Wednesday, July 28, 2010


i havent actually lived at my apartment for a long time. brief one night stops. or drop off a suitcase. fill it with new clothes. and off i go. this past saturday. on one of my visits to the homestead. i noticed a wasp flying around in the bedroom. there is also one on the porch. how they get in. i have no clue. i didnt think much of it. i left. figured it would be dead upon my return.

the night i got back. i didnt see her. the wasp didnt even come to mind. until. until last night. right before bed. she flew across the bedroom. she then settled on the ceiling. right above my head. i didnt want to make her mad. or do anything that might cause me to be attacked. so i texted mother. 'the wasp is still alive in my room.' she replied - 'oh no! wait til it lands n smash it.' what? no, no mother. i cant smash it now. so i let her know - 'it's right above my bed! on the ceiling.' she then understood. and gave me her best motherly advice - 'get wasp spray 2morrow, pray tonite. good nite.'

i survived. the wasp is still alive. before falling asleep, i would open an eye to make sure she hadnt moved. she stayed there all night. until this morning. she flew back over to the ceiling above my dresser. i leave tonight. so no need to kill her. she could be like a guardian angel. i just kept thinking, she is probably afraid of me more.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


i just cleaned out my spam folder in my email. i gathered this much. out of the 240 emails. apparently i am a male. i have a small member (the p word). i need a lot of drugs to help with this. and also with my mojo. and to keep it going. ha. and i can buy everyone luxury watches for cheap!

side note: has anyone caught an episode of animal horders? i can spend hours watching the regular horders. which usually has a few animal cases. but animal planet has done it. animal horders. i saw a great clip on the soup this past weekend. and finally caught the real episode too. its sad...but you get to see these people try to get help. it just amazes me. its just another train wreck they have added to the tv. but i enjoy rubber necking.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

its going

week two at my new assigned work space. things are going good. hard to really answer the age old question everyone likes to ask me now. how is it? are you happy? again. its been 9 days. i need time. more time to pass judgment. i will reveal the following:

there is an espresso machine. this makes me happy.
the hallway sometimes smells like perm. this does not make me happy.
my office sometimes has a fart smell. (and it wasnt me - mine dont smell). my coworker told me its probably because its on the way to the bathroom. not happy.
i have blank walls in my office. this makes me happy. craft projects!
seymour, my giant bamboo - one stalk died when i left the old place - i havent brought him into the new place. i am afraid more stalks will die and he cant stand up on his own. i am neutral about this.
i still get to have lunch. and hang out with old coworkers - now 'friends'. this makes me very happy.