Tuesday, April 29, 2008

down fall

i cant help but rant about the over sexualization of young girls. and it seems to only get worse. and worse. it is sad to me that new bars opening in our city have decided to have the female wait staff wear nothing but lingerie. and at another undies and chaps. with very sexual motions involving a bull. i mean. is this really what draws people to attend. to stand in line for an hour and a half. this makes hooter restaurants look like church. are we really only animals gathering at the water troff.

did it start with britney spears. i know many celebrity news sources seem to think the 'oops i did it again,' school girl outfit was the beginning. not sure if i totally agree. but dont disagree she didnt have a hand in it. x-tina also played a fair share with her 'dirty' video. but i think they were both just puppets dangling from the 'man's' strings. and now we have musical teen sensation (i am not advocating that she is really a sensation - i really cant stand her) miley cyrus posing topless in vanity fair. it was claimed as art. but did they really think a 15 year old girl who has young girls idolizing her. that they would make the connection that her topless photos are art. these are the children that giggle at the word fart. and the fact she is still a minor herself.

it has always bothered me. i think i first noticed the skimpy outfits around halloween while in college. not sure if it relates to my age at the time. if thats why it became more and more apparent. but it was the year my friends and i dressed as jem and the holograms. while out at the bars. more girls showed up with the slutty outfits. or as we like to name them. sexy firefighter. sexy nurse. sexy rainbow brite. this saddened me mostly because i like the creative aspect of dressing up. the challenge of thinking of a fun outfit. finding all the pieces. like a treasure hunt and then the reveal. where people recognize you and congratulate. for these girls. its like congratulations. you look like you have zero brain cells. and spent a lot of money on practically nothing.

this also makes me want to take back some of my post from yesterday. my dancing is harmless. far from anything explicit. nothing to be ashamed of. but i do think i will stop reporting my GF08 happenings. i have come to the conclusion. the idea behind my goal to look like a golden goddess/hot bod in my swimsuit this summer is far from being met. but i also dont think that is the reason. i know i will never be on the front cover of sport illustrator swim suit edition. (which dont get me started on that complete magazine of filth). it has become more about enjoying my time while running. not dreading the workout routine. but looking forward to it. and the great feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when i finish each run. i have always felt comfortable in my own skin. even in my camel toe spring break bikini bottoms. no one is perfect. and the thought of striving for that. its not me. unless i make some real progress in my running. i wont report.

Monday, April 28, 2008

on stage

this past weekend turned into another version of springbreak. it was a whirlwind. of just what i had predicted. sushi. wine. the life source. sleeping in. shopping. laughing. eating. naps. dancing. celebrity sightings. more dancing. going green. cabs stories. and a lot of eating. basically marvelous.

it was during this past weekend i reflected on the fact. i like to dance a lot. and usually find myself on stages. somehow. someway. i decide it is a good idea.

i like to dance on light boxes.

and more light boxes.

have a dance off. in not appropriate dance areas.



those are my legs.

booths. (taking a break).

so thank you to all that put up with me. and cheer me on. encourage. and most of all for capturing the moments on film. so i can reflect. and relive them over. over. and over.

good to see you LEMonade. until the next time...

GF08: new week. must keep going. pool time is approaching. and quickly i might add. should be nice all week to stay outside.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


wanted to share a new favorite snack. its the sugar free. caramel and vanilla pudding snack. this morning i stuck into the freezer. i am enjoying for lunch. its a nice. treat. with a new consistency. a perfect summer time snack. since i normally crave ice cream.

game of telephone

today is bring your child to work day. sounds fun. right. hmmm. i think it depends on the child.

i have been volunteered as the company tour guide. due to my volunteering of the internship program. so with new visitors here today. duties call. i did receive a nice donut for breakfast. with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. it was cute listening to the kids talk. and realizing who they belong to. there were a couple of instances during the tour where i needed to ask them to stop playing with things on the desks. that it was personal property. i am sure the 5 yr. olds really understood that. i had a line leader. and tried to keep some kind of order. then we got back to the assigned conference room and played the game of telephone. this was after numerous attempts at trying to find a fun. multi-player online game. that was appropriate for all ages. our old fashion game turned out to be a hit. and by the end. the kids were begging to be the one to start the rumor.

today is my friday. LEMonade will be flying into town to spend time with us this weekend. and then escape to her family for the week. in bloom will be shuttling to the airport. while i slave away in the kitchen. LEM did provide a recommended recipe. i was thinking it was time to roll the grill out of the garage. and fire her up. not sure. since rain seems to be in the forecast. i think it will be good either way. grill or oven. then we have a fun filled weekend plan. including wine. shopping. dancing. movies. eating. and more eating. birthday party. more dancing. and then a day to recover. cant wait for the arrival. and to sleep itoday is also my friday. LEMonade is coming into town tonight. she will arrive right after work.n tomorrow. three days of not setting the alarm. joyous. here are some pics of our lasting adventures in kc area. we also posted a couple around the house. bruhaha.

