Monday, March 29, 2010

check please

my alarm went off. and for one of the first times in a long time. i actually didnt roll over. and dread the next step, of getting out of bed. i didnt hit snooze. i lept out of bed, like a five year old on christmas morning. ok, might be a bit of an exaggeration. but i did get up easier than i did today, on this sun filled monday morning. i had checked the weather the night before. only 30% chance of rain in the wee morning hours on saturday. i dressed. ate some energy gummies. (joj i read the directions and you are to eat the whole pack). braided my hair. pinned my bib with my race number to my inside shirt. thinking i might take my top layer off mid way. which was not the case. and sat to wait for my friend lp to arrive (my photographer). and for my parents to pick us up for the race. they came. and they came with zola in tow. and in the pick up truck. anyone who knows me. knows how much i hate the pick up truck. my grandfather keeps passing down these giant trucks to my father. they are so big. and massive. they usually try to force me into long road trips in these monstrosities. but i always refuse. and probably throw a fit like a child. but you would too. and they work. i have never rode more than around town in the truck.

so i drove to the race. in the bus. and mentioned we probably looked like the beverly hillbillies. with our dog and sitting two abreast in the truck. dad and i hopped out. while they parked. and we walked and warmed up on our way to the starting line. just as we weaved our way through the crowd, the rain started. just little drops. that eventually came down harder. and more. i wore my now deemed unlucky nebraska hat (since the girls lost yesterday in the sweet 16 - remind me not to wear it during football season) which helped to keep the rain off my face. my first couple of miles of the race. i was miserable. i was sick of the rain. sick of the hills. and having a hard time getting in the groove. finally the rain stopped. we reached half way. i gulped a little gatorade. and felt the best i had all day. we finished. i finished my first 10K. our time was a little over an hour. which i felt good about. now onto more training. i need to work on my hills since our 1/2 marathon course starts with 2 hills. and some sprints to help with my breathing. and i hope in the mean time. mother nature works on her weather.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

patty mchatty run

these hips dont lie

last night while falling asleep. i thought about how my creativity. and inspiration on here has been gone. buried under all those huge, piles of snow from the many storms this winter. but i can feel a hint of it coming back. i hope it will blow through with the warm breeze, when i open my french doors. and feel the spring air on my skin. but for now...

GF10 Update: i made it to 5 miles on the treadmill on sunday. i struggled through that last mile. my hips were a bit sore the next day. i could totally feel i needed a rest day on monday. one of the things that kept me going, besides my new play list (thank you x-tina and salt n pepa) is knowing whatever pain or discouragement i feel. i have a dear friend who is going through a lot more in her life right now. and she is so much stronger than i. the pain i feel has no comparison. she is my inspiration. she is my motivation. to keep going. to run a little bit harder. i admit i am nervous. scared. for this 10k on saturday. it is the longest race for me. but i will keep thinking of lowa. pushing myself to the finish line. love you lowa!!

the hips were still a bit sore yesterday on my 3 mile run outside. it took me longer to get warmed up and in a groove. i stretched them out really good after the 5 miles on sunday. my muscles were so warm and limber. i felt like i was in highschool again. warming up to cheer for a game. just folded over to the floor in my butterfly. maybe that was it. maybe i stretched too much. runner friends - any ideas? advice?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

aaaah...kick it

back to my road to the 1/2 marathon. lil joj and i finished the st. patty's day 4 mile race. and we finished strong. i just remember giggling the whole time down the final stretch. because we, some how found all the energy we could to sprint down to the finish line. and i felt somewhat like pheobe from friends. with my jacket tied around my waste. and fingers tucked into my sleeves. running as fast as my tired legs could go. but i am so very proud that we did it. even in somewhat yucky weather. so proud that i had dad sign us up for a 10k next weekend. its only two more miles. sorry let me rephrase that. only two more miles. ugh. but its time in my training to do 6 miles. and the weekend i should be running a 10k is lil joj's bachlorette weekend. so probably wont get it in then. i have some pics from the race, but the site wont let me save them. i'll do some magic at work tomorrow. we wore our nebraska hats to support the womens basketball team in town for the tourney. although they had their first lost of the season that day! (yayaya - they are good). so might not be wearing those again. ha.

