Tuesday, October 12, 2010


being a gemini. i thrive on change. obviously why moving as a child worked well for me. and i continue to get the itch to this day. but if i cant get up and move. i usually try to refresh something. or add or remove things from my home. probably also handed down from my gemini mother who rearranges the living room every month or so. sometimes the entire house. watch out.

my latest thorn has been my coffee table. i really want a new one. but just havent found the one i want. (mainly the price i want to pay). and i think i will eventually change my living room all together. so in the mean time. i decided to refresh the old one. also since the top of it looks really shiny and nasty. from a bad paint job when my dad and i originally tried to refresh the furniture i bought for my first apartment. lets just say we got an ear full from mother. for one, he bought the shiny coat. wrong. and two, we painted in the sun and the paint dried faster than we could brush. so it was a gooey, ooey mess. but since i am not a perfectionist. i lived with it for now 5+ years.

now its time to unveil my new project! i covered the coffee table with foam and fabric. i can use it as an ottoman. and as lauren pointed out - extra seating. for all those guests in my tiny apartment. :) and add my tray back. and its still a functional coffee table.

so i started off by going to joann's fabric. they had everything i needed. and coupons! so i picked up some foam. batting. buttons - to make fabric buttons. and roamed the fabric section for a long time before i settled on the one below. i got home and was ready to get started. i didnt measure my table prior to going. not smart, but i ended up ok. i dont measure for projects. and i just nail things into the wall. i dont have the patience to measure. i think it goes back to the perfectionist and lack of. my foam was a little short. so i used the scraps to fill in the gaps. i cut the corner of my fabric to the pattern on the button box. and then made my buttons. sewed those onto the fabric and batting. last step was to staple the fabric and batting onto the table. and viola! and i threw in a picture of zola. she didnt help. but she is just so cute. and happens to be sitting on my parents ottoman coffee table that she thinks is her bed. well she doesnt think. she knows.


Lowa said...

Awesome, I wish I could do projects like that!

katieharris said...

very nice. I like it. This explains my need for change, I always just thought I had some form of ADD, but I'll attribute it to being a Gemini :)
I recovered some dining chairs in that exact same pattern (only its orange, red & yellow instead of the black pattern you used). I've been meaning to post the makeover for months. sigh. Someday.