GF08: after much consideration. in bloom and i headed back to the gym. we were going to risk it all and try for our outside routine. i thought of it as an adventure. do some storm chasing. but no. mother nature caught onto our plan. and by the time we were ready to head out. she started a down pour. i did three miles. it just gets so hot. and stuffy inside. we also did power cleaning last night. and i ended up taking some of my easter stuff down. tear. but with people coming over for the pre-party this weekend. decided i didnt want everyone to question our taste for chicks. eggs. and bunnies.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


how do you politely ask someone for your pen back? one that was apart of a set. that you purchased with your own money. not through work. that you like. a lot.

but not really. because they have decided it was okay to chew on it. on all over the cap. in front of you. and so you dont really want the pen back. but a replacement.

how does one go about doing this? and maintain my cool. until then...

less than zero

finished the book last night. and done. accomplishment to check off the list. but now this means i must find another book.


where have i been? i feel like after researching it on the web. i have been under a rock. i found the book on the bookshelf at one of my dog sitting houses. i did email them while staying at the house to ask permission to borrow. and i would return the next time i stay. which is in a month.

it was a quick. easy read. if i were on reading rainbow. giving my critique. i am not sure i would recommend. its pretty dark. but i dont mind those.

on the front cover last night. i noticed one critique of the book. that it was the most disturbing book that person had ever read. and i would have to agree. made me thankful for my middle class. midwestern teen years. niave. and thinking the worse thing was smoking a cigarette after school when leaving cheerleading practice. or sneaking beer into the woods behind my house. nothing comparable to the items in this book. now i need to rent the movie. looks like brad pitt made it as an extra.

i was able to exchange my camera over the weekend with no problems. the target girl asked no questions. and i now added the lanyard to the side. thanks to some much needed advice. obviously. this is jameson. the culprit of the camera accident. he doesnt sit still for very long.

GF08: and i ran. i ran so far away. thanks to jaybird's help last night. i pushed myself to run even longer than usual. (i admit i usually like to slow down. or walk on hills.) not last night. and i am not sore. or feel any different. my legs did feel like jello during. and my arms hurt. and i wanted to whine. but i didnt. came home to only find my spot on the sofa. and did some cleaning. more this evening. still didnt sleep too well. think it might be b/c its muggy in my room. even with the fan on. but i try not to sleep with the window open. as then the allergies will flair. so i opened the window today to help get some cooler. fresh air in.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

save the bees

please visit the link below. and join the cause.


here are some fun facts:

1. Honey bees are responsible for pollinating one-third of all the foods we eat, including many of our favorite fruits, nuts and vegetables.

2. Alarmingly, more than 25 percent of the Western honey bee population has disappeared over the last several winters, threatening our food supply and our way of life.

3. Many of the honey bee deaths are being attributed to a mysterious threat called Colony Collapse Disorder, which causes bees to suddenly leave their hive and die. Unfortunately, not much is known about this new threat.

4. Researchers are working to find a solution to Colony Collapse Disorder, but there are ways that we can all help the honey bees today.

but now lets discuss a new pet peeve. well not sure if it is new. or the lack of sleep. caused by the storm. where i laid in bed thinking the hail was going to damage my car. but had little energy to actually get up and look out the window to see the hail. or that i actually brought my lunch today. but i have a huge problem with the insulated lunch bags that take up the whole refrigerator. there was one in there this morning that was large enough to fit a whole family meal from KFC. yeah. thats like a bucket of chicken. 3-4 sides. and biscuits. seriously. one person doesnt need to bring that size bag in for lunch time. the real problem is the insulated bag. if you have one. then my theory is you dont need to put it in the cooler. isnt that the purpose of the stupid bag? i mean. go green. bring a lunch bag. yes. and yes. but can you not keep it at your desk for a couple of hours. does it really make a difference.

GF08: the three of us. in bloom, untitled and i walked last night. although it was untitled's special day. the dedication to the program outweighed everything else. tonight we run. and clean for our visitor this weekend. yippee!

