Tuesday, March 1, 2011

where did it go?

where did all this time go since my last post in november. right out the door i would guess. which is exactly where i hope this winter weather goes. although i can not complain too much. it is a gorgeous 50 degrees today and i got to leave for lunch.

i wont use this time to fill you with how i am over worked and under paid. isnt that everyone. but going to lunch. leaving before wheel of fortune comes on. and not checking email when i get home. have been things i look forward to. the little things. always has been the little things that make me happy. for a second.

the major news of what has been filling my time - i am now a homeowner! i had been toying with the idea. thought it was way out of my league. but with the market right now. my mortgage is actually less than my rent. so i put on the big girl pants. and bought a condo. its about a mile from my current location. i couldnt move from this neighborhood that i love. i am so happy.

and even more excited to be done with judy. i no longer have the slum lord ruining my days. well i still have to deal with check out and if she will give my deposit back. or some of it. last night was the last day in that apartment. i was a little emotional thinking about all the great memories and days. and i still feel weird waking up in my new place. but i know time will make it my own in no time. judy did send me another hand written letter acknowledging that i was moving out and not renewing my lease. she then also threatened to charge me for marks on the wall. apparently when i moved in, i was the only tenant who made marks on the wall. and she had it estimated out and it will cost $150 to fix. i have no idea what on earth she is talking about. and at this point. i dont care. just get the crazy bat out of my life!

although, i will have to find something new to talk about on here.

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Lowa said...

Yea for Jamie's blogging return! Congrats again and hope to see home home pics soon :)