Thursday, April 29, 2010

day 4 - week-in-the-life

happy my friday! my morning began with an email from my father. made me giggle at my desk.

Just in case you haven't had a chance to catch the Wallentine Weather report for this weekend in the country. Tomorrow. Low 36, high57 with gusty winds 20-30 mph.
Saturday. Light rain in morning. Low 36, High 55. Partly cloudy.
Windy in afternoon.
Sunday. Low 39, High 59. Partly cloudy.

Dahling, I just wanted you to know so you can properly plan your wardrobe for this upcoming festive weekend in the country. Sounds marvelous doesn't it.
love, dad

lunch time included. mani and pedi to prepare for my weekend in the country. we will show up as the city cousins. ready for a wedding. with reception at the fairgrounds. in the 4H building. yeehaw!

for lunch i had a lean pocket. grapes. veggie straws. and 100 calorie pack of chocolate covered pretzels. how healthy of me. but then i over indulged. we had an early cinco de mayo party this afternoon at work. i took my newbie and dropped her off. let her go have fun with the other kiddos. i couldnt stay long. i had to come back and finish a few things. including this blog post. i grabbed a margarita and a plate of goodies before i departed the party. the rice and beans were tastey. i love, love, love frozen margaritas. especially with a lot of salt. it has to have salt. and it has to be the big, chunky kind. cinco de mayo might be up there in my favorite holidays. oh who am i kidding. if it has the word holiday. i most likely will approve!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

day 3 - week-in-the-life

slow day in the neighborhood. as hump days should be. or maybe not. today was my work week thursday. so i was happy to only think about one more wake up for work this week. although my friday will consist of waking up even earlier. but then i get to climb in the backseat of the parents car. and fall back asleep.

since the theme of my week-in-the-life seem to revolve around food. i will continue. for lunch. a group of us went to blanc burgers + bottles. the new location on the plaza is perfect. it was too windy to sit outside. so we opted for the fridged air conditioned dining room. we shared truffle fries (these make my mouth water. they are truly amazing. i want to dunk everything in truffle oil. yum!), onion rings. and sweet potato fries. then jeff and i split a new burger i had never tried before. the barnyard. swiss, ham, fried egg, pickles and other fixins. it was delightful. i have always been a bit weary of an egg on a burger. to my surprise it was great. although it doesnt beat the inside out burger - with gooey, ooey blue cheese, an onion ring and bacon. you cant go wrong.

after work i came home for a run. the days are inching closer and closer to the half. i havent been running as much on my own, since i have the dogs in the evenings. but i can tell a difference. it was an awesome run. i felt good. i had a nice speed. and my body only hurt a little. my arches have bothered me since middle school. its the way i pronate. it causes shooting pain in my arches.

i should be packing for the weekend...but...some friends called for dinner and drinks. twist my arm. i can pack when i get home.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

day 2 - week-in-the-life

the coffee machine was broken this morning. so i had to whine. and pout. be totally unprofessional. and eventually walk across the street to pay $2 for a lousy cup of coffee. should have just gone to latte land. but my car was parked in BFE. there was also a charity car wash at the office today. so we had to move our cars out of the parking lot. it felt like one of those days i should have gotten back in bed. que one of my favorite songs by mary chapin carpenter. an oldie, but a goody. this is a funny version of the music video.

during lunch time. i ventured with my best friend at work. aka jeff. to costco. its a great lunch time adventure. you can walk around and taste all the samples. before heading to the front for a polish dog. yum! a dog and coke for $1.50. and the sauerkraut is FREE. todays samples included: spinach ravioli, teriyaki chicken, bacon on salad, juice and nutri grain bars. he got a large bag of dunkin' donuts coffee for his french press in the mornings. so it was a very productive trip.

my evening was spent at dinner club. a group of ladies who like to share recipes. cook. and drink wine. although now we have two members who are preggers. so that leaves more drinks for the rest of us. last night was a mexican theme. very tasty. my favorite was the rice, with cilantro and black beans. and the dessert. homemade whoopie pies! they were heavenly. and i got to see my main man bo. just look at that face.

day 1 - week-in-the-life

i slept so hard and solid on sunday night. (that sounds bad - insert giggle). i woke in the same exact spot as when i let my head hit the pillow. i slept like a stiff. or maybe a vampire. on my back. legs straight down. arms at my side. no curling. no rolling over. i was out. after a long weekend. of friends. bachelorette bash. and bridal shower. this MOH was exhausted. but i had to rise and shine. i had a new employee starting. you might call it a promotion. but i am now managing someone other than the interns.