GF10 update: after the race, i got back on track, ran 3.5 outside on monday. took a few days off to celebrate my third favorite holiday (behind christmas and halloween) and consumed some green beverages. then i went for a short run outside again tonight. thinking it was around 2 miles, but i didnt go to my normal park, which i know the distances. felt like a neighborhood jaunt. it might snow this weekend (seriously, seriously) so i need to get all the outdoor running i can. the plan is a 5 mile run on saturday morning. probably be on a treadmill. grrrr.

finally, pics from the catwalk. i'm too sexy for my shirt, so hurts!

all the jewels, my headband and flowers are done by my dear friend emmyray. she is available (well booking up fast!) for weddings and other social engagements. check out her site for more work.

Friday, March 12, 2010

thank you

i have to give a shout out to brother. he keeps me in check. with all my spelling errors on here. he is a silent reader of the blog. but if i mis-spell something. i usually have a friendly email waiting in my inbox. telling me the correct spelling. its not one of my strong suites. but thats okay, we make a good pair. i talk. he is the silent, yet wiser of the two! goodluck on the house brother. cant wait to see it. and help make it your own.

happy friday everyone. have a great weekend. i am so happy to have lil joj in town. and a jersey shore party at untitleds'. i dont know if i can do shnookie justice but i will try. as long as i get my poof big. and spray tan (or maybe just bronzer).

oh and runway pictures are circulating. check out the i will also try to get some up here.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


my running progress is moving along nicely. i have broken the barriers of the 4 walls of the gym. and the scary treadmills. and leaped into the open road. i spent the last sunday afternoon at the rents house. playing beatles rock band with brother and dad. its kind of like the old days. we would spend weekend afternoons making videos and such. now we have a game to grade us and give us scores. lets just say i am lead vocals and have a hard time not making 100 pts. whoot! but i probably need to take it off easy.

GF10: dad, zola and I did 3 miles on sunday. it felt good for the first mile or so. then i remembered the sushi i snacked on the hour before. and felt a few cramps. but i made it. and felt pretty good the next day. i had a road bump the last couple of days. i had to travel for work. it was a one nighter, but i had to prepare the night before and we had a late dinner with the client. so no running on the road. although it was gorgeous - i wanted to break free from my meetings. instead, after we landed back home, i put on my running shoes and did 3 miles was easier than sunday. although i am a tad sore today, but that might be from traveling.

this weekend lil joj is coming down for the st. patty's day race. i think its going to be cold, but we can do it! 40s isnt bad. and we have the green beer to think about during the pain.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

wishful thinking

i wish someday i could dance all day. i went to mcdonalds today for lunch. advertising really does work. i keep seeing the chicken nuggets photos around town. and man those things look tasty. with the all white meat chicken. the new spicy sweet sauce. it was heavenly. well and back to my point. they had on great music. jeff, my modeling coach, and i like to dance out in public. i wish i could do that all day long. then we had an odd conversation about bio movies. stemming from grey gardens. we think the guy at the booth next to us. thought we were weirdos. and couldnt get out of there fast enough. i ended my meal with a chocolate shake. its just one of those days. where i wish i could hang out at mcd's all day long. dance. drink shakes. and not give two shits.

GF10 update: i pushed 2 miles last night. i am still congested. going on four days now. i say pushed. because i felt fine before and after. until this morning when i woke up. and couldnt breathe out of my nose.

this weekend i am watching two new clients. baby, mini-goldendoodles. be sure to check woof.woof. for updates on cali and roxy. they are only 3.5 & 7 months. i have my work cut out for me. last night when i met them. i felt like i was watching the puppy bowl. i heart them. well i say that now. before i have stayed a full night with them.

Monday, March 1, 2010

slow moving

i have never really been into working out on the weekends. to me the weekend is for r & r. and the site of a gym. or treadmill. is not that. i dont mind being outdoors. like on a nice walk or jog. but due to the winter weather. this has not been an ideal factor to my weekends. so i write with much regret. i did nothing of the sort to train. it was a little nicer here. so i took the dog i am watching to the park and walked around. week one not the greatest. but here is wishful thinking that week two will be better. i have convinced my dear dad to run with me. he has ran a lot more races than i. even a marathon. so he is experienced. but since he turned the big 6-0 this year. i think it will be a monumental thing for both of us. and he is going to help map out some of the long runs.

GF10 update: nadda. and i am congested from the weekend. taking my mucinex d and hoping i can make it to the gym tonight.