


two things. after watching the emmys for about 3 hours. and waiting for it to actually be worth my time. i have the following to say to those attending. and accepting awards.

1. do not wear low cut dresses after the age of 35. men may not agree. but who wants to see saggy tits. (yes i used the 't' word). i certainly could have lived without watching oprahs' jugs jiggly up in down in her dress. granted her dress was not that low cut. but it was still more revealing than i would care for. there were many other older women (writers and such). who appeared on stage with these gorgeous dresses. showing too much cleave. with little makeup. and normal hair. it just urkes me. it seemed to be the theme of the evening. show the people some boobs. and that makes you pretty.

2. who was styling these people. for example kathy griffin. follow the rule. take off one accessory before you leave the house. well she needed to take off more than one. she had a sash. necklace. big earrings. fake. stringy extensions. that swallowed her face. and then jennifer love hewitt. if only should would have stayed just 'love' from kids incoporated forever. i would still like her. but she also needed to tone down her look. ratty hair. a big necklace. and her dress had a lot going on. focus. i didnt know where to focus.

good job to 30 rock. i guess i need to try to get into that show. seems everyone else has. but then i dont know if i have room for another show. kind of like friends. (i kid. but not accepting applications).

bumper sticker v

spotted. kansas city, mo. 50 highway. by rachel. the best hair stylist.

"gas. grass. ass...nobody rides for free."

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

bunny ears

i have been a bit under the weather. it happens every year. my sinuses are so sensitive. that once the weather starts to turn. i then become a maniac. well not a maniac. but a very miserable person. my cheeks hurt. my throat. my head. i am very tired. and cranky. i am grumpy. and things just irritate me even more.

so yesterday i said. i cant take work any more. mainly because i felt awful. feverish. and if you can go home from school because of a fever. i figured work was the same. i got home. pjs on. and curled up on the sofa. i havent caved into the monopoly of cable. i pondered. called a couple of times. trying to get the 'best' deal. but never signed the dotted line. i instead bought an antenna. this works perfectly. i even receive a hd channel for abc and the abc weather channel.

after taking a nap. and then flipping through the afternoon talk shows. i stopped on tyra. my hatred for her is far beyond anyone. even the crazy coworker i rant about. the most upsetting factor about this woman. tyra. is she has her own show. and people sit in her audience. (and yes i was watching it. but i blame it on my illness.) she has to be the most self-centered human. nothing about her is appealing. but maybe part of my rage for her. is that she is close to my age. making more money than i could dream of. oh well. i would rather be happy. and have people like me. than to be obnoxious. and rich. tyra mail! dearest tyra. please cancel your show. and fill the time slot with something worthwhile. and mutually beneficial. thanks.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


i have a crush. a little school girl crush. on the actor. micheal cera. better known from superbad and juno. i just loved him in both movies. he is simply adorable. his voice. just listening to it. makes me giggle. and his characters were my favorites in both movies. (the best by far). oh so funny. of course since i dont know the real michael. i just have to adore him through his movie choices. i am uber excited for his new film. nick and norah's infinite playlist. also after stalking his imdb page. i found that we were born 2 days apart. and i am some years older. ha. its so meant to be. i will just be a cougar. (kidding).

Monday, September 8, 2008

bumper sticker iv

spotted. ward parkway. kc, mo. 12:06 pm. by rwilson.

"just say no to apathy"


not much of a political junky. or anything. i guess i usually stay out of it. i vote. and try to be an educated citizen. but sometimes it is frustrating. when you dont think your ballot counts. or matters.

while reading the local sunday paper yesterday. there was a nice story about ike. a local kansas boy. who went all the way to the white house. the story was promoting a museum with different artifacts and what nots from eisenhower's journey. one item that stood out to me was a letter from a young african american girl. she asked the president why he and his colleagues worried about going over to other countries to teach them how to live, when we as americans were dealing with the same issues. this made me snicker a little. if you look at our country right now. we are dealing with it now too. just interesting how things dont change. progress maybe. but i wonder. with both campaigns right now shouting. change. change. change. will they. or will our children look back. and chuckle as well.

Friday, September 5, 2008


thats for my blogging this week. weak. the word takes me back to my college days. i was in a journalism class. layout class. or something like that. stac and i had class together. which is always trouble. the professor was a man of few words. mainly because we couldnt understand him. and he couldnt hear either. not only will we never forget this man. for his big. purple lips. and that he still lived with mother in his 50s. or that i think i probably treated him the worst ever. (he couldnt hear. so i like to think he never heard my jokes. or back talking). but it will go with me to my grave. the day i received my story back. at the top in big red letters. possibly in a circle. he wrote. WEAK. its okay. i then improved. and received an a for that class. take that tvd. but it still haunts me. especially when stac eeriely whispers it to me.

have a happy weekend folks. its wedding season for me. one down last weekend. and 3 more to go. cheers!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

zola rolli polli

this past weekend. my family decided it was time for a new puppy. although i dont know if that is a true statement. i dont know if you ever fully feel it is time. it was a happy day. but then on the car ride to meet them. to then pick her out. i got upset. it was just a reminder that cory really was gone. but i know the new little girl will bring just as much joy and love into our lives just as cory continues.

zola. turns 8 weeks today. her birthday is july 8. we are still working on a middle name. and then possibly a third. her mother was a golden lab. named daisy. zola had 5 sisters and 3 brothers. she was the chunkiest of the group. with her rolli polli little pot belly. it was her beautiful blue eyes. and short snout. with a big wet nose that helped us to pick her out. with 6 little pups. running at your feet. its hard to decide on just one. it was either her. or the swimmer.

i spent all day with zola yesterday. she is already doing very well at potty training. loves to eat. and take naps. perfect. i picked out a busy bee toy. along with piggy. she likes to take her toys onto her princess bed and chew. i am excited to watch her grow. she also likes to go under the coffee table. and hide out. as my dad says - her cave instincts. ha. we gave her a nice warm bath. so she smells like lavendar. and gives lots of puppy kisses.