we went to her first day lunch at cafe trio. a great kansas city original. i had picked this place last week. thinking it would be great weather and we could enjoy the deck. but since a cold front - with rain and clouds came through. we dined inside. i had a lovely pulled pork sandwich with mango and coleslaw. and a delicious potato salad on the side. for dessert we shared a slice of banana foster cheesecake. i didnt even think about the fact we just met. and i made her share a slice on the same plate. i guess this means we are comfortable with one another right away! or she thinks i am nuts.

after work i had to go to my dog running clients. i have recently been hired to run two irish setters twice a week. murphy and jameson. murph just celebrated his first birthday over the weekend. these boys love to run. it helps with my training. they pull me along most of the way. i have gained more control, as i slowly become stronger. or when they get a little tired toward the end. running with them reminds me of funny farm the movie. DOG! enjoy a few funny clips below.

after my run. and the the rain started. my energy level was getting low. i popped in my latest netflix movie. away we go. it was cute and funny. but i also dozed off during the middle. not sure if it was me. or the movie. probably going to say me. since i seem to fall alseep during the good ones sometimes too. i have to say my favorite were his parents at the beginning. but i could be bias. since i love catherine o'hara and jeff daniels. i think that was one thing the movie lacked for me. was more of a connection with the other characters the couple went to visit. but the point of the movie was for the couple to find what they were looking for. and the focus was on their travel and experiences and not as much on the people they met along the way.

Friday, April 23, 2010

new challenge

since i have hit a bit of a rut. on what to write about on here. other than my running. i thought i might take the challenge as told by my friend twojulies. as she explains it is more for scrapbooking. but since i gave that up in highschool. so a blog can work too! so starting monday i will go for the challenge of week-in-the-life. sit tight. and have a wonderful weekend! its little joj's bachelorette and bridal shower this weekend. my how time flies. it seems like just yesterday i started to plan the big weekend. now its here. we pick up the girls this afternoon from the airport. and its good times to follow.

joj is getting into town in time for a quick run. i have been hired to walk some brother dogs twice a week. to help the busy parents out. so she will help me with that and get a bit of training in. her half marathon is next weekend. this also snuck up on us! i have been trying to continue my running as well. with these dogs they help with my wind sprints. they are irish setters. who are known to RUN. and with two young, boys who are kenneled all day. i feel like santa claus with a leash in each hand. and a little like they are walking/running my instead of the opposite. it will be nice to have joj here to help me today.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

open up and say...


its finally spring. i am wearing the heck out of my flip flops. i find no reason to wear real shoes. its too nice out. and i want to show off my lovely pedi.

updates since my last post. i have continued my half marathon training. my shins were a little sore from the 10K but i have managed through it. i just need to remember and force myself to stretch better before and after. i went home on sunday for a long run. i was tricked. told it was a 6 mile run. which i later mapped and it was well over 8. although it is fine. i needed to be on a 8 mile route to keep up with training. but i needed to be tricked in order to do that. i realize its all mental. when you stop thinking about it. thats when it doesnt hurt. my dad and i ran the actual route of the race. so we would be prepared for all the hills.

i have been faithfully watching celebrity apprentice. and i have to say it keeps my attention for the entire two hours. which is hard to do. although i have to tolerate my mother calling bret michaels a freak. and brother ridiculing him for crying about his daughter having diabetes. he is sensitive. and won dad of the year. i also like cyndi lauper. which both of my favorite celebs on the show, seem to be the ones the other participants dislike the most. in real life, bret is in the hospital from surgery on his appendix. i wish him a safe and quick recovery.

i think all my tv watching. is taking over my life. i have cut back on the life source. but i end up watching more network tv. biggest loser for instance. i sit and relate their struggles to my running training. and with celebrity apprentice has caused me to rate my coworkers. since my technical title is the same as those on the show. i am constantly watching others. how they handle projects. and over analyzing their behaviors. i so wish we had a board room. and the donald would come in and say 'your fired'. of course without the real repercussions of a firing.

hope everyone is enjoying this lovely weather. i am happy to have it here. looking forward to all my spring and summer activities. i will try to keep this more up to date.