Monday, April 21, 2008

sunday haze

first, happy birthday to untitled. here is a tribute picture. hopefully the party this weekend will be as joyous as this eve. ha.

yesterday untitled and i went on one of our usual sunday shopping excursions. i was feeling a tad under the weather. but once i gulped down a nice. refreshing. regular fountain coke. i was ready for our trip. we were browsing. but had a couple of things in mind. 1. birthday celebration outfits. 2. a hat for myself for the upcoming derby day party. after a lot of misses we went to victoria's secret with untitled's coupon. it was there i had the life sucked out of me.

we walk in and are immediately attacked by two sales girls. their first question is what size are you? and have we tried out the new memory foam bra. um. no and no. so already whelmed. we walk through the store some more. we both found a new bra to try on. untitled went for the memory foam. i found another. when we walked into the dressing room. the sales girl. a new one. asked what size i selected. i was so uncomfortable at this point. i didnt like the bra. when i was leaving. attacked again.

sales girl #3: did those work for you?
me: no (disappointed face)
sg#3: what size are? do you want to try a new style?
me: no thats okay. i am fine.
sg#3: have you tried the new memory foam bra?
me: no, but really its okay. i have heard all about it.
and then i fled. only to be greeted by sales girl #1 again. this time spraying me with her stupid perfume. it was awful. untitled told me later i missed sg#3 harrassing someone else in the dressing room about panty hose. sg#3: how tall are you? how much to you weigh?

these are sensitive subjects. no one should be ridiculed like this. and it proves what an awful place vs can be. i was looking forward to a nice. relaxing. sunday afternoon of shopping. note to self. never step foot in vs again. unless i am fully prepared.

GF08: after shopping. no energy to enjoy the beautiful day yesterday. i read my book a little on the front porch. almost finished. tonight. hoping for no showers. and a nice long walk.

Friday, April 18, 2008


z is for...

zyrtec. i have to take this allergy medicine everyday. 365 days a year. i have indoor and outdoor. i am not a happy camper without.

zany. we once had a friend we called zany dave. wonder where he is now...hmm. anyway. we encountered him one night at a house party during college. he was wondering around the party asking girls if they would like a kiss. most would look in disgust and say no. he then pulled out a hershey kiss (that he found in the candy dish in the house). and said its chocolate? ha. we tried to call him crazy dave. he said no. i am zany dave. since then i try to use whenever appropriate. when i meet someone just as. not crazy, but zany.

zeus. the first great dane. i fell in love with. here are a couple of pics of me on my 22nd birthday. it was love at first sight. or love after an evening of celebration.

today is the last day of the meme. so i really wanted to go out with a bang. today is not the day. i woke up late. side note: one thing i like about jameson is he sleeps-in. just like me. and the bedroom where we stay is super dark. navy curtains that do not let any light in. so we were just snuggling (he likes to curl up in my nooks) and snoozing. then i looked at the clock. eeek! put him out back to have outdoor time. then got myself done up. raced to the office. to only realize i forgot my laptop at the house. an hour later. with a much needed trip to starbucks. and the gas station. where i had an ordeal with this new zip code security thing. i entered my work zip instead of my billing code. geesh. it was not a good morning.

the hair turned out marvelously. i love it. the color. the new cut. adore it. just what i needed. i tried to exchange the camera last night. bucktoothed target sales guy didnt have any in-stock. wtf. so i was given directions to go to another. i didnt feel like it. it was raining. and people do not know how to drive. or walk for that matter when the weather elements change. so rather than force myself to drive amongst the lunatics. i went home. watched the office. and read a book. i need to get back into reading. i cant remember the name. but of course will have a critique once i finish the book.

GF08: my hair appointment was last night. no time for fitness. maybe tomorrow i will take wild man jameson on a jog. tgif.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


y is for...

yoga. i enjoy yoga. a lot. i love the feeling before. waiting for the yogi to come in. it is very relaxing. and sensual. the challenge during the class. of stretching just a little more. bending. sweating. and the best part is being told to relax in between poses. my favorite is the king dancer pose. or natarajasana. it feels awesome when i can hold this. have my leg go higher. and higher. i really enjoy the whole hour and a half of class. all the poses. and the final relaxation at the end. my favorite studio gives out eye masks during this time. aahhh. i have since moved to hot yoga. which the first class back. i usually feel faint. and have to take child pose a lot. but it is well worth it. i can tell physically. mentally. and my allergies do not seem to be as present while i am practicing regularly. just wish it wasnt so expensive. and i have a hard time being any place. at the same time everyday. routines are hard for my to keep. namaste.

youngest. just me and my older bro. i am the only girl. only blonde haired person in my immediate family. the only fair skinned. sun burnt victim, the majority of my life. and the shortest.

GF08: va va va bloom and i had another successful evening. it was even warmer out. so i busted out the shorts. yes. it is time for the pail. hairy. (i might take care of that soon). legs to be unveiled from the winter months. we added another friend to the mix. i helped to be team leader and motivate all. it really goes by fast when you have more company. no gang sightings. no domestic disturbance.

i did start dog sitting last night for an irish setter named jameson. i cant help but think of dog from funny farm. he is still a puppy. so wants to smell. lick. everything. i took a couple of photos of him last night. but mid photo shoot. he jumped up and knocked the camera out of my hand. there i was. in slow motion. watching my brand new. only camera i have ever purchased. go crashing down. to the kitchen tile. i picked it up and the screen was a pretty pattern of yellow, green, white lines. it wouldnt turn off. i took the battery in and out. which helped. but now it will only turn on for a second. and then off again. luckily. this is an ah ha moment. i did buy into the scam that the target sales girl sold me. insurance. so i will be taking it back for a new one. and then you might get to see pictures of the culprit.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


x is for...

x-ray. i have a metal plate. and six screws in my left arm. i broke my ulna bone in a snow ski accident during a high school trip to colorado. the surgery was to help me get my full range of motion back. it was absolutely. no doubt. the most painful experience. the accident is kind of embarrassing. well maybe for some. i dont mind telling it. i hit a little. bitty tree. it looked like charlie brown's christmas tree. but the actual surgery was horrifying. i then decided. if i have a choice. i will never go back into surgery to get them out. so i now just have an amazing scar. and you can feel the screws. luckily it does not set off metal detectors. or such things. i might regret it. when i am old. and frail. but i can already tell when the weather is going to change. it becomes sore. and sometimes painful. but it only last for a day or so. much better than 1) waking up during surgery - for a second. 2) staying over night in a hospital. 3) being forced to watch PAX tv by my annoying roommate.

eXcited. for rachael yamagata's new album. here is a teazer from her site.


GF08: we did it. last night. my bloom and i walked to loose park. and then successfully jogged 2 laps = 3 miles. it was tough. the wind was blowing steady. but we stuck with it. it felt great afterwards. i wasnt very tired. or as worn as out as prior times.

when we arrived back at the house. there were two teens yelling at one another. a guy and girl couple. he was talking very rudely to her. mentioning why he didnt want to be with her, etc. we stretched a little longer on our front porch. when then. a father figure. pops his head out of his front door a couple of houses down. and screams at them to get back to the house. they needed to have a talk. he then shooed the girl to go get something to eat and he would meet up with her. my curiousity was running wild. who was this father figure? he looked more like the girl. where was she going to eat? it was during the talk, what i think to be a lecture about how to treat/speak to a lady. a group of latino gang members, if you will. (i have observed this activity for almost a year. like 80 yr. ladies. we keep a watchful eye on the happenins' in the neighborhood). come creeping out of their house. with a basketball. they proceed to walk down the middle of the street bouncing their ball. being their normal obnoxious selves. then the other boy comes running along the sidewalk to catch up with his woman. the gang throws the basketball at him. missed him by inches. and then scream "run, white boy, run." now the boy did look like eninem on 8 mile. and he has jungle fever. but nonetheless. i was shocked. but not surprised. later on in the evening. white boy and his lady friend came back from eating. holding hands. although he was still 2 steps ahead of her. hopefully the lecture helped.


w is for...

whistling. i cant do it. i have tried. practiced. and i continue to fail.

winking. i can only wink with one eye. not two. not either/or. just one. and that is rare if it works. basically. stupid human tricks are not my forte. i can do the splits one on side. i have an extra bone. and thats about it.

water. to drink. to swim. to listen. i drink ice water all day long at work (after my coffee). our office got an ice dispenser that also releases water at the same time. very nice. although i am more of a fan of big ice cubes. rather than the shavings this one produces. but i wont complain too much. this was after a summer sans ice last year. the beach is one of my favorite places. i love the smell of the sea. the refreshing feeling when you dive into the ocean. laying under the sun. i like to walk along the water. looking for shells. and of course people watching. lounging in our chairs and listening to the waves. i also tend to be a poolrat. or bug. what is the phrase. fish. hmm. anywho. even in my adult days. my summer afternoons are spent poolside. working on my tan. relaxing. reading trash magazines. drinking. anything can happen at the pool. didnt you watch melrose place. i also must fall asleep listening to my sound machine. my favorites are rain and river. i prefer the running water.

woman. i go back and forth on this. its a love/hate relationship. ha. no. i really do love being a woman. as i should. but there are always those days when i think. how nice would it be to wake up. scratch myself. go pee. get dressed. and walk out the door. then i stop and realize. i love getting dressed up. doing my hair. my makeup. picking out the most perfect outfit. and shoes. finding a corresponding clutch. there are also many other perks to being a woman. getting into bars easily. drinks bought for you. i love chivalry. although, sometimes seems to be lost. its the moments when shown that make up for it.

funny. i received a letter today at work. addressed to mr. mylastname. i laughed. and threw it in the trash. it might get done. might not.

i have a hair appointment on thursday. it has been a big debate on what to do. what to do. i pondering it daily. as a gemini. i love change. so i usually die it new colors. last fall it was the bangs. now i have reached another itch of change. i think i will keep the bangs. go more blonde. since it is spring and summer will be here soon. no sense in trying for low lights when they will just bleach out in the sun. i have added a few pics of a style in bloom or va va va bloom suggested. i like. i have my hesitation. but then its just hair. and it will grow back. and mine grows fast. so here are a few pics of Jessie Baylin. (also a good musician). please leave me feedback if you care. the first is for color too.

GFo8: since it is getting nice outside. we are back to walking. we usually walk for about an hour. around the plaza. and then to a park. we ventured to loose park last night. my buttox is sore from the hills. i plan to go back tonight. walk over there. and then run. i will try two laps (around 3 miles) jogging. but the hilly path might slow me down. i still need to update my workout mix. and remember to stretch more. a nice yoga class might be in store soon.

Friday, April 11, 2008


v is for...

venting. i tend to vent. complain. bitch. a lot. it is the way i deal with problems. just let it out to another person. rather than always face the conflict dead on. it is something i am trying to work on. but i also think it is good to vent about somethings. its not good for the soul to keep everything tucked in. finding a balance between both. and not being a gossip. that is my goal.

vacation. i didnt get to post this on friday. for one. i was preparing for my trip. and two i felt it was only appropriate to save the topic for a summary of my most recent vacation to bentonville. with a late start. i had to finish taking care of the doggies. and then someone decided to get into an accident along the highway. my foot was cramping from holding the clutch down for so long. ugh. we were finally on the open road.

alas we arrive in arkansas and stop at the first walmart. for booze. and for bathing suits. after almost peeing my pants from laughter. we all pick out the most horrendous suits for the hot tub at the hotel. (some of us did not forget their suits.) i did. and was forced to wear too tight boy short bottoms. which i felt gave me camel toe with the stitching up the middle. and a tacky bikini top with see-thru mesh going down to my waist. there was no photography taken during this period of the trip. and walmart does not carry this item online for me to showcase on here. the top might make an appearance at a later date and time. possibly a float trip. or halloween costume.

the rest of the weekend was spent. visiting the very first walmart in downtown bentonville. which is now a museum. shopping. (i found a new purse. yippee). pedicures. at an asian salon with a bidet toilet seat. untitled and i were very tempted to just try it out. obviously while not on the seat. then fast forward to the hot tub scene. this was followed by more random events. that include eating lots of crawfish. drinking hurricanes. meeting the locals. dancing. laughing. watching a girl dance with crutches. having the random men at the dejavu night club propose marriage. then they realized we were not related. ha.

it was an interesting weekend. a nice trip out of town. with wonderful company. although we kept getting the same question. what are you doing here? why did you come here? and i forgot to mention the hoby convention was being held at the hotel too. so there were many tweens running around. and we were mistaken for them multiple times. "is that a hoby out of her room past curfew?"

today when i returned to work. i received the below message from my mom. i think she was very worried:


Are you still alive? How was your weekend?

love, mom

Thursday, April 10, 2008


u is for...

un. which i have decided is always negative. and those words are the only ones that seem to be coming to mind. for the letter u.

uneventful. some nights i like to be uneventful. i dont always have to have something going on. or a place to be. or someone to hang out with. i have always enjoyed. and can entertain myself. and some nights. the more uneventful. relaxing times. are the best. so there is a spin on a negative.

u.c.a. the universal cheerleading association. i used to think thats all i wanted to do. be a cheerleader. i spent almost every summer during high school at u.c.a. camps with my squad. we would cheer. dance. smile. kick. jump. do stunts. have spirit. all day long. for a week straight. at the end of the week. we then would all compete against the other schools at camp. there was also a chance. for seniors only. to become an u.c.a. all-star. girls would try out one by one for the chance to walk in the macy's day parade. (if you paid the 'small' fee). i mean i guess there was more to it. the blue ribboned medal. the patch for your letter jacket. and the pride to say you were selected. my good friend. and captian of the squad didnt make it. that was kind of uncomfortable. i really did love camp. and looked forward to it all year round. and of course when i made all-star that last summer. i thought it was the ultimate. i was on a good squad. and we won almost every competition. every year. i dropped out of cheerleading after football season of my senior year. i was more interested in being yearbook co-editor n chief and student council president. yeah. i was a real go getter. a regular tracy flick from election. funny how your perspective can change so quickly.

i do not have a picture electronically of my high school days. but found this picture. at my first wedding for a friend from h.s. i find it especially funny. if you look down by my waist. you can see the bride's face peeping through.

this weekend i am taking a rode trip with some friends. we are driving down to bentonville, arkansas to protest outside wal-mart. no. not really. but we will probably drive by and take some cheesy pictures. its a nice weekend getaway. and i just so happened to be offered some complimentary nights at a hotel down there. so we thought. eh. why not. spring break 08 here we come. girls gone wild. arkansas style.

GF08: i couldnt do anything tonight. it was a new episode of the office. and although i have dvr. there are just sometimes when you have to stay home.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


t is for...

television. i probably put in the above average amount of tv watching. but as it was claimed in college. it is my life source. i can sit. watch. and watch. and watch. and then feel revived. ready to go. it is my down time. i dont have to think. worry. stress. while i watch it. my favorite shows vary. from reality series. to comedies. animal planet shows. hgtv. food network. it is a great invention. and i seriously would have a hard time with out one. and cable. and now dvr.

timesheets. i hate filling out my timesheets. at all my jobs since college. i have to bill my daily tasks by increments of .25 = 15 minutes. this is hard for me. time consuming. and bothersome. i have no method to the madness. i know some folks that fill them out as they complete the task. some that enter their time at the end of the day. i am a weekly. and especially since our department has to donate $1 to the birthday cake fund if not done on time. i have been good about it. although sometimes. at the end of a long day. at the end of the long week. i have no energy to recap my week increments of .25. i have donated $2 thus far.

tread climber. after being warned. warned that another person almost hurt themselves on the same machine. i risked it and tried what i thought was a regular treadmill last night. mistaken. it was a tread climber. and i too almost lost control. and could have gone flying off. its an odd machine. two seperate tracks that move up and down. its a balancing act. i managed 30 minutes. but dont plan to try again.

troy. lets discuss how hot brad pitt is in this movie. oh girl. two snaps. and an all that. ha. no, but i am watching the movie troy on amc. besides brad being delightful. it really is a well made movie. i am not much of a history buff. but this keeps my attention. i also love a good soundtrack in a movie. and the raw. emotional music really helps to capture the moments.

i am finding that my calling might not be in photography. i tried taking a couple of photos of the doggies i am watching right now. treats seem to help. oh well. here is my work. zsa zsa. and bibo.

GF08: 4 miles again. but all on the treadmill. i decided that it might be too soon for 5. i dont want to get too crazy about the running. and then lose interest. no old men tonight. really the gym was deserted. except for this one girl whom i know from a good friend from h.s. i have hung out with this girl before. so she knows me too. but ever since she joined my gym. she thinks its ok to give me a p.a. = purpose avoid. the reason i know its on purpose is because she looks at me. we have even made eye contact. and i wave. or smile. yet. she still continues to not say hi. this has been going on for well over a year. i let it bother me a lot at first. i thought. well maybe she doesnt recognize me. i have since checked that option as a no. she does know who i am. she has said hi to me since on various occasions. but its always on her terms. oh well. i out ran her tonight. and i p.a.'d her. so yes. obviously it does still bother me still. i just dont get it. its not like i am trying to have conversations with her. or keep her from working out. i just want a hello.

one last item. i randomly woke up last night to mr. bibo barking. he didnt stop. so i sat up and looked out the window. there was a fox. just jaunting down the side walk. almost like a trained animal would. i just thought this was pretty cool. a red. bushy tailed fox. just out for an evening stroll in the middle of the city.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


s is for...

sex and the city. a wonderful show. and what i hope to be an excellent movie as well. it was a television show that in a sense changed me. my outlook. my actions. it influenced me a lot. i am not sure if it was more because i started watching it in college. which as we all know is a very pivotal time in a young persons life. or if it was actually the show. it has funny. friendships. scandal. fashion. cosmopolitans. men. well and sex. it is liberating for women. it is real. takes what you think are the oddest situations. no that doesnt really happen. but nope it does. men really do break up over post it notes. i get chills every time i watch the trailer for the movie. mainly for the unknown. what possibly could happen. so my kc girls and i will drink cosmos. get dressed up. and watch the movie in true SATC fashion.

s.j.p. or sarah jessica parker. my icon. well mainly style icon. and hair. it started in the 80s when she was in girls just want to have fun. she has since only become better with time. as has fashion. and my taste. as herself. as carrie. as her other characters. i admire. adore. and mimic as much as possible. and my final word. gap never should have dropped her from their ad campaign.

serenity now. a favorite statement. popularized by another favorite show. seinfeld. i'll save the true testimonial for t. about my love for television. i grew up watching jerry. elaine. george. and kramer. i still wear my k-man t-shirt to bed. the one i bought in the sixth grade from bmg. i now end each evening watching the foursome. while falling asleep. (thank you jeremiah for waking my sweet slumber last night to gloat about the ku game). it is classic tv. and i hope that someday my children will watch the comedy. just as i have watched leave it to beaver? ha.

storms. i love thunderstorms. well mainly when snuggled in bed. sleeping 'in'. and not when i have to go to work. and walk in it. there was a wicked storm last night. major thunder. and some lightening. the house where i am working this week. has a huge electrical tower one block away. lightening would strike. and i seriously didnt think i would wake with a house around me. ok. maybe stretching it a tad. but as a person who normally sleeps through them. with no problem. it was loud.

GF08: testing out the treadmill upstairs. i am dog sitting. and actually the treadmill is in the cat room/loft area. so this could be veerrryyy interesting.

Monday, April 7, 2008


r is for...

real simple. one of my favorite magazines. the simple. clean. smart ideas. appeal to me. the front cover is always so pretty. soothing. it has helpful tips for around the house. everyday stuff. as well as delightful recipes. i have yet to actually prepare one of these meals. but i save all my copies. thinking one day i will actually use them. real simple. is also a phrase that is quite common in my family. my father uses this to explain things. usually something that is easy. quick. although it is harmless. it is usually in the way that he says it. or the tone. something. there is just something about it. that makes me laugh every time. it is also humorous. when used to impersonate him.

red wine. i used to be only a riesling type of girl. i would never even try a red. it even took me a while to branch out to other whites. i now. can go either way. enjoy both equally. but usually wont select a riesling. depends on the cuisine.

rock of love. oh yes. the train wreck. reality show. only not reality at all. that is helping bret michaels find love. i have been a poison fan since the 80s. when i heard of the show. i was hooked. so onto season 2. and i dont think it will be the last. yes. that is correct. i dont think he will find love. and its not because i am not on the show. although some might disagree. ha. the season finale is next week. so only time will tell. besides the question if bret will find true love. the better question is whether he has had a hair transplant. or wears a wig. something is going on up on top of his head. he is usually wearing his signature bandanna. with or without a straw cowboy hat. he has only appeared twice in the 2 seasons. sans something on his head. please take a moment and view last nights episode. i just cant figure it out. the other was a great scene from last season. him in his fire flame pjs. lounging. and talking to the girls on the phone.


GF08: i ran outside over the weekend. on the path by my house. with the wind and the hills. i just couldnt go as far. only 2 miles. i also like to think it had something to do with no coffee prior. i am just not a morning person. although it was 11 am. its hard for me to move too fast right out of bed. i am taking this evening off. get back to it tomorrow.

Friday, April 4, 2008


q is for...

quirky. i guess. i have been pondering this letter all morning. on my way to work. while getting coffee. checking email. and all i could think of was quirky. possibly quidditch. which is the game that is played at the school of wizardry in Harry Potter novels. but i dont consider myself that big of a buff. or fan. to comment more than that. so quirky it is. every one has their quirks. i think i might have more than the average person. but that is yet to be tested. i like to be less than predictable. and i think its those odd. random. things about a person that make them interesting.


i took this quiz. 51% it says.

You're a pretty quirky person, but you're just normal enough to hide it.
Congratulations - you've fooled other people into thinking you're just like them!

so enough of q. lets discuss todays adventures. in bloom is having her wisdom teeth extracted. please take a moment of silence and keep her in your thoughts. i think by now. she has made it to recovery. and her mum is waiting on her. hand. and foot.

i will be participating in my company's half day option. which will cause me to come into work tomorrow. to finish up on some loose ends. but it will be worth it. when i am painting pottery. i enjoy a nice craft project. i am leaning towards a new makeup holder. for my brushes. mascara. eyeliners. you know those things.

GF08: I am going to try my first attempt at running outdoors this weekend. tomorrow is supposed to be a nice. warm day. so wish me luck.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


p is for...

phone. i remember a day when i looked forward to talking on the phone. it was basically my nightly routine. i mean how odd. looking back. that we would sit on the phone. usually 3 way dialed. and just talk about nothing for hours. it baffles me. my parents had to have phone time restrictions. and then they gave in. we added the teen line. there were also the times. when everyone would three way call. so the number of people was ever growing. i now have a hard time talking on the phone. i really dont like it much at all. this makes it hard with friends living across the country. i am not sure if it is because of email. or online social networking. that has altered my feelings on phone conversations. it might play a small part. but i really do think i prefer face-to-face interaction rather than phone. a quick. needed conversation is fine. and i really do enjoy my chats with my bffs. but i admit. i dont call as much as i should.

p.p.s. or professional party starters. over the years. my girls and i have been to our fair share of weddings. this is more about the wedding receptions. after the food. a couple of drinks. the music starts. the couple does their diddy. then the other father/mother dances. when the guests are welcomed out to the floor. most stay in their seat. this is where the p.p.s. come into play. we have named our group this. as we do just that. we like to get the party started. there is no fear of looking a fool. we dance. and laugh. encourage other guests. make them feel comfortable on the dance floor. usually during the night we incorporate a soul train. this tends to be a crowd favorite. some day we hope to make a business out of it. until then. we help those near and dear. and make their wedding reception a fun one. to say the least.

pens. pencils. pretty much office supplies. i love getting new supplies. but i stay true to the pilot g-2. there have been others. imposters. they never seem to compare. to a black. g-2. i enjoy my thin sharpies. the colors are fun. but its hard to write for a long time. more for craft time.

GF08: 4 miles last night. my shins started to bother me after a mile around the track. not sure if 5 is in the future next week. or if four is a good number for now. maybe once i get outside. it wont be as bad. i just get bored on the treadmill for too long. and the stinky old man. that farts. and has awful b.o. that has no problem watching me the whole time. yeah. he kind of affects my running.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


o is for...

optimism. i consider myself a very optimistic person. i try to not only look on the bright side of things. but also see the best in people. now dont get me wrong. i love passing judgment. i guess it is the people that i truly like. that have won me over. that i always see the best in. a part of my optimism is also being naive. some times i like to just not know everything about everything. many would disagree. and i dont want to generalize this too much. but sometimes i feel like we can have media overload. and i dont mind not knowing about all the murder. and other bad things going on everyday. eh. maybe i am crazy. after awhile all the bad news just tends to weigh on you.

so he says. you need more pictures. here is a montage of my evening last night. the cafe hotel tour wasn't great. it was awesome. i recommend to anyone who has a chance to attend. the intimacy (as predicted) was amazing. we rubbed elbows. bumped into. and i even groped one gentleman. hey. i was provoked by the guy on stage. and it was more like i touched his arm. trying to keep this blog p.g. so as you can see my bloom and i are bff with ingrid at the end. sorry brother cut you out of one. but thats what happens when we meet crazy. drunk girls. who helped us be more assertive and get our pics. and i need to work on the camera skills. first concert. and didnt prepare my settings very well prior to getting into the dark smoky. bar.

GF08: i had a some wine. stella. miller lite. does that count for getting fit? tonight. back on. hoping 4 wont be as painful.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


n is for...

nudge. as in the nudge i need to write today. to continue the meme. oh heck i dk. i am at a loss. i spent the majority of my afternoon interviewing potential interns for the summer. so maybe n can stand for...

new. new jobs. new experiences. new. here is a recap of my afternoon. after yesterday morning. i would say today had a lot more excitement. more laughter. and more odd balls. luckily the really randoms that we called for interviews were phone interviews. so the handy dandy mute button was a key player in the afternoon activities. the best. where i had to bite my lip. the gal who described herself as a female gamer. that she was the head of her clan. and played halo3 all the time. and the other clan members made her jealous. as they were stay at home moms who got to game all day long. later on. when asked for long term career goals. she then went onto mention that her plan was to work from home, be a stay at home mom (not that there is anything wrong with that) and be a gamer. priceless.

the others. the girl who avoided the answer for her biggest weakness. she instead turned it on how she gets frustrated by others weaknesses. a little self indulged. then mr. sarcasm. or lack of. my interviewee partner and i. we = funny. we have whit. very personable. i mean we make this a nice experience. your nervousness should be checked at the door. a few blotches here (i am very familiar with) acceptable. not acceptable. not laughing at one joke through the entire interview. and then when we ask for your final statement. the one thing you would like us to know about you. he declares he is very sarcastic. wait a minute. did i miss something. was that his humor. baffled.

nebraska. it is my home away from home. being an army brat. we were constantly on the move. driving across the country. flying over seas. we did it at least every couple of years. so as the saying goes. home was always where the army sent us. my mother. a small town. nebraska girl. wanted brother and i to know our family. so we would spend the summers usually at granny's house. and by summer. i mean all three months. so the state of nebr. has had a big influence in my life. from the river trips. trying to learn how to water ski. learning the ins and outs of a cattle ranch. including horse back riding. brandings. camping. just really becoming a country girl. it has helped me stay grounded. as my mother always says. she wants me to be a well-rounded person. so maybe i have. i also enjoy watching the huskers play football. one of my favorite past times in the fall. and i think if i didnt. the family might disown me.

GF08: 1 mile on the track. 2 miles on the treadmill. i had cramping mid way. i think i ate too late. didnt give my food time to settle. tonight is the ingrid concert. yippee!