Monday, October 4, 2010

it still hurts

my ego. and my hand. over the weekend. one of my dogsitting pups jumped up to play. and scratched my hand. i didnt think much of it. until i looked down and there was blood. not gushing. not drive myself to the emergency room. but enough to make me a little queasy. if only bill compton was around to help me heal. (sorry had to throw in a little vampire humor). actually make that eric. oh eric. the cut still hurts. i had to clap at work a lot today. dont ask. and it hurt to clap. it hurts!

now onto my ego. well i am afraid my friends. brace yourself. the hand modeling career might be over. mother said it best last night when she pointed out that i should have gotten them insured. (sadly she wasnt serious - sounds like a good set up for a lifetime movie). i still have my hair modeling going for me. as long as the dogs dont cut it off in the middle of the night. or put gum in it. to end on a happy note. my manicure from ellen's wedding has lasted 11 days. and that includes two weekends. impressive! and someone mistook them for tammy taylor pink and whites. ok. maybe not. but a coworker asked if they were real or fake. i said yes real, do you want to use them in your next campaign.


katieharris said...

NOOOOOOOOO! say it isn't so! You are the only person I know who had a bonafide chance to make it big as a hand model.
Oh, this pains me so. Hope you're holding up fine emotionally as well as physically.
My cats have ruined my shot at being a wrist model, and also have made me look like a cutter.

Rachel Wilson said...

I was thinking the whole time "well at least her nails look